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Okay it's seriously 2 girls working on the story Finding New Ways

BloodyNinjaGirl (BNG)-

Okay i'm crazy,random,and stupid. I usually don't spell correctly that's why my more "intellegent" friend NinjaGirlTerra (NGT) is typing the story but I did help I came up with the outline of the the story just to let you know I did do something -.-

Well let's see

I'm a pyro maniac,christian,anime fan,super crazy girl.

I just became an anime fan not to long ago so right now my fave anime show is FullMetal Alchemist.

I'm 5'4 i have dirty blonde hair and i want nothing to do with girlie things i like cars,motorcycles,dirt bikes,playing in dirt with friends,being stupid, taking walks to dairy queen, swimming, being myself

(btw i wont change my personality for anyone)


Hey everyone! I'm actually updating my profile. A shocker, I know. Another place I go to (I don't have an account there.) is This is a small fanfiction community, but it has a few of the greatest writers I have ever seen. This is one of the few communities that still allows you to write CYOAs. Or A.K.A. Choose Your Own Adventure. My favorite fanfic there is called 'Scream for the Lost', a FMA CYOA by crazydominodragongirl. The you get to choose which guy you want to be with. The guys are Ed, Roy, Envy, Scar, and no pairing. I hope that by telling you about this place, that I could help lost CYOA writers and get more people to join up.

Name: Um...No, but I'm also known as the Anonymous reviewer Terra.


Location: Again, No.

Birthday: November 19

Astrolgical Sign: Scorpio...You would've known that if you just looked up.

Obessions: Sesshomaru, Kouga, Kohaku, Haku, Hakudoushi, lol Neji, and the greatest of all, Envy!

Longest lasting Obession: My Envy obession started around two years ago...And it is still going strong!

Possible Careers: Anime Voice Actor, Vet, and a Palentologist

Favorite Anime/Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, s-Cry-ed, Rave Master, Inuyasha, Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, and many more.

Appearence: I have brown eyes, dirty blond hair, and my skin is pale.My hieght is5'6.

Favorite Foods: Pasta, Pizza, Salad, Chips.

Favorite Colors: Violet, Black, Red, and Gold.

Favorite Animals: Dolphins, Horses, and Wolves.

Fears: Hieghts

Some Comments:

Okay, I'm a major Envy fangirl, so I have to stress on these issues. Here is some clarification for some people left out of the loop out there...Envy is aGUY! He isn't a 'she', or a hermaphrodite. And, please, don't make Envy an 'it'. Now, onto the real issues.



Okay, now that I got that outta my system, what the heck, people? What is with all the incest and all that? I know forbidden friut relationships are really cool to write about, but these pairings have gone too far. There are a few good EnvyxEd stories out there, but the pairing has just reallygone too far. I know may of you are afraid of using OCs because you think people will call them a Mary Sue, or Gary Stu. Please, try and be different from the rest of the community, and at least try to make up an OC for a story. I don't even care if the OC is paired with Envy, but as long as Envy is not paired up with Ed, then I'm happy. I probably pissed off a great number of people who read this, but, currently, I'm not in the mood to care.

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