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Hey everyone. It's Rakki-Gesakusha. You can call me Rakki or Hotaru. I go by either name. Ahh...I have been writing stories and stuff for about two years. I've done other things for quite a few years. I'm 15 years old, and I am getting ready to graduate from my Sophomore class in High School. Hmm...Not sure what else to put.

I LOVE meeting new people, and I don't mind getting random IMs or emails at all. If you ever want to send along an IM or email, I'd be thrilled to get one. Below you can find a list of contacts I use.

AIM: HockerSockey
MSN: Chiisai.Hotaru@hotmail.com
Email: HockerSockey@aol.com
YIM: Hiei_redemption65
Gaiaonline: xXxPullmytriggerxXx

I am available on all of these sources, but you will have the best chance of contacting me by sending a message directly to my email address, or perhaps my IM. I am not on YIM as often as the others, and by all means go ahead and add or message my gaia account or Myspace account if those are the only things you can use!


I've been working non-stop all day and now I have both a myspace for this as well as a Livejournal. Feel free to add the Myspace account as a friend on your own, and all of that. I'd feel so very special if you did. =D.

Hotaru's Myspace

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All Alone - So far, I am not to certain what I am going to be doing for the next couple of chapters. I would love if anyone that has a small idea would send me a message to let me know. I am running quite short on ideas for this one.

Tonight - This is being written as we speak, but I need to add more to it for it is quite short as is and I would really hate to cheat you guys out of a good chapter since the reviews and favorites for this story has been great.

New Story! - I am not sure what I am going to be calling this one but I already basically know what is going to be going on with this story. Its basically a "what-if" sort of story. What if Hiei and Youko had known one another before Youko died? What if Youko had been Hiei's first lover and, as far as Hiei knew, Youko had walked out on him? Anyway, I am going to be writing this one mostly in the past, when Kurama is Youko. Then the last couple of chapters are going to be in the present.

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Tonight reviews
I don't want to give it away really.... It takes place during the Dark Tournament, and it's a HieixTouya fic. Read and Enjoy. Chapter 1 is up!
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Tonight I Wanna Cry reviews
Started as a oneshot songfic...now it's a four chapter story. Chapter four is up! come and read it! Thank you so much for ze reviews! That's what kept this going!
Yu Yu Hakusho - Rated: K - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 4 - Words: 14,064 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 3 - Updated: 5/31/2006 - Published: 4/30/2006 - Hiei, Kurama M. - Complete
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