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Hello, my name is Kate :)

So... I never publish my fan fiction because mainly the fandoms I'm interested in aren't that big on the lovely FanFiction.Net community. Don't get me wrong! I love Harry Potter, and stuff. But would I write fan fiction about it? Yeah, probably. But, would I work on it to actually like it enough to put up on a popular site like this? Probably not.

My obsessions tend to change a bit though. For example, I am now completely obsessed with Whose Line Is It Anyway? because that show is hilarious and the bromance between Ryan and Colin is a lovely thing to behold.

Johnny's Entertainment is also wonderful. JE is a lovely little agency in Japan that produces boy bands. It is a fangirl's dream, let me tell you.

I've always been in the South Park fandom because, unlike Family Guy, it actually addresses issues in our world. It teaches morals, in a super twisted way, of course. It is also undeniably funny. And, well, being a fangirl, I ship. I ship hard.

I also like the genius cartoons such as Phineas and Ferb, 6teen, Class of the Titans and Invader Zim. My mother says: "Kate, you're 17 already! Why do you watch kid shows?" And I say: "Because they are awesome, Mother. Don't be dissing."

Anyways, I am a fan of a lot of crazy things:


Comic Books




Kid shows

Some* Anime

Awesome TV shows like Lost. Lost is the best.

Foreign Films


Tarantino Films

Takashi Miike Films

Stupidly Sad Movies

Artsy Stuff. Because, you know, I'm artsyyy.


So, I'll be here to read fan fiction a gush over how wonderful you all write! And I will try to leave reviews, but I'm anti-social, so... Yeah :3

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