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Author has written 10 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Angel Sanctuary, Phantom of the Opera, and Harry Potter.

-deep breath- Okay…who am I? I am actually starskittle410 but my account got deleted for some unknown reason. So sad. Anyway, I am reposting all my fics except the sucky ones and...yeup. Here's my profile.


Ryou Bakura- (He’s so kawaii and awesome. I absolutely love his angst and his prettyful hair and…-drools- I love him a ton. And he's rather easy to write, is he not? I haven't actually read too many OOC version of him...except for a few where he's the one abusing Bakura. That was just weird. Yeah...I'm not a big fan of OOCness, unless if you count perhaps slut!Ryou. He's hot.)

Yami no Bakura- (Can you say hot? HE is the most sexy bishie. I also love his angst (I love all angst) and how, well, evil he is. I love his Japanese voice, though it was pretty laugh-inducing at first. His Mandarin voice bothers me a lot... Do we even need to talk about his English voicing? Ted Lewis, hon, you tried your best and did make him a bit sexy but...Rita Matsumoto is Bakura.)

Lawrence- (From Boys Next Door/Shounen Zanzou. I actualyl prefer the title "Shounen Zanzou" just because it describe the manga a lot better than Boys Next Door. Lawrence is just...cute and sexy and angst. I've obsessed about him for just a couple of months and he's already up there with Ryou and Bakura. He's so CUTE_ LOL, excuse the fangirlness. I just love his insanity and how he's written...everythign he says is just...odd. And his clothes are pretty cool too. XD XD)

Erik- (SING ONCE AGAIN WITH ME! XD I love the Phantom. But I've changed ym opinion on who's the better Erik. Michael Crawford made em sob and sob, which Gerard Butler really didn't gtrasp Erik's intense charcter. I just love how Susan Kay made him so intense. And Gaston Leroux was a great classical writer, though he was bound hand and foot by his horror/thriller genre. I love Phantom!)

Kira Sakuya/Lucifer- (AlexielxLucifer is probably the most beautiful pairing in Angel Sanctuary... Maybe. Or... Eh, Angel Sanctuary ahs too many beautiful pairings to haev a best one... XD But Lucy-chan here is hot. BISHOUNEN. Lotsa love to him. And he's so cruel! I mean, he remembers all of Kira's memories but it's realyl hard ot grasp the fact that he's not human enough to feel emotions. He's a realyl deep character...and I was realyl shocked at how innocent Katan was next to him.)

Noir- (Thank you Artemis-chan for introducing me to Gorgeous Carat! Noir is hot. He’s like Yami no Bakura and Erik put together. Phantom Theif…ha ha… He's actually more cute than sexy...a bit cliche but still worth it. Flirty. Cute. -)

Florian- (I think that he’s pretty cute. Doesn’t really strike me as annoying. He’s very pretty and I love the shounen-ai between he and Noir.)

Katan- (OMG, I almost forgot him. Again, there’s the angst and everything. I love his devotion to Rosiel. And he’s very innocent, actually, if you look. I mean, I don't think he's every realyl grown up from when Rosiel made him alive. And his death scene was just beautiful. Oops...sorry. Spoiler. But, really. I love how he's the only one Rosiel could really love and depend one, even though he's so obsessed with Alexiel.)

Raphael- (HOMG PLAYER. XD XD He's so cool. And his player-ishness is sexy. I actually really hated how he fell in love with Sara and became all evil just because it was so...OOC, though I guess it can't be OOC if it's the actual manga... I actually like SaraxRaphael better than SaraxSetsuna. o_o;; Or maybe actually...GabrielxRaphael. I loved the kiss between Gabriel and Raphael in the fifteenth book..._ )

Belial- (Is Hatter really a bishie? Really more a woman, I guess... But whatever. Hatter is one of my favorite characters. People haev said that the lisenced version of Angel Sanctuary ruined the character... I can see how the character changed so drastically in the scanlation and lisenced version, I guess but...I actually got a motherly sense from Hatter to Kurai from scans. o_o Is that weird? Belial is a character who cannot be described, though. Kaori Yuki has a knack for creating great characters like that.)


Tendershipping- (What can I say? I love the classic RyouxBakura pairing. It's so twisted...because Bakura plays the tormentor and the hero, the antagonist and the protagonist. This couple has developed beautifully in the world of fanfiction and you can't realyl help but make it dark. I mean, even if it's AU, Tendershipping just doesn't work without the twisted-ness.)

