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Author has written 3 stories for Doctor Who, Back to the Future, and Van Helsing.

Aha! Here I am, on one of my favourite sites on the web! I'm pretty new here, so go easy on me, OK?

Good, now that the introductions are complete, I can tell you about my lovely self! I'm a 16 year old female from England, no wise cracks. I like all sorts of things, though mostly it's supernatural or sci-fi things...they rule!

I WILL do the seventh chapter of FTTF, I promise! I've just been so busy recently with school. Being tied down like that annoys me, but school DOES come first, I'm afraid...

Gender: Female...well and truly :)

Age: 16

Likes: Subway sandwiches, Van Helsing, Blake's 7, Star Wars, Bionicle, LOST, Back to the Future, The Frighteners, Michael J. Fox in general, impersonating Michael J. Fox (It's been done, I promise you!), Supernatural (the TV show), trying to draw, completing drawings, submitting drawings to sites where people can see them...

Dislikes: Slash of any sort between two copyrighted characters.They probably hate each other and shallow minded people take this as an incentive to write annoying slash stories...do not bother me with them, If you are a slash writer, keep your head down near me or I'll BITE it off...XD

Location: Jolly olde Blighty

OK, for starters, I have a BTTF story in progress, so no fears there! I'm finishing it and getting it up as soon as possible. I'm aiming for around 30 chapters, but that can change. I may do little one shots if I can find the time.

Feel free to private message me or e-mail me with story ideas. I don't mind a little company once in a while! I don't bite...:D

If you want to Instant Message me on MSN, you can find me at dancing_taco@hotmail.co.uk I'd liked to have met you first though, not too keen on random messages...XD

I also just decided that I'll take any writing requests from anyone, reveiwer or not! ;)

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A demon makes her prescence known in a tiny German village, and it's now down to the fabled monster hunter and his ever faithful friar assistant to track her down, but is her power too much even for the great Van Helsing?
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When someone close to Marty dies, he begins to blame himself for the accident. With no Doc to help him, and the time machine shattered into shards of memories, Marty sets out to change the past on his own.
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When the Doctor and Rose are placed under arrest and are forced to take a bent cop on a maiden voyage to a mystery location, Rose encounters an alluring lake, and its inhabitents...My first story, review if you feel like it...
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