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Author has written 10 stories for Cars, Super Smash Brothers, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, Kirby, Hunger Games, Legend of Zelda, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

A Message From the Author

As of May 1st, 2017, I have been on this website for 11 years. I created this account as a 13 year old to write Star Wars and Monsters Inc fanfiction. As you can see by my collection of stories that are left, there is nothing left from those days.

Over the past 11 years I have written thousands of pages worth of stories. I have created new worlds and characters to explore and added onto my favorite fictional universes until the source material was no longer discernible. Eleven years in, and I'm very doubtful that anyone will be reading this message. The groups I was a part of have long since split, the people in them lost to time as I knew only their pennames and those oftentimes don't carry.

As of the date I'm typing this, the third Cars movie comes out in less than two weeks. For anyone reading this who knew me all those years ago when the first movie came out, I think you know what this profile update is going to be featured around.

A lot of my older Cars stories no longer exist. I purged them for many reasons. They did not age well in the grand scheme of things and were more shameful to reread than need be. Granted I had written the majority of them long before I could really pride myself on being a good writer so they suffered from various inaccuracies, poor characterization, terrible dialogue, and hideously thought out plots. But once upon a time I did love them. They were the basis of my writing life, and though the stories no longer survive, the memory of their attempts lives. I regret purging them on occasion; some younger writer somewhere could have found them and been interested in reading my newer works, as once I did often. Maybe some younger writer may have been inspired that I did get better.

Cars is still a very big part of my life. When the newest movie comes out, more than likely I will throw myself into writing a final story for the fandom. It's highly more likely considering my favorite character from the first movie is making a return, although at this point I don't know how brief a role it will be. I'm excited- 11 years ago I couldn't have imagined a threequel to my much beloved Cars would be a reality. Only in peoples fanfictions did that happen, yet here we are.

Likely after this final Cars story though, there may not be a return for me. As of the past three years, writing has fallen by the wayside. A huge family event and a job have put writing far behind as a doable hobby of mine, and it's getting harder and harder to make the return to writing regularly when there's so much more I'd like to do. If there is a return, it will be to finally post a Five Nights At Freddy's AU that I and a friend have been working up since the first game in late 2014, and it will be highly different from much I have written before, with a highly supernatural element and some fantastic characters.

Over the past 11 years there have been several times between fandoms where I thought that my writing "career" had ended. I occasionally posted that I would be leaving this site only to return, revamped, a few weeks later. Early on I often changed my penname every few weeks until I landed on a name that finally stuck. Over the past 11 years, I have created character after character, story after story, the vast majority of which have gone relatively unshared due to being too far removed from source material or just mindless self indulgence to figure out what I wanted to do with a new idea I had.

So here we are. My writing days are hopefully far from over, but there's more than a small chance that what stories I do weave in the future will not be posted here. There's far too many other things in my life to allow me to keep writing as I once did, churning out stories nearly weekly, with so many going unfinished. To those who find this and by chance knew me during my Cars days, the characters I created for those fantastically unrealistic stories still live. In fact, my most beloved Cars OC still holds a very special place in my heart and likely as not will also make a return in whatever Cars story I can come up with after Cars 3. He has been around nearly as long as my love of writing, and while he may have been retired from following me fandom to fandom, his story is only just beginning outside of being a fandom OC.

To everyone who has ever read or reviewed my stories, thank you. I can't begin to explain how grateful I am that even as recently as this week, people have stumbled upon my stories and found them entertaining. As old as some of them are and as outdated as my writing styles for them are, I can't thank you enough for the feedback I've gotten. I've made many friends over the years from this site, and read some beautifully fantastic stories that I still read and reread. I wish all of you luck who also write.

As for me, this is to be the twilight of my final goodbye. In the near future, only two stories are planned, but after that I have no more plans to continue writing and posting on this site. I have loved this site for 11 years of my life and do not plan to ever delete this account. Nor do I plan to ever switch to another fanfiction site. My loyalties remain here, where I grew and grew and grew to write stories that I never could have dreamed of conceiving just 11 years ago. This site has been my home away from home, and I am so very thankful to have found it all those years ago.

The first story I ever published, one which no longer exists in any medium, was simply a dream I turned into a story. It was a Star Wars story, a story where I married Boba Fett. I was 13, naive, and "in love" with a fictional character. The most recent story I published, as of this profile update, was a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood story regarding how Gracia Hughes deals with the death of her husband. At the time of writing it, I was 20 years old, and it remains to be one of the most emotional stories I have ever put on this site, as well as one of the best. To have gone from writing a dream into fiction to writing a story that still my brother cannot read because it causes him to tear up is what I never could have dreamed of 11 years ago. And I thank anyone who has stuck with me on this journey over the years for believing in me. You've all given me the inspiration time and time again to keep writing even when I knew for certain that there were better authors than me. You've given me the inspiration to put into words these grand adventures that could not feasibly happen. You've given me the inspiration to create characters that felt remarkably real, who felt pain and love and hope and despair, and I can't thank the other authors of this site enough for inspiring me with your own beautiful ideas.

There is no other website that could make me feel as at home as this one, and for that, I will always and forever be grateful. Thank you.


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this story follows danger, mortal, and begin. there have been reported disturbances at a place in the far north called the Wall, and Herobrine and Steve have been sent to find out what it is. what is it they find?
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The Lonely reviews
She could pretend to be coping all she wanted; it was the nights she woke up alone that she realized how hard it was to live without him. Gracia Hughes songfic, set after a certain episode with Maes. Spoilers for anyone who might not have seen it. Set during the Brotherhood series.
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We all know what happened to Lightning McQueen after the first movie, but what was going on with Chick? Set during Cars 2, when Lightning becomes part of the World Grand Prix. Includes one of my own characters.
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One year ago, Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede left for the Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament. One year ago, Dreamland was left without its biggest hero. One year ago, Dreamland was a cheerful place to live. And then, darkness fell...
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He thought he'd killed her- that is, until she reappeared in his life under the control of Nightmare. Now Meta Knight must seperate the past from the present and do what he can to defeat her before it's too late.
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