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I think it may be time to update this profile. So let me see. I'm a fan of the following TV shows: Gossip Girl, Merlin, Lost, Greys Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Fringe, Greek... Currently I believe that Gossip Girl is the best TV show out there. The characters are interesting, the plot lines keep getting better. Which is something because generally shows tend to get worst in later seasons. I'm currently on the third season of Gossip Girl and still consider it to be amazing. Plus I adore Blair and Chuck in the show. They are an amazing couple. I don't think we've seen a relationship this dysfunctional, interesting, complicated and so filled with love in a TV show in an extremely long time. Also Blair by herself is one of my all time favourite characters. I adore her character because in the show, she is constantly tested and a lot of horrible things happen to her. However she fights back (even though sometimes she needs help, or it takes her awhile to fight back). Also all the manipulation she does just makes the show that much better. I also (oddly) have a soft spot for Georgina. Don't know why. But I do. Well anyway enough about Gossip Girl. Also just another show, I think, if you haven't checked out you definately should... Is Merlin. Its a great show funny, magical, full of adventure.I especially love the friendship between Arthur and Merlin. Check it out, its worth it.

Movies I think are worth watching: Fight Club, Across the Universe, 27 dresses, August Rush... Fight Club well because that movie is amazing in a twisted violent way. Its storyline will just blow you away. I'm sure most of you have watched flight club already. Across the universe because I loved some of those scenes and they did justice to The Beatles songs. I'm not a fan of movies where the characters break into song. This is the exception for me. 27 Dresses is one of the sweetest romantic comedies out there. Its a funny and cute and if you ever feel like watching something light hearted I would recommend this. August Rush you should watch to admire the filming in that movie. The way they did some of those scenes was just simply breath taking.

Favourite music artists some of which are: Snow Patrol, Florence and the Machines, Blue October, Oasis, All American Rejects, Cold Play, The Fray, Cobra Starship, Muse, Death Cab for Cutie. There are a lot more

I'm not listing the books i'm a fan of because It would take me an extremely long time to do that. I read whenever I can and so have a love for many many books.

Some random things about me: The first fanfic I ever read was about Jack and Kate from Lost. My favourite quote: "Regret what you have done, and not what you should have done." If I could, I'd be, a scriptwriter or a film producer.

I'm currently working on my Gossip Girl fanfic "College Trials." My other Gossip Girl fic i'm postponing work on, I just lost my inspiration for it. College Trials i'm excited for because I have so many ideas for it.

My Veronica Mars fic will always hold a special place in my heart because it's the first fic I ever finished. I do adore LoVe.

Fics I'm thinking of write: Another Veronica Mars one. A Vampire Academy fic. But before I even think of starting on those, I'm going to first finish "College Trials."

Anyway thats it for now! I'm sure i'll add onto this profile soon.

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Bring Me Back To Life reviews
Haley hasn't seen or spoken to Nathan and Brooke for about a year and a half. But one rainy night brings them back together in a way they never expected. Find out what made Haley leave and what led to this separation. Can Duke handle all three of them there? Will they survive each other? Main pairing is Naley. Brulian & Brucas too. There will be romance/angst/drama and friendship.
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College Trials reviews
A/U. The gang is at college. All Blair wants is to have a good time with her friend Dan. What she doesn't expect and necessarily want, is the attention Chuck Bass starts paying her. Serena finds herself stuck between two boys. Drama,Love,Lies. C/B S/N/D.
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