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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Naruto.

Name: Yung well thats my "real" name.

Nicks: Living Tank (dunno how the hell i got that) Vet -Vetenarien- (same guy called me that wtf?) Sweety (some girl sheesh)

Living: Denmark shitty crappy Denmark. although i've lived in Atlanta.

Me: Well personally i think i suck. Others think i'm funny. Then again they think i'm violent (who wouldnt be after they throw your iPod on the floor :Tear:

Hate this: Bright Light. Pop music i hate some of those songs seriously listen to the lyrics! its about a guy thats stalking some girl... Pink colours i swear to god the markers that are Pink sting my skin like a fire ant...

Love This: Dark. Black. i really love the dark and i hate light for some reason... I love knives and blades. i wish i could get a Katana or a 2-handed sword (Claymore or a Japanese sword) some day :sigh:

Favorite Bands: All American Rejects. Apartment 26. My Chemical Romance.Stabbing Westward. Zeromancer. Panic! At the Disco. Nine Inch Nails. Dead Poetic. Emery. From Autumn to Ashes. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and The Union Underground.

Favorite Music: Industrial and Punk/Emo. J-Pop(screw the lyrics it sounds a shit load better then the english stalker pop songs)

The Song "Tornado" from Adema is simply one of my favorite songs. It's a Metal band with the best Emo song. Ever. No Discussion :P


A screaming match again
Could this be the end
A breaking point and I can't bear it
You wanna know the truth
The map to life is long
I've taken every wrong direction
Writing on the wall
Love once strong now falls
I'm staring into space
And drowning under my decisions

I wonder how you can sleep
At night, having lied to these eyes
You could feel the relief
The lying awake at night
Wondering nowhere the same time
To know his face and his name
Made me lose my mind
I fell apart for the last time
These eyes neglected to see it
And thanks to you
My conscious finally feels clean

There's more but i didnt bother to write the rest.

Favorite thing on the TV: After living in USA for 6 years TV in Denmark is just plain shitty ~makes sad face~

Favorite Pairings:

Star Ocean: Fayt/Nel Fayt/Maria Fayt/Clair (something spectacular where Ardray practicly forces him)

Harry Potter: Harry/Fleur (come on the hero always gets the pretty girl) Harry/Tonks (Emo Kid needs Ms. Bubbly McFun)

Naruto: Naru/Anko Naru/Kyuubi(f)

Most used Written expression: Fuckit!

Most used Verbal expression: Goddammit fricking hell stupid mother fucking thing i stumbled or hit myself on


Suffering At The Hands of An Angel is Discontinued i cant get a decent start after i did that ending. Also i found out that the "Master" "Mistress" makes me want to bang my head into to the table to make me sound so god damned stupid. My stupidity is a thing scientists would have a field trip with...

Naruto "Insert Title Here" Kyuubi was sealed into Naruto (as always) A Bodyless voice that gives makes sure he isnt lonely and which usually persuades Naruto to NOT bother talking to other girls.Kyuubi(f) Naruto. Powerful!Naruto (weak as always but the voice(kyuubi) sometimes bothers to warn him to others prescence. only prescence not direction so he could get confused some times)

Naruto "Insert Title Here" Along with Kyuubi another Lower level demon which admired/Loved Kyuubi was sealed into another child. Unconsciously influencing the girls mind into caring for theire prescious person. Haku(f) Naruto

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