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Hey! Dina here. I live in Geneva but I'm American/Egyptian (funny I know :P)

There are a lot of things I love doing, such as hanging out with my friends, going to parties, movies, shopping, doing sports, singing, and reading and writing of course! As for stories, I think right now I'll only be posting WWE fics, but there are other shows and couples I like, such as:

Lost (Sawyer&Kate); One Tree Hill (Lucas&Brooke); Gossip Girl (Blair&Chuck, Nate&Serena) etc...

Now for my all-time favorite, the WWE:

Favorite Superstars :

John Cena : Definitly the wrestler with the most heart I have ever seen! He's so devoted to the business, the fans...That's the number one reason why I love him! Plus he's a great athlete whose still trying to improve, great entertainer, and great looks!

Jeff Hardy : There's no one else like Jeff Hardy. Thats why most people, including me, absolutely LOVE HIM. He's unique, and crazy to watch. Even though he's encountering alot of problems in his personal life lately, I'm sure he'll be back soon and better than ever. One of the best Superstars the WWE has ever had its hands on !

Triple H : The best heel ever! He's so entertaining and funny! I have nothing but respect for this guy, and people who want to become wrestlers should really take example on the Game. He's good at everything he does!

Eddie Guerrero : Smackdown definitly isnt the same without Eddie! Exactly the same comments and reasons I like him as for John Cena... RIP Latino Heat will live forever!

Randy Orton : He's accomplished in 4 years what some wrestlers have accomplished in 10 years, and I really respect him for that! He's hands down the best looking wrestler today, (I actually dont know who's hotter between him and Cena!) as for attitude I dont know, but I love his onscreen persona!

Shawn Michaels : He's definitly not exagerating when he calls himself The Showstoppa, Mr. Wrestlemania, The Heart Break Kid...Can anyone really imagine the WWE without HBK? I know I cant! Im my eyes he's the most accomplished wrestler today!

Chris Jericho: Y2J IS BACK BABY!! And the WWE is definitely benefitting from it. He's just entertaining and exciting in everything he does ! Heel or face, he rocks either way !

Favorite Divas :

Torrie Wilson : I've said it before and I'll say it again, Torrie Wilson is the best diva ever! She's the whole package, from entertaining, to beautiful, to fun, to kind, to skilled, to everything! And for those who think she's only "eye candy", she actually is a pretty good wrestler, and she's trying to improve! I think they should really give her a shot at the Women's Championship, so she can finally show us what she's really cappable of!

Trish Stratus : The next best Diva on my list, and she was crowned Diva of the Decade a few years ago. I think she deserved that title, she brought so much to this business, especially to the Women's Division. She's accomplished so much, and even though she left the WWE a while ago, Trish Stratus will never be forgotten !

Stacy Keibler : Even though I doubt she's coming back to the WWE, I'll never forget Stacy Keibler. The sweetest, and most natural Diva I think there ever was, and best legs of course! I wish her all the luck in the future, whatever it is she does!

Lita : Even though I hate the whole "slut of the decade" act she had going, I still love Lita! And you've gotta admit, she a great bad girl! . Some of her moves, especially the ones off the top ropes, were shocking! I really miss Lita for what it's worth.

Victoria : Best wrestling Diva today. She should really get back in Women's Championship league! And give some of those stupid Diva search girls a good ass kicking!

Maria : I never thought I'd say this, seeing as I could as about a year ago I could barely stand the sight of Maria. But she's really grown on me. Even though she's not a terrific wrestler, she's getting there, and she seems commited to the business. And she was good at the whole stupic act she had going, so great actress to top it all off !

Favorite WWE pairings :

John Cena/Torrie Wilson : Oh boy, where to start? There's so much to say about these two, like why they are so perfect for each other, how they would make such a great couple, how (I think) the ratings would go up if they were paired together! I do know a lot of Jorrie shippers out there, from different forums, fanfiction, polls, and how the fans screamed back in 2004 when they saw John and Torrie together in the ring! For me, Jorrie is the best WWE pairing ever, and I'm sure one day they'll get together, once the writers get their faces out of their asses and see what they're missing out on!

Jeff Hardy/Maria : Ever since I starting watching fan videos of these two, and after reading The Wonder Of You, I became a HUGE fan of this pairing !! They just seem to really click, and are beyond cute. I hope the WWE pairs them up together one day ... and it doesnt seem impossible !

Randy Orton/Stacy Keibler :A classic WWE pairing! I can see why people like them so much. Physically, they're like the ideal american couple. But as people, they'd be great together to! I heard they went out together for a while, and I dont think anyone would be surprised if that were true! I'm glad to hear they're good friends now!

Trish Status/Chris Jericho : Another classic WWE pairing! Trish and Chris had the best romantic WWE storyline I've ever seen! I'm still upset they ended in such a crappy way. They definitly had a lot of chemistry when they were together, and a lot of everything else!

Others: Steph/HHH, Matt/Lita, Candice/Carlito ...

Least Favorite :

Trish Stratus/John Cena: There was a time when I once liked this pairing, but now I cant stand them! Here's my theory : John Cena's two most popular pairings are either with Torrie or Trish, and since I'm a hardcore Jorrie shipper, Trohn (or whatever it is you call Trish/John) is kinda like the ennemie. It's stupid, but it's how I see it. And I've read a few Trish/John stories before, and they just dont click...

Torrie/anyone but John

John/anyone but Torrie

Stories so far:

Love, in all its forms : This story is Jorrie, with a bit of Stacy/Randy and Trish/Jericho. If you're not a fan of Torrie/John, dont bother reading it, or any of my sories for that matter, unless you really want to!

Torrie Wilson thought she'd never fall in love again...But life is full of surprises, and so is love.

John's a bad guy through out this story, because I wanted to try something different. I also love bad guy/good girl pairings!

PS: For all you Jorrie and Rancy lovers out there, join the new Our Time New.url forum, where i garantee that you'll have a blast!!

Ever Fallen in Love : This takes place about two years after Love in all its forms. It's basically a Maria and Jeff story, but of course, we will have our Jorrie moments.

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