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Hello I am a new user so i don't really know how to set up a profile (Help!)

Name: Badfish is from a Sublime song of the same name and 17 is my favorite number

Gender: I am a MAN!! (with apologies to Linkara)

Hometown: a little town called none of your god damn business (Chappelle Show joke)

Country of Origin: America, Fuck Yeah!

Favorite games on this site: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, XII, Kingdom Hearts, Jak and Daxter (which doesn't have nearly enough stories), Zelda.

Hobbies (not that anyone is interested): video games, TV, driving, making sarcastic remarks, laughing at stupid people, and now writing

Favorite bands: 1. Reel Big Fish 2. Tie between Nirvana & Green Day 3. Foo Fighters 4. Bad Religion 5. Tie between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage
Against The Machine 6. Dropkick Murphys 7. Stone Temple Pilots 8. Sublime (funny how they are so low when my screen name is taken from one of their songs) 9. Mighty Mighty Bosstones 10. Tie between Alice in Chains and Flogging Molly. You may have notice the large amount of ties. that is because my arbitary rules demanded ten bands be selected plus I couldn't decide which band was better especially RCHP and RATM.

Everybody loves lists so I will make my own for this site

Most Hated Fan Fiction Pet Peeves (in no particular order)

1. Crossovers. This is a sure-fire sign of bad writing, mostly because the stupid, confusing and convoluted ways that people justify them. Cross-overs can work but only under the hand of extremely good writers who at least picks from two or more stories that make sense that they would be mixed. For example I read a good Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess story. That makes sense because both stories are set in medieval worlds with magic that could co-exist side-by-side. Bad writers will put two completely different genres together. For example, I heard of a story that crossed Dragonball Z with The Diary of Anne Frank. Go to Masterpiece Fanfic Theater on if you want more information than that. Also, generally, the more stories "cross-overed," the worse it is because you have to come up with even more justifications as to why the separate universes are now one. Plus this adds even more characters, technology, and settings to add to a story and even a good writer can not usually handle that many universes at the same time. Luckily though cross-overs don't need to keep continuity, except for accepted characterizations of the characters used in the story.

2. Bad Grammar/Spelling. If you have had the pleasure of me reviewing your story, then you know I come from a family of Grammar Nazis and can't help but point out bad grammar/spelling. Most of the time it is harmless like not knowing the difference between there, their, and they're or lay and lie (that confuses even me). But sometimes you read fics that have such huge grammar mistakes that they are unreadable. who wnats two red an fics whos riter is two dum two spel ceck?

3. Xtremely Kool Letterz. the system of letters where ex is replaced with just x, hard "c" sounds are replaced with k, and s is replaced z. These occur mostly in titles and also exist in the real world. Advertisers use them all the time and some authors on this site use them too. Sometimes this falls under pet peeve number two because it is used in stories themselves. Why? Because Poor Literacy is Kewl!

4. Spacing. I know it is annoying but you have to space your stories. If the writing is too cramped then no one can read it. This can happen to new writers who can't understand how the line spacing on word can't match up to the program that this site uses. It happened to me too, I understand. But at least space the paragraphs so the reader can distinguish them.

5. Updating Waiting (get it. it rhymes. LAUGH DAMN IT!) Seriously though it takes forever for people to update. Why can't people plan for several chapters if their stories are not oneshots? The worst though is that Badfish17. He takes forever to update his one story. Hurry it up!

Unlike most people I know, I am not crazy into comics or anime (though I do like some). I will probably not write anything for those genres

I understand that my first story, which was admittedly hastily thought out and poorly written, should have been longer and a oneshot. I recently took it down so none of you have to suffer from that abomination.

I am currently writing a new longer story set in Kingdom Hearts. The first chapter is up. PLEASE REVIEW!!

Thank you. Finally a review! I don't mind anonymous reviews. Even if you hate me please tell me. I just want a review. Please?! I'm begging you!!

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AN: Backwards editing, and I changed my penname. Don't freak out. Back to working on the story. I promise. And the site has apparently murdered my section breaks. Damn you, stupid site.
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