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Author has written 22 stories for Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear, Princess Bride, Shakespeare, Song of the Lioness, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy VII, Heroes, Kingdom Hearts, Lost Odyssey, Soul Calibur, Cloverfield, Juno, and Watchmen.

Freya Sacksen: Blonde. Black. Jewish. Outrageous Liar since 1942.

Sixty-seven years of constant fallacies.

(NOTE: This is a lie)

I'm twenty two, not yet unstuck in time, Tralfamadors do exist, it's the best catch there is, the earth is round like an orange, taxi drivers have ears and Dante rocks my socks off.

(But not as much as Homer or Scar).

I will, and have been known to write fics for: Shakespeare, Princess Bride, Final Fantasy VII - X, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Calibur, Firefly, Tamora Pierce (both worlds), Metal Gear, Cowboy Bebop, Heroes, Cloverfield, Watchmen most of the DVDs on our shelves and most of the books, too. These days I seem to be writing a great deal of tragedy, for some reason. Feh.

I have an account of Fictionpress! Exactly the same name and everyffin! Go along! Insult my poetry! I just want people to read it!

(all your base are belong to us)

Keep on rockin'.

Story Updates

If We Be Friends: Complete

Why You Don't Watch The Watchmen: Complete

Why You Don't Want To Love Them: Complete

A Kind of Nothingness: Deleted. I'm sorry. This was the sequel to If We Be Friends. However, it was so painfully written, with such bad plotting and general annoyance that it has now been deleted. It will come about again, I promise. Some day. Maybe. Hopefully.

In Double Knavery: On Hiatus. I have managed to write myself into a corner, and have given up for the time being. For people who are new to the story: I will give one warning and one warning only: SLASH. It has been AGES since I seriously sat down and wrote slash, and I've started once more, meaning it will go a lot slower than If We Be Friends. Slash is not like riding a bicycle, and if you try, you will fail. So I'm trying my hardest to not make it painfully overt and make it go a little slowly (even if both James and Ben are sitting in a happy river called the Nile). In other news, writing the two as friends is so much fun I might even not make it fully slash.

Anyone Else But You: In Progress. Sixteen down, eighty-four more to go!

And How The Silence: In my fic 'Roses' I had a version of Amy that was confused and upset. In this fic, I decided to show an entirely different interpretation - a jealous, vengeful singularly unhappy Amy, who is perfectly willing to follow in her father's bloody footsteps if that's what it takes to get his attention. You always want what you can't have, and if someone's attention stops being yours and turns into someone else's, you're inevitably going to feel more than slightly resentful, especially when you are made of evil!awesome.


Defiance: Two hundred years after the events of KH2, three people are forced to help fight in the battle of Light against Dark: One is a student trying to stop a deadly plague. Another is a Keyblade wielder stuck in the Realm of Darkness. The third is the descendant of Sora...

Era of the Inquisition: Fifteen years after FFX, Spira has been destroyed by war. It's saviors are a newly-born Tidus, a strangely-aged Vidina, a grown-up Calli with a Bad Attitude, the near-extinct Al Bhed, a Youth League with a REALLY Bad Attitude and the above all interesting new denizens of Zanarkand...

Do Not Expect This Fic For A While. Seriously. It Is Taking THAT LONG.

Of Sues And Bad Grammar: Working title so far. If I write this, it will be a sequel to 'Why You Don't Want To Love Them', featuring our favorite band of characters setting off to go track down who keeps writing these Sues. If I do write it, expect gratuitous fourth-wall breakage, humorous violence and Jansen smarming up his wife. Oh, also, it's set twelve years after LO. Yay for grown-up Cooke and Mack!

Reasons Not To Go To Princeton Hospital: Dear god, someone stop me! It's 'Why You Don't Wan To Love Them' for House! If I'm not careful, it'll devolve into cliche, and then we'll all be screwed!

Why You Shouldn't Profile Profilers: Having edged into the realm of 'Mild Addiction' with respects to Criminal Minds, and then having a look at the fandom, I have decided that this must be written, for the good of the fandom!

I've got a lot of work to do.

On Cass/Raph Stories: Every time I write them, they seem to turn, inexplicably, into stories that are similar in the idea - specifically, telling their story through other people's eyes. In a way, 'Artemis's Beauty' is more Sophitia's story than it is Cassandra's. She's the one narrating the story, and explaining why these are as terrible as they are. 'Roses' is, when push comes to shove, Amy's story, really. I like to think of 'Roses' as simply a series of events leading to a somewhat disquieting end. If, at the end of either story, you feel at least mildly disconcerted, then I've done my job. Or, at least, what I set out to do, which is to make it very, very clear that this is the complete and total opposite of 'happy ever after'.

On Rorschach: Every time I see Rorschach in anything related even remotely to romance, I weep for human kind. Rorschach is a deconstruction of the Golden Age superhero. In the Golden Age, the bad guys were bad, the good guys were good, and you were justified in beating the hell out of any bad guy who looked at you funny. Rorschach is that taken to it's logical conclusion - a person with such utterly unshakeable convictions that, as he himself says, 'Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon'. In another world, Rorschach would be called a sociopath - hell, in the Watchmen world, he's called a sociopath. He is not a fun guy. He is also very, very hard to write. Rorschach will never say fifty words if five would do, and his automatic reaction to anything is violence and paranoia. He will not speak in colloquialisms. He will not refer to anyone in endearing terms. And he will never, never ever ever ever ever have sex. Women disgust him, homosexuality repulses him - everytime he sees a whore, he is reminded of his mother which is not a good thing. One of my favorite scenes in Watchmen is when he goes to retrieve his costume and confronts his ex-landlady. It's wonderful simply because of the heartbreaking look on his face when she tells him that her children don't know. So when people turn him into a woobie, or have a Mary-Sue seduce him, or have him act remotely out of character I get angry. Rorschach is not a sympathetic character, people!

See you, Space Cowboys

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