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Welcome to my profile,

I'm Gum Tree Betty, or better known as Bet to my friends, and I love writing about my favorite TV shows and characters and hope you will enjoy reading my stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I especially enjoy writing stories that contain hurt/comfort, humor, angst and friendship.

So let's have some fun, maybe inflict some injuries on the guys we love and then give them lots of comfort to recover. :)

I should also add a disclaimer for my stories before I proceed any further.

Unfortunately I don't own any of the guys in the shows I am writing about nor do I get any payment except for the fun of writing about them. So I guess I had better promise to return them to their rightful owners when I am finished, although I can't promise that they won't be slightly battered, maybe a bit dirty and limping when returned but they will always be treated with love.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and hopefully reading my stories. Please have a great day!



12/31/17- Thank you to everyone who sent me condolence messages and your love and prayers during the last few weeks after the death of my beautiful baby girl- your love and messages meant a lot to me and my family. I was overwhelmed with how many caring people there are on this site.

To the individual from the US whom I spoke of below- and who then went on to unblock me before sending a heartless PM before re-blocking me again so I could not respond. We both know who you, and your friends who have also blocked me, are and I have nothing more to say to you or any of your friends except that I have decided I am not going to let your cruelness chase me away from this site. And your behavior and cruel comments about how my baby deserved to die as punishment for me daring to call out a plagiarist in a signed review, will also not stop me calling out plagiarists in their reviews and reporting them to the plagiarism groups if I see them stealing someone else's hard work and that includes you.

4/10/2017. Due to a death in my family, I am placing all my stories on hiatus for a while.

And to the person in the Streets of San Francisco fandom who left a comment saying that my baby's death is punishment for calling out a SOSF plagiarist in a signed in review on this site. You didn't even have the guts to use your name, instead you hid behind a fake anonymous one and went to another site to do it- all I can say is I hope you never have to feel the emptiness I feel every time I walk into her room or feel the pain I am feeling every time I hear her name or see her photo. I really, really, really want to tell you just how I really feel about you and your friends at the moment but I know all that will happen is you will probably just report me to the mods here for bullying.

But let me tell you about my 'punishment' that you think Tahnee and I deserved- Tahnee was just 10 months old. She battled and overcame many medical problems after being born 2 1/2 months early, always with an infectious smile and a giggle that I still hear and see everywhere I turn. She had blue eyes and honey blond hair and loved getting cuddles. I put her down for a nap and she never woke up, no matter how hard I tried to wake her- and I have to live with that EVERY day- And THAT is the punishment you claim I deserve.



I don't like plagiarists- I believe if you have to steal another writer's scenes or stories than maybe you should be asking yourself why you are writing because its obvious that you can't write a story on your own without stealing. I will report any one who plagiarizes and I am not talking about writers who use shared fanon, or head canon (After asking the original writer's permission to do so and crediting the original writer). I am talking about the writer who goes and takes a full scene, chapter, or story from another writer's story, (and I don't care if the story is in the same or a different fandom), changes it just a little so it's not cut and paste plagiarism, adds some extra bits and pieces so they and their friends can then argue the stories are not the same and then claims it as their own.

And sending nasty PMs and then blocking me so fast that I have to read the PM in my emails so that I can't reply to your abuse, is not only childish but shows the type of bullying, nasty creature that you are and does not intimidate me. Nor will it stop me pointing out your plagiarism in your reviews if you do it again, I have created a special account to deal with serial plagiarists to call them out publicly in their reviews.

So my warning is - You plagiarize, I will point it out in a signed-in review in your reviews for everyone to see and you will be reported, no matter what fandom you write in. Simple as that! It's not bullying, as some plagiarists try to claim, but stopping a thief who believes they deserve to get the credit for someone else's hard work.


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