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It has been two years since I last checked in on my profile, fics and the general community. Upon seeing that I was still getting people reading my fics I figured maybe I'd give it another go as well as updating this profile with more up to date information.

Name: Undisclosed(now that there are certain people who know that I write on here, I figured I would redact that information)

Interests: History, baking, music, reading, traveling, gaming and makeup.

Likes: Music, candles, rain, baking, being with friends and family, pizza with tomatoes, garlic, feta and black olives, curling up in bed with a good book, stuffed animals, romance, long showers, the beach, watching movies, listening to opera, Italian food, traveling, having fun.

Dislikes: Betrayal, dishonesty, arrogance, being alone in the dark, spiders, sharks, heights, mean people, being abandoned, being alone, red bell peppers, mushrooms, pain, being sick, beef, how long it takes to do my makeup and manipulative, controlling people.

Obsessions: I can't say I really have any obsessions anymore. I don't have the same love of the Phantom of the Opera which initially inspired me to not only write, but to sing as well. I still love music, as well as reading but it has been a really long time since I've spent time investing in either my singing or my writing skills.

People I admire/look up to: First and foremost God and my lord and savior Jesus Christ, if this offends anyone I am sorry! Ignore this little fact about me. I still do admire Emmy Rossum, although after seeing her in Shameless(and I mean almost ALL of her) I was a little scarred. However, I still do think that she is incredibly beautiful, and talented. I haven't kept tabs on Gerard Butler's movies in a couple of years. Once his personality seemed to be going down the gutter(and what with him recently going to rehab)I wasn't keen on getting disappointed. However, every time I see or hear anything related to Phantom of the Opera there is still a part of me that melts. I also cannot watch P.S. I love you without crying. He is still and always will be attractive and talented in my eyes. However, I no longer look up to either of them. I am trying to look up to real people. Who are fallible and who have flaws and who are amazing just in their every day lives, whether they're busy being a parent or a teacher or whatever it is that they are.

Now onto the more important things, such as my characters! (I won't bother updating this because seeing as some of my fics are still in progress this still stands.)

Erik: I tend to imagine more of a Gerik while writing or reading phantom fic. I have read Leroux's original novel, I've read Kay's as well as seeing the Broadway musical and reading numerous other fics. I know that Erik is not supposed to be handsome or tanned or good smelling or have a nice body. But I have...artistic license here and I feel that Erik is alluring and attractive. He will always have some sort of facial deformity. However in Signs of Darkness his modern character simply has a barely noticeable mark. I felt that this would work better with the story. Erik is who he is because of this facial deformity. To take that away is to take away is taking his very essence, he would no longer be the brooding, dark and dangerous man we all love so much. He is a tortured soul and I cannot take that away from him. I need an excuse to hug him people!

Christine: My Christine's are a bit different from those portrayed by ALW, Leroux and Kay. However Kay did show that Christine did have a bit of a mind of her own. I do feel that Christine was weak in the sense that she was swayed to turn away from Erik. She loved him yes, but her fear and her connection to Raoul led her to betraying him. I try to redeem her in one way or another through my fics. She isn't weak physically nor mentally and more often than not she's a stubborn woman who knows what she wants. I tend to go along with the Emmy Rossum look. Same hair, same skin, same elegance and beauty but with a few changes. Her eyes aren't brown, she's a bit more curvy and maybe I'll give her some physical flaws of her own if I feel it fits.

Raoul: I'm torn. Part of me really admires Raoul and part of me really hates him. To me he is safety, stability and security to Christine and I feel that is the only reason she chose him over Erik. While I do believe she loved Raoul in some way I also feel that if it hadn't been for him she would have been perfectly happy with Erik. She loved Erik but fear of him or herself led her to make the choices she did. Sometimes my Raoul will be bad. Sometimes stupid, sometimes good and sometimes stupid and good or stupid and bad. But he will never get the girl. At least not the girl that Erik wants.

Meg: Meg is one of my favorite non-main characters. She is Christine's friend and confidante in my fics as well as sometimes the person who will lighten the mood with her flakiness. She is sometimes a bit of a ditz but you can't help but love her.

Madame Giry: She is essential in my fics. She is the one who is there when Erik needs a woman to turn to when things are too much for Erik to handle. She loves him as a son and though she can be a bit harsh and cold at times she is a loving woman deep down. She wants what is best for Erik as well for Christine and will do what she can to help them find happiness in each other.

Nadir(the Persian): I really, really love this character. Nadir is just..amazing. I love having him in my fics because he serves as both Erik's conscious but also as someone who is there to help his friend see logic. He resorts to humor at times to get his point across but he is never afraid to stand up to Erik. He is brave and loyal and critical in my opinion.

Concerning sex: le gasp I know, it's completely taboo to mention but I will do it anyway. In my fics my main characters do not engage in casual sex. They are romantics. They find love and usually marriage before surrendering to the joys of the flesh. I do not write overly explicit scenes but what I do write I hope is romantic and sensual. Not dirty and degrading. If you don't wish to read this sort of thing please either skip the scenes (there aren't many to begin with) or just don't bother. There's lots of suggestive language I suppose but nothing horrid. I think it's important to remember that our characters do have chemistry and they are both very human. It's natural that such a spark would lead to some romance.

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