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About Me:

Most overused phrase: "That's heartbreaking..."

Her Name: Is too common for her own liking...

She will yell at the football players on TV...(even though she has no idea what's going on...)

She Likes: snow is hopeful, rain is reflective, music, traveling, writing, painting, yoga, Aikido, a good laugh, a good conversation, a good drive, motivation, food on the table, friends, family history

Akisu: You know how I'd get answers out of you?

L: ...

Akisu: I'd tie you up and force feed you salad.

She Dislikes: reality

She sings along with her ipod only to have her mother, brother, or anyone within ten meters to come and yank the headphones off her head...

Personal Ambitions: To inspire

Someone once thought Akisu-san was drunk because she was laughing too hard...

Her Life Thus Far...


SUMMER! I need to get off my procrastinating ass and go to work...not to mention start writing again...

Someone once scared a year off her life by almost hitting her with a bus...

Real Life Quotes:

"When I train a penguin to fly, I'll get a million bucks."


Fontaine: "Practice anyone? Do you need more practice?"

Jerome: "Do we get cake and ice-cream?"

Mike: "This is chemistry, not heaven..."

Erica: "My fridge broke."

Me: "Oh, god, that's heartbreaking..."

"Who the hell came up with 'tupperware' parties?"

-My brother

"You guys are a kick in the pants."


Talia: "My first kiss was in a movie theater."

Me: "I don't wanna be kissed in a move theater."

Talia: "Why not?"

Me: "I don't know...it's so cliche. I mean, it's like loosing your virginity on prom night."

Talia: -hysterical laughter-

Me: "What!?"

Me: "Okay, let's see here...I've got my Sun Chips, my Snickers bar, a bottle of water, and my headphones! Now I know I won't be bored."

Courtney: "Wow, Sarah. Aren't you overdoing it a little?"

Me: "No...it's called 'the art of powerwalking'..."

Elora: "You're awesome."

Me: "Why am I awesome?"

Elora: "Because...you eat Sun Chips and listen to Rise Against..."

Me: "So?"

Elora "...while powerwalking..."

I'm surrounded by idiots..."



My Miracle (Rurouni Kenshin)- A one-shot about a girl's brush with death and the man who saved her.

Politics and the Masses (Rurouni Kenshin)- Hallelujah! I trapped a plot bunny. A naive shinobi has no idea what she's getting herself into when involved with politics and the masses. "Maybe you're more cut out for this than I am..." (My current muse that I'm working on.)

A Note...

Thanks to anyone who reads Akisu's fanfics. (...And to anyone who takes time to read about the authors...)

Akisu thought she was crazy... until she came here...

Rest In Peace 6/15/06

Tomas Fitzgerald (16)

"The last day you lived

The gold sunset lingered on

So I sat and watched..."

Lots of Love,


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That was the night I found out why they call it the devil's holiday .I,Sesshoumaru, will always rue the day I was forced to partake of the trivial and meaningless activity that’s only use is to fill small children with excessive amounts of sugar…
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