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Poll: Readers of my FanFic "Silent Jee" an avatar FF: ZukoxOC I want to do a sequal, but I don't know if I should stick with the show, you know, keep it Maiko, or if i should wander from the show and make it Zushiro. What do you think? Vote Now!
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Author has written 7 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Avengers.

Hey, guys, it’s been awhile since I updated this thing, so I thought it would be a good idea. BTW, check out other postings and pictures on my DA account:

So, though I am updating this, some things haven’t changed:

1. I can't spell if my life depended on it, so no flamers about that please. Unless I continue to spell character's name wrong, and you know how to spell it, then please tell me.

2. All my stories tend to have some type of romance but I can't live without humor and action

3. Almost all my stories, the romance includes an OC.

Author rant: I like OC’s, because they are new characters that you learn to love and enjoy. I am one of those people who wishes you could pick “OC” as a character when you sort through stuff. That being said, I know damn well what a Mary- Sue is, and I try my best to avoid them, but OC’s are created for fun and I hate people who read a story and then flame an OC. If you don’t like them, then just don’t read it, don’t send one of those flamer lists as to why the character is a Mary Sue/ Gary Stu, it’s annoying and rude, and to be blunt, quite D*ck-ish. So do the world a favor, and don’t be an a$$.

4. I love comments, and though I don't like flamers, I do like constructive criticism. (If you tell me that there's no difference, you are sadly mistaken. Constructive Criticism helps a writer, flamers just piss us off and we ignore you.)

Enough with the writer’s rants and author speak, here’s some more personal stuff:

I’m a college Senior, film student, and I love stories. I want to be a writer of sorts or a character designer. Tim Burton and Terrence Zdunich are a couple of my idols, and I do write more than just Fanfiction. If you want to take a look, I have my original story on FictionPress, my pen name is Alice Phell.

I am have a younger brother who also hangs out in the Fanfiction world. (He’s mostly a Pokémon fan, but he dabbles.)

I have too wide of a variety of interests to really list, but I can give some basics:

TV: CSI, NSCI, Criminal Minds, Castle, The Mentalist, Big Bang Theory, Amazing Race, Grounded for life, America’s Funniest Home Videos, and other stuff

Anime/ Cartoons/Mangas: Fake, Demon Diary, Case Closed, Fullmetal Alchemist, Elemental Gelade, Fruits Basket, Avatar: The Last Airbender, South Park, and much much more (I love the magic of animation)

Books: Lyndsay Sands, and a few others, but I don’t read too much

Yaoi: I’m a Yaoi fan, some couples I love are Watson- Sherlock, Ryo- Dee, SasuNaru, a good number of the South Park boys, Russia/America, Stony, and whatever good things I can find

Other than that there isn’t much to know or care about, so go read and let me know what you think!


(Oh, and Zeeva is an OC name. If you read my stories, you'll meet her. She's in my avatar story, The Earth Girl's Secret)

P.S. Here are some might-be future stories. Tell me what you think before I post 'em!

Avatar: The Garden (Avatar) - A group of kids in a village are known as the Garden. They steal, prank, and are known for trouble. Their name was given to them, after their own names, the leader, Rose, her genius little brother, Sunny, and her friends, Lilly, Lilac, Sprout, Oak, and Violet. (some of those are nicknames, like Oak he's just wicked tall sooo...)When a girl in her village gets dirt (no pun intended)on Rose, she's forced to leave the Garden, her friends, and her only family, Sunny. On her voyage she is mugged, and takes shelter in a cave, that is found after it begins to pour, by Zuko and Iroh. Iroh tells her that she shouldn't be left in such a state, and that she is to come with them. Will she ever return to the garden, or for that matter, how can she travel with Zuko! And what happens when the girl who got dirt on Rose, starts to take over the village, with the help of the Fire Nation!

