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Welcome to my humble abode!

Here you can find M-rated fanfiction mainly centered on Draco Malfoy, usually in a slash-pairing, usually with Harry Potter! I prefer Draco to be bottom and Harry a bit dark. So ... this is slash or yaoi, however you want to call it!

I´m a sucker for angst, and I have a twisted mind, so most of the time I like to throw some rape, torture, violence or maybe even m-preg in, and I like to write rather graphic. I like my stories angsty. I guess they are all somehow lying within the category of darkfic. You may be warned! Oh, and please, go to hell with flames on m-preg. I know that it is not possible in reality. Yet. I don't need you to tell me. Fanfic is fiction, and as such fantasy, not reality. If you want reality, leave this site! I can write whatever I want to, and that is exactly what I do!

English is not my mother tongue, and that is also the reason why I´m spelling Gomorrha wrong, as it is the German spelling. I mention it because I care about correct spelling, or maybe because I don't want you to think I'm a dumbass.

In case I ever forget the disclaimer anywhere:

I'm just borrowing the characters from Mrs. Rowling to entertain myself and others.

You can find all of my stories which are too explicit/adult for this my account on the account Sodom


which are basically my first ever completed story Ad Finem - Until The End (sequel will come when I have any useful plot-idea, which I still don't have), some one-shots and a not yet finished story called Shadows of Time, which will be m-preg, RonDraco and HarryDraco, and is basically starting out with prostitute!Draco. I prooomise to continue writing this. Really, I do!

On the progress of my stories here:

I will soon complete Demonchild. There is only little left of it. I really want to write a sequel to it, which might be as long as this story. Demonchild will roughly end with Draco giving birth, so there is a lot to tell of their family after that point. I'm looking forward to it, but I cannot promise that it will be pretty.

Crimson Addiction won't be a very long story, so I'm positive I will finish it soonest, too.

Friends in Need ... honestly, I don't know exactly where this story is going. I never had an idea of the ending in my head, which I usually do. I might continue writing it, but not too sure.

Stand my Ground has a rather good plot, but right now the story doesn't touch my creative taste buds, at least not when I read what I have written until now.

I have some plotbunnies hopping around, and I do feed them already. But honestly, I don't want to post more beginnings to stories when I have others unfinished as well. I have two favs:

One is a hooker story, meaning someone who ran away and works as prostitute will be found by Snape, live with him and attend Hogwarts from then on.

The other one is AU. It is called Into Thy Hands, and is basically a slavery story. Sirius will be alive, the war will never have happened, and there will be angst and maybe slash, yesyes, okay, there will be, even though in the beginning I wanted to keep at least that story free of it, and there will be Draco/Harry, I guess.

Oh, and I do try to write a book. But don't we all try that. And there will be slash in it. A tiny bit. ;))

Nowadays I don't have too much time for reading, but I like to read Harry Potter, Smallville, Ai no Kusabi, Supernatural, Final Fantasy, sometimes slash, but always angst, hurt/comfort. Once in a while I read humorous writings too, if I stumble upon a good one.

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