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Hello! How is everyone? Good? Great! Here's a little about myself...

First off...I'm CANADIAN! Woohoo!

Favourite Current TV shows: Law & Order: Criminal Intent (all-time favourite) and Supernatural. I was also starting to really like Dollhouse but it got cancelled. And I'm getting into Criminal Minds a lot more now.

Fav. Tv shows of the past: Pretender, X-files, Tru Calling, Lost, Touching Evil, Charmed, BTVS & Angel, Injustice...and many others.

Fav. Movies: Simply Irrisistible, Clue, LOTR, Thumbsucker, Shawshank Redemption, Almost Famous, The Prestige.

Fav. Actors: #1 - Vincent D'Onofrio, #2 - Ewan McGregor, #3 - Misha Collins, #4 - Orlando Bloom. #5 - Christian Bale, #6 - Jeffrey Donovan.

Fav. Actresses: #1 - Drew Berrymore, #2 - Sarah Michelle Gellar, #3 - Isla Fisher, #4 - Alyssa Milano, #5 - Eliza Dushku.

Fav. Books: 'Baby Trail' by Sinead Moriarty, 'This is the Way the World Ends' by James Morrow, 'Baby Proof' by Emily Griffin, 'The Stand' by Stephen King, 'Pay it Forward' by Catherine Ryan Hyde, 'Along Came a Spider' by James Patterson.

- Up until I was about 13 I LOVED the Babysitters Club books, but I didn't actually like to babysit. Go figure. :0) I also used to really love the RL Stine books.

- Some Pet Peeves: Snobby people, bigots, racists, sexists, people who are mean. People who talk down to you - at my job people do it all the time and I do the whole passive-aggressive treatment to them so they get the point and I don't get fired (I can't tell them off like I want to). It drives me crazy when people expect ME to back down on issues instead of talking about it or letting me do what I want (people always try to get me to make THEM happy and not the other way around. It annoys me that they don't try to compromise). Anyone who knows me, knows that I won't back down unless the other person is clearly in the right. I can be stubborn but if I'm obviously wrong, I'll reluctantly admit it.

The law - it makes me SO angry when people who attack women or children get off with a slap on the wrist. There was this story in the paper a couple years ago when some guy raped 4 kids and got 6 months each in prison then was released. I was so angry, and when he got out, he grabbed a kid and took him to a hotel - the cops (illegally and for that the boy is lucky) followed him and stopped him in time but he couldn't be charged with anything except kidnapping (as they had to rely on the kid's testimony). I believe there is no rehabilitation for serial rapists/killers. These people need to get locked up for life or, in some cases, yeah, give them the death penalty. I'll never understand why society insists on protecting the criminals more than the rest of us...especially children.

I do also find it a little annoying when I go to the movies and everyone expects it to be awesome but the movie just sucks. Not great. Not good...just awful. But on the other hand, I LOVE it when you go in, with no expectations, or just thinking the movie ought to be 'fun' or 'okay' and it kicks butt. Like Star Trek - I took my mom to see it (she's a Trekkie, I'm not) and it was sooo good. Love when that happens.

I tend to have an eclectic taste in movies and books, liking almost any genre. However, if the writing is crap, I don't care about the special effects or the actors in it - if the writing sucks, so will the movie/book. Its a huge pet peeve of mine when you're watching a show or movie and its going really good, then the writing just turns...lazy or silly. It ruins the whole thing.

It also bothers me when shows are clearly trying to win the watchers over for sweeps. If its a natural progression in the show and just happens to be an awesome episode then that's good. But I'm talking, stupid plot devices that are just there to try to pull people in just to get the ratings up for that one episode. Here's an example: in The Pretender, Kyle (the brother of the main character, Jarod) was thought to be dead. In the sweeps episode we found out he was alive, then at the end of the episode he was really killed. It was stupid. They should have let him live a few more weeks or something at least before killing him off.

...yeah...I like good writing.

I generally have one character I like to use for everything I do, changing certain elements around to fit the story. I'm also a HUGE fan of happy endings and I secretly like Mary Sues (but not the really stupid ones)...though since I'm telling you all now it's not much of a secret anymore. Now don't get me wrong, sometimes Mary Sues do annoy me but the occasional one is good and those ones I really like. Another thing I tend to do is more alternate universe and crossovers.

As for pairings, I like OC's. I'm not a slash fan but if stays true to the movie or show, then its fine. Basically I'm not a huge fan when you take two straight characters and having them hook up. If they're gay on the show or movie, then fine, but I don't like when all of a sudden (in fan fiction) they're gay. Right now I'm obsessed with Goren/OC (from Criminal Intent) and Castiel/OC (from Supernatural).

Speaking of Criminal Intent, I was so sad to hear that 4 out of 5 of its main characters are leaving (well, it sounds like they were fired) the show. In my opinion, the show IS Goren and Eames. I don't know if I can watch it without them. That being said, I do NOT think they're going to hook up. The partners are friends but that's all. (I'm not a G/E shipper).

With some of the old shows I really liked, I have been noticing that I do like quirky stuff and maybe because of that, a lot of shows I like get cancelled. For example, Wonderfalls - a show where a stuffed animals and anything with a face on it talks to her (really funny) and tells her to do things...yeah it got cancelled. Dead Last - a rock band finds a magical amulet and it gives them the power to see ghosts and put their spirits to rest (which they can't stop) but at the same time they're trying to make it big as a band...also funny...cancelled after 6 episodes. Injustice? Well, it was about people trying to free the wrongfully convicted. Half a year I think it lasted before getting cancelled. I cried like a baby in that last episode - it was so sad.

Reviews are always welcome but try not to obliterate my feelings. I may cry. :0) Just make them constructive criticisms please.

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