Theifshipping- (Bakura and Malik are...funny. They're hilarious! I can't really picture them...angsty and dark. But they're like, Partners in Crime. XD XD And I love it when they argue. Or flirt in the English. It's so obvious! And they make hot sex. XD XD They realyl go together well too...just like a bickering married couple.)

Deathshipping- (Marik: the ultimate Dom. Ryou: the born submissive. HOMG SEXY SHIPPER. AphroditeLove wrote this great bdsm lemon with this shipper... HOMG. This is quite vain but I actually just like this shipper because it's good for sex. I mean...isn't it? I LOVE this shipper... I mean, the romance aspect of it is GREAT, as illustrated in AphroditeLove's fics, but... I'm stupid, I know. And shallow. -_-;;)

Kira/LuciferxSetsuna/Alexiel- (I'm more of a LuciferxAlexiel fan now, though, than a KiraxSetsuna fan. That's mentioned either too... Both Alexiel and Lucifer are both just so cold and emotionless, but there's some really deep stuff when you put them together. And i love how Lucifer calls Alexiel "his woman" though he's all, "touch her and she won't be the one left bleeding.")

RosielxKatan- (Of course I love this shipping. Which Katan fan wouldn’t? I absolutely love how Katan freaks out with Rosiel being so close to him and how Rosiel teases him…XD XD And when Rosiel comes back…there is a incredible amount of angst. I was sobbing when Rosiel killed Katan, of course. And Katan was devoted all the way to death. I also loved his in leather in volume nineteen. Sexy.)

BelialxLucifer- (Belial... Hatter is...so interesting. I love it. Put Hatter with Lucy-chan and...it doesn't work. I love pairings that don't work, don't you? XD XD They're just that much sadder. And more interesting. I think the reason that I don't like SetsunaxSara is that it just...works. I don't like that. It has to be interesting. And this shipper is just that.)

That’s all I’m going to put but I still love many other pairings. So some strange ones may pop up in my fics…


Ryou, Bakura, bishies, Yugioh, all anime, all manga, internet, coffee, shounen-ai, yaoi, angst, Angel Sanctuary, Phantom of the Opera, Linkin Park, Evanescence.


Yaoi-dissers, homoprobes, PMS, school, homework, FFnet deleting my old account, FFnet’s non-NC-17 policy.


(Romance)- Never Knew, and the Sequel by AphroditeLove- (It’s a really amazing fic…the pairing in it is awesome as well as the writing in general. Canons are hard to write but AphroditeLove did a great job. The plot for it is astounding and Artemis-chan realyl has a knack for dialouges that can make you cry. GREAT JOB!)

(Angst)- Starving for Perfection, Bleeding for my Flaws by Spazishness- (I love reading this fic over and over. It made me cry many times and is truly awesome. I'm really disappointed in the lack of updates but I guess there comes a time where fanfiction just grows out of you. Still, though, great job, Spazishness.)

Crossover)- The New Students by White Angel Chan- (Oh please update soon, White Angel Chan. We fans are begging. And you've got an amazing plot set up here. The story manages a British, Harry Potter feel without losing any of the character of Yuugiou and is just really cool. This is the foundation for Harry Potter and Yuugiou crossover. And I've been realyl inspired by this fic...please don't stop writing, White Angel Chan!)


Yami no Tenshi chan has gottena website! Yes...it's one dedicated to Ryou Bakura...or all Bakurae really. (Ryou, Yami Bakura, and Theif King Bakura) The layout right now is Ryou though...and will be for a very long, long time. So...please go to my website. Only a limited number of things are up there but I'm working on it. Have fun.

Link: www.ryoubakura.net.tc

New account also! Lemon one. I've only got one things posted on there right now but I'll writ more lemons...I promise. _~ It's at: Look It's a Mad Woman. Knock yourself out.


I'm in the process of writing the sequal for Broken Angel Don't Sing, Snow White Bleeds Red. Yeeeuuuppp...

As you can tell, I'm nto having much progress with it...

I'm having a bit of trouble establishing the relationship Ryou and Bakura have now. I want to have it much deeper than just a boyfriend/boyfriend relationship, but I'm having some problems really getting it right. And I'm trying to blend in the things that stand out too much, which i wrote out of desperation. The first chapter just got back from being betaed (THANK YOU SHIRO RYUU) and I'm fixing up some problems and am typing up chapter two.

It'll be a lot easier when I do have a plot, though.

I'm afraid to post anything at this point, just because I might want ot change it when I'm into later chapters. I don't want ot be caught without a plot. I should have chapter two done by hte end of this week though. But I might get writers' block again... Or just get uninspired by school. I'll try to write, though, every chance I get.

Ja! -

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