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You can find information about stories I am working on at Facebook under T.S. Murphy's Readers. I have removed my stories from the FF site, but I am more than happy to email you the downloaded files. I saved everything before taking them down. Here is the group page. It is a private group.


I am about to publish my first book, so I wanted to remove any old information I had on Fanfiction, since these stories are not protected under copyright and are not representative of my best work. I am so glad you enjoyed my stories... writing FF truly helped me develop a voice as a writer and I am grateful to have had this platform to write so many stories about Erik. He will always be my favorite character. And maybe I will write an original story inspired by him one day that could be marketed in the mainstream romance market.

Most of you don't know this because I'm pretty sure at the time that I was writing these stories I would have never shared it... but I have a birth defect, just like Erik. You can't see mine. I didn't even know I had it until I was fifteen. I was born with MRKH, or Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome. Basically it means I can't have children. And I couldn't have sex. Not the normal way, anyway. I was nearly 30 before that happened, and I had been married for twelve years at that point.

Let's just say I have a very patient and loving husband.

So, that is why I was drawn to Erik in the first place, and I feel I've come full circle. Because that is what my book is about... someone who was born different from everyone else, who wants to be loved and accepted. I hope that my old readers will come and visit me again, because I have truly missed all the reviews. Of course, the real world isn't like FF. I don't get my ego stroked with chapter reviews every day. But I hope some of you will come and find me.

I don't check my messages here as often as I should, so if you need to reach me you can find me on Facebook.

Thank you to all who enjoyed my stories here! I truly would not have felt confident enough if I had not had so many encouraging voices pushing me forward.

Here is a blurb to my new book, Changed, which is coming out on August 1st.

She took in the sensation of him… taste, scent, texture. Reveled in the feel of him. She knew Quinn, but finding this extra layer of sweetness to him was heart achingly addicting.

Kate McGuire has loved her brother’s best friend for years—an older guy who didn’t know she existed and whose smoking-hot girlfriend could punch her into next week. But now Kate’s eighteen and Quinn Haley is girlfriend-free and looking at her like she’s definitely outside the friend zone. Everything is working out perfectly—until a devastating medical diagnosis throws her life into a tailspin.

Quinn Haley has dealt with abuse and rejection his entire life, but when he finally breaks up with his cheating girlfriend while home from college for Christmas, he realizes his best friend’s little sister has always been there for him. Only now, Kate’s all grown up and frankly adorable. Definitely not someone he wants to keep in the friend zone.

Kate’s entire future will be a lifetime of no. No children. No sex. No Quinn. And when Quinn won’t take no for an answer, she fights him every step of the way.

All the way into love.

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Letters to Erik by Clever Lass reviews
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