South Park High: (South Park)

A series set after the fourth graders finally hit high school, bringing new friends, new relationships, and new inner confrontations

Some Episodes so far:

Episode 1: Welcome to South Park High: Tobi Anderson is new to South Park High, meet her and welcome back all of your old favorite students as high schoolers

Episode 2: South Park Girls are Screwed: Tobi brings up that all of the boys in school have a “gay lover” making South Park a yaoi fangirl’s dream. It causes gay confessions between Craig and Tweek and Damian and Pip to become exposed, and an argument between Kyle and Stan as to who would be on top

Episode 3: Girlfriends: After a sleepover with Kyle and Stan ends with a make over, the boys decide Tobi needs to hang out with some girls, introducing her Emily Satan, the old new girl from Georgia, and the daughter of the devil.

Episode 4: Kenny the Pervert: Kenny is the biggest pervert and sex addict in South Park High, and he’s playing on both fields, but when he treats Butters and Emily different than the rest, Tobi, Kyle, and Stan think maybe it’s because he has more than just an interest in getting in their pants. But what is Kenny to do when he meets Emily’s father?

Episode 5: Make- over: Emily thinks Tobi needs to fem it up and dresses her up in girly clothes, grabbing the attention of the guys in school, making Cartman realize he could have competition.

(There are more episodes, I just don't want to post them all here, you'll have to read them)

Full Metal Alchemist:

Dead Girl Walking (Movie based)- Al makes Ed go to a carnival with him. (Yippee) About an hour after they arrive, Al runs off leaving Ed alone. While roaming, Ed gets an odd welcoming. A girl dressed in black runs up to him thinking that he is his father! After telling her that he's not his father, she cuts him off, by telling him that he looks not only just like his father, but his mother, and Alphonse! Noa had told Ed of gypsies that can read minds, but this girl is different, she can see the dead!

Only Partners: Edward had heard of these “Alchemic accomplices.” They were people that didn’t use alchemy, but studied it, and because they studied it, they studied all types of it. They were sent to help alchemists on the battlefield. Yeah, he knew what they were, but what he didn’t know was that there could be “attractive” alchemic accomplices.

Female Friends?: (Ouran High School)

The guys of the Ouran Host Club think that Haruhi’s female friends are limited, what they don’t know is that they are quite wrong.

Atshushi Yuki: The Goth Ouran student. Her dark and murderous, sinning, personality would scare anybody, or, almost everybody. Despite her appearance, Yuki, is social, and loves attention. Kaoru is still trying to teach Hikaru to ease his temper, and be a little more social. Can this dark, social butterfly help Kaoru teach Hikaru?

Baisotei Amaya: Haruhi’s old friend from middle school moved to the run down, scary part of Tokyo, and is now home schooled, when she isn’t causing trouble… or watching little kids. Nekozawa’a sister, Kirimi, runs off from home, and finds Amaya. Could Amaya’s impression on Kirimi start an impression on Nekozawa?

Enomoto Mariko: Intelligent and sassy Mariko is anything but shy. While waiting for Haruhi after the Host Club’s meeting, she encounter’s Kasanoda. Could this outgoing girl, prove to the host club that it isn’t looks and charm that he needs, but someone to have the guts to look him in his cursed eyes?

Hey, Lin!: (Xiolin Showdown): At 18, Jack is still occasionally fighting the xiolin warriors, but is also fixing cars for cash, and when he starts to loose business, he could never have guessed what was pulling away his customers: The new girl next door, “Ronnie.” Before he can confront her, Ronnie apologizes to him for taking his business without knowing, and when she put two and two together, she found some revenge on the perverted men watching her work on their cars. Jack’s intrigued only until he finds out whom Ronnie’s mom is: A Heylin witch who’s been around for thousands of years.

Disney (Yep, I'm that wierd)

My Turn: (Treasure Planet)

Jim's mom had been seeing a man while he was gone, and she has now remarried. She had another child, too, a little girl named Sam. Only a few months younger, she became the best friend of Amelia and Dr. Delbert Dopplers's children, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Abigail, and Jonathan. Now 16, Sam is ready to embark on her own adventure. Jim is moved out, and now dating a girl named Lindsey, but he still tells her no. Not letting it rest, Sam is about to find her own way to travel the universe, with the help of her friends and Jim's old friend, Long John Sliver.

