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Greetings Mortals!

My name does not concern you, although if you are persistent I probably won't tell you anyway.

Anyway, to get a basic idea of what I like, here:

-Penguins-Writing-Composing Music-Writing Songs-Germany-Europe-India-World Cultures-History-Music-Japanese Pop Music-Ghost in the shell-Serial Experiments-Rain-North Carolina-Family-Composers (I highly respect them)-My friends-Movies-Bubbles-And other things that don't come to mind-

Although my fan fictions are really whack, I am sometimes normal... sometimes.

-Updated September 5th, 2007-

Q and A With Carth.

Carth: Why did you start writing?

Me: I have no idea...

Carth: Why do you love penguins?

Me: Cause their so dang cute! Isn't it obvious?

Carth: ... Okay, how come you won't tell anyone your name or if your a guy or girl?

Me: Cause, names aren't important. And isn't it obvious? grins

Carth: Ok... moves away slowly puts up invisible barrier Do you have any siblings?

Me: Why yes. The Weasel always reads my fan fics. Don't you?

Carth: When I get around to it yes...

Me: And why don't you read all of them?

Carth: Because you make me look silly.

Me: Silly willy?

Carth: No, just plain silly.

Me: Oh... Why not silly willy?

Carth: BECAUSE! My name isn't willy! Its Carth!

Me: Okay Willy, how old are you anyway? 70? 80?

Carth: rolls eyes 37..

Me: Then why is your hair white?

Carth: It isn't!

Me: pours milk on Carth's head Now it is.

Carth: wipes off angerly Cut it out!

Me: Why?

Carth: Cause! Its annoying!

Me: Why?

Carth: Because it is!

Me: Why?

Carth: ...

Me: Why?

Carth: SHUTUP!

Me: Why?

Carth: ... is silent

Me: I can burp my abc's. Wanna see?

Carth: No.

Me: Please?

Carth: No.

Me: Why?

Carth: Aren't I supposed to be asking the questions?

Me: Yes. As long as you...

Carth: What?

Me: I smell something... starts to creep away

Carth: Not again! runs after me

Me: I knew it! You love me!

Carth: WHAT?

Me: Your chasing me.

Carth: So that you don't charge me 2,000,000,000,000 credits for tap-dancing penguins!

Me: Did you just say... tap...dancing...penguins?

Carth: Uhh-no.

Me: Okay... cause you know how I get...

Carth: nods dumbly

Me: acts emo

Carth: rolls eyes

Me: why are we doing this?

Carth: I don't know

Me: can we stop?

Carth: I guess so.

Me: hugs Carth

Carth: BLOODY PENGUINS! tries to push me off

Wow, you read the whole thing! Good for you.

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