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Hey people. I love Warriors! Actually, I'm pretty obsessed with reading in general :) Um, anyway, I have two cats. They're great.

Name: Let's stick with 'Bramblebelly,' k?

Age: 14

Location: In the mirror, looking back at you.

Hobbies: Well, I like to draw, write, run, and I play basketball (I'm not that great at it, but I still like it). Oh, and I live for books! (And my friends, I love my friends.) I'm scared of: choking on hard candy (hey, don't laugh!) Hmmm...Not sure what else to say.


1. Find a globe. OK. Spin it. OK. What does it say? I can't find a globe. we had an addition on our house, and I think the globe's in storage. I really want to go to Ireland. Does that count? looks hopeful.

2. Find a book. Which one? "Sister Emily's LIghtship." Turn to page 56, line 3, word 6. What does it say? Up

3. What can you hear right now? The highway in the distance, me typing, birds singing, my breathing, someone walking in my house (possibly one of my two cats), the computer making computer noises...

4. Have a coversation with the closest living thing to you other than yourself. It's my cat Manila. He and My other cat Boise are sleeping on a couch in the next room. Here's the conversation: Me: Hey, Manila. Manila: Opens his eyes, blinks, stretches. Me: How ya doin? Manila: Moves his paw. Me: Okay, bye then.

5. Turn on the T.V. What show is on? "Tresspass" (It was on HBO. I've never heard of it, and it's rated R).

6. Type your name with your elbow: Ok, here I go: B ramblebelly. (I had to use two elbows in order to make the "B" a capital.) Translation: Bramblebelly.

7. What happened last time you were typing here on this computer? Uh, I typed, and then I had to go to bed. (Hey! My life is uneventful! So sue Me:)

8. Stand up. Close your eyes. Spin around 3 times. Open your eyes whats the first thing you see? The ladder of my loft bed (which, I may add, I fell through about a year ago and got a big scar on my leg).

9. If you could be anybody from Warriors who would you be? Could I be or would I be? Personality-wise or just who would I want to be? AAAAA! I have no idea! I love them all. Well, I guess I"m a bit like Squirrelflight, but not as stubborn. Maybe I'd be an apprentice. A bouncy, hyper apprentice.

10. Find the third letter of all of your answers. Underline them. What do they spell? a e'r,eu

Note from Vinestar (that's who I got this quiz from): If you want to put this quiz on your profile, you can. Please do! It is very fun to type your name with your elbow!

Hi guys! I haven't been here for about two years. I am now 16. :D

Maybe I'll even go back to writing my story...

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