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Penname: You can see it! It's right up there! Oh, and the reason I picked that name is...-drumroll-...because I used to come review anonymously as SomeoneSpecial!

My Code Name: The Stray Bullet

Name: I'm not tellin' you! Unless I know you... But I don't (probably), so I'm not tellin'!

Age: See above... but I will tell you... I'm older than my sister!

Gender: I'm a GIRL!

Height: Taller than my sister.

Eye Color: Darker than my sister's eyes.

Hair Color: Darker than my sister's hair. It really is dark already, but I might just go ahead and dye it black. I mean black is one of my favorite colors and it looks a little more natural than orange or purple...but purple would be would orange...What do you think?

Skin Color: Darker than my sister... I spend more time in the sun...

Fav Numbers: Seven, thirteen, and seven hundred and thirteen!

Fav Food: MOCHI! I LOVE MOCHI! (For those of you who don't know mochi is like a Japanese rice ball. It's been pounded together so that it's not individual grains of rice anymore, and it's really sticky. It tastes best when you fry them till they're a nice yellow color where they touch the pan.The best sauce for them is soy sauce and sugar mixed together. Wow. That was really long.)

Fav Drink: Basically anything caffinated. I'm not even kidding.

Fav Color: Orange, purple, and black. What, of those three colors, should I paint my room? Orange probably, but I might give up on the painting idea and print up a bunch of pictures and proceed to make my room a collage. Oops of subject huh? Well, my favorite colars are organge, purple, and black.

Fav Animal: I don't know... I like most of them... except maybe worms...

Fav Mythical Animal: Sphinx! I LOVE RIDDLES!

Fav Household Item: DUCT TAPE! There is nothing a roll of duct tape can't fix! NOTHING! From friends that won't shut up to the huge hole in the wall duct tape fixes it all!

Fav Holiday: Halloween!I don't care how old you are, you never grow out of Trick-or-Treating!

Fav Book: I don't know. It changes a lot... mostly cause I'm kinda anti-social and spend a lot of my time reading.

Fav Movie: This changes a lot too. What can I say?

Fav Hobby: Writing, reading, playing games (x-box and/or computer games), and playing my violin... and trying to get my parents to buy me stuff.

Fav Anime/Manga: .Hack, Alichino, Ark Angels, Fruits Basket, Hikaru No Go, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Saiyuki, Trigun, and Wolf's Rain.

Fav Quotes: (Warning: May contain light swearing.)

"Doilies! What kind of a monster is that woman?" - Malcolm in the Middle

"It's not pink. It's lightish red." - Donut from RvB

"That's right. I'm a gay robot." - Church from RvB

"We've got broomsticks for tail guns!" - Pearl Harbor

"When did you find religion?" "When you assigned me to this mission, sir." - Pearl Harbor

"It's like sex on hardwood." - Take the Lead

"Woah horsey." "My name is Phillip." - The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

"Numbers do not win a battle." "No, but I bet they help." - The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

"West Vile Nirus. I mean West Vile Nirus. I mean WEST NILE VIRUS!" - My friend...aka The Camel.

"Everthing's better when you're's better when you're SUGAR-high..." - The Camel

"Taking one's chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck." - The Slippery Slope by: Lemony Snicket

"You are what you eat, so how does bitch say anyway?" - My sister aka The Morbid Dragon...

"Beer please!" -The Morbid Dragon (She was asking for chips while our parents were talking about beer... when she was -cough- 13 -cough- -_-;;)

"-Gesturing with purple pen.- All coded messages will be written in red! -Looks at pen.- Damn it!" - The Morbid Dragon

"It would be 'B'... or 'A'... 'A' or 'B'..." - The Morbid Dragon

"A RK/Saiyuki crossword! ...I mean CROSSOVER! DAMN IT!" - The Morbid Dragon

"FLIPPIN' MONKEY BUTTS!" - The Morbid Dragon

"It's an RKxRurouni Kenshin crossover! Ah shit." - The Morbid Dragon

"I can't even say it wrong right." - The Morbid Dragon

"You know the saying, 'Tread lightly and carry a big stick?' Well, mine's right by the front door." - The Camel

"What the fuh- Bloody Hell?" - The Morbid Dragon

"I get the one wiht the handles on so I don't burn myself to death." -3 seconds later- "Ow I got burned!" - My friend aka The Totally Awesome Jack. Henceforth known only as Jack.

"Well actually, I went out to dinner AND a movie with Seth." - Jack

"This is a very well-mown lawn." - Jack

"Evelyn so doesn't deserve me. She doesn't even derserve me to finish this sent-" - My friend aka The Totally Cute Seth. Henceforth known only as Seth.

"Lets go make potatoes!" - Seth

"It's been more than five minutes." "Well, five minutes in dog years... Crap that would be less!" - The Morbid Dragon and Jack

"You equals touching that equals death." - The Morbid Dragon

"Look, I'll help; Napoleon, Einstein, some other famous guy, 1985, World War II, those are your answers." - Seth

"I may like the bit about him falling in love with her and her dying..." - The Morbid Dragon

"Jwahovg?" - The Morbid Dragon

"The pickles are on the engawa." - The Morbid Dragon

These are The Morbid Dragon and The Stray Bullet's coded messages:

Message 1

"Morbid Dragon, Morbid Dragon! The kunai is in the drawer!"

"Stray Bullet, Stray Bullet! The gun is under the pillow!"

"Morbid Dragon, Morbid Dragon! Your closet is on fire!"

Message 2

"Stray Bullet, Stray Bullet! The squirrel is on the loose!"

"Morbid Dragon, Morbid Dragon! What squirrel?"

Note: All coded messages are translated on DragonWolfStar's (aka The Morbid Dragon) page.

More quotes (and Coded Messages) to come!

Also! Check out my sis's profile for some more of my favorite quotes!

By the way: RvB is Red vs. Blue. They have movies (warning: they swear... A LOT) that make fun of the X-box game Halo. REALLY FUNNY! http:///home.php Just thought you might like to know... if you didn't already...

99 Orange Paper Planes reviews
Insanity off of the lyrics of 99 Luftballoons by Nena. Humorous Saiyuki style song! Poetry only in the sense that you can't hear the music.
Saiyuki - Rated: K+ - English - Poetry/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 357 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 5/19/2006 - Complete