Devils and Churches: (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Esmeralda isn’t alone as a gypsy, in fact she has a friend who is almost like her little sister, Esther “Essie” the daughter of the Devil, or at least that is her stage name. Off stage she is Essie, odd ball teenager who was abandoned by her family for her “problem,” and plays with tarot cards. While Esmeralda is trapped in the church, Essie slips in to help and on her way out, she meets Emery, a young bishop in training with his head so up to the heavens, he is afraid just looking at Essie feels like a sin. Knowing a spawn of Satan can’t enter the realm of God, Essie explains she is an apparition sent by God to tell the boy to go to the real Essie. When he actually arrives, Essie tells his fortune of love, romance, and how he will help change Paris, but the tent is attacked. Emery tries to save Essie from the men attacking, but in the process knocks off her black wig, reviling her dusty blonde hair, silver eyes, and their love at first sight. Emery and Essie help Esmeralda and Quasimodo save Paris and the gypsies from Frollo and share a forbidden love between Heaven and Hell.

Alex & the Mad Hatter: (Alice in Wonderland)

Alex was tired of the life his father wanted him to have, so he goes hunting to relieve some stress. When a white rabbit catches his eye, he follows it, curious as to why a white rabbit was in the area. When he falls into the rabbit hole, Alex is faced with wonderland. A place where one must be mad as a hatter to understand, but luckily for him, Miss Raven, indeed a Mad Hatter.

Holly Jolly Christmas (the Santa Clause): It’s been 18 years since Bernard had taken his position as head elf next to the new Santa. 18 Years since that first snow globe appeared, and he realized he was officially in charge, that his boss was gone. And in those 18 years, she grew up. She was no longer that little baby girl born late Christmas Eve. She was now an attractive girl with a strong Christmas spirit and a hold on his heart. But this isn’t the love he had for her before, what was it? Was Bernard actually falling in love with a human?

Nightmare before Christmas

Halloween Town High: The track team’s best runner, jumper, and over super star, Jack Skellington, is getting really bored winning race after race. When he leaves some homework at school, he finds the Drama club’s last performance of “Alice in Wonderland” about to start, so he buys himself a ticket. The drama club opens him up into a whole new world where everyday of practice isn’t running around in circles, but one day is lines, another is blocking, along set design and costumes. Can Jack leave behind his world as a jock to become a “Drama Geek?” And how about the girl who designs the costumes, Sally Finklstien, Professor Finklstien’s only daughter? Can the drama club’s colorful and very open kids get Jack out of his strict shell?

Baby Dolls: The Andrews twins always had a different look on life, ever since that skeleton Santa Clause gave them those dolls all those years ago. After a car wreck, the girls find themselves separated in Halloween town. Lydia finds a misfit warlock who keeps his head in his spell books, and Emily meets some vampire siblings who do nothing but argue. Will they ever find each other again, or will they spend their afterlives separated, but not forgotten?


Coraline II: It’s been years since the Beldam incident, and Coraline and Wybie have grown up with their friend Aggie. Now they encounter bad romances, after school activities, popularity and bullies. What could be worse than the Beldam? High school, senior year.

Revived (Living Dead Dolls): After years of breaking her back to be the best hell minion her father could ask for, Sadie hopes he’ll choose her to take the throne, despite the law stating the heir must be male or married to a male. When her hard work ends in vain, the crown be handed over to her brother, Lou, Sadie goes to her friend, Eerie, for help in her time of need. In her coping, Sadie meets new friends, like Maggot and Misery, who share their stories of woe. Can Lou and Sin convince their father to give the throne to Sadie? Will Sadie’s new friend Maggot ever find her prince in a world of jerks? And will Eerie ever become a “Mrs.” Eerie?

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