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Hey everyone. Y'all are all probably wondering where the heck I've disappeared to. Well, Christ has laid on my heart that I should give up FanFiction. At first I was hesitant, because I made so many great friends. But He has His reasons. I have to do what the Lord tells me to. I hope and pray you guys understand. Thanks to all my friends I made here...just for their friendship. They've been so kind and accepting to me for the almost two years I've been here. May God bless you all!

Hey guys! Ya'll have probably known me as Fire Angel Charm, and you can still call me FAC, or TWC if you want. Here's some stuff about me.

Name: I just have a plain and old-fashioned first name, middle name, and last name. (That's all I'm tellin' ya. XD)

Gender: Female

Religion (more like Relationship!): Christianity/Baptist (YEA BABY :D)

Fave Band/Singer: David Crowder Band all the way!!

My Fave Movies

Facing the Giants (!!)

Meet the Robinsons

Two Brothers

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch

Stitch! The Movie

Leroy and Stitch

The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin

March of the Penguins

Bambi 2: The Great Prince of the Forest

The Lion King

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

The Lion King 1 1/2

The Rugrats Movie

Rugrats In Paris: The Movie


Chicken Little


Over the Hedge

Flushed Away

Shark Tale

Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (!!)

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron

Eight Below

Napoleon Dynamite

Jump In!

High School Musical 1 & 2

13 Going On 30

Get A Clue

The Seventh Brother

Tiny Heroes

VeggieTales (!!)

Charlie Brown/Peanuts (!!)

My Fave TV Shows/Cartoons

Full House

Kim Possible

Kappa Mikey

Maya & Miguel

Walker, Texas Ranger

Class of 3000

Sister, Sister

Little House on the Prairie

El Tigre: Adventures of Manny Rivera

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Hannah Montana

Phil of the Future

All Grown Up/Rugrats

VeggieTales (!!)

Rainbow Fish

Yin Yang Yo!

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Liberty's Kids

Lilo and Stitch: The Series

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Sonic X

Sonic Underground

Ben 10

Ben 10: Alien Force

Phineas and Ferb


These are my friends. Velvet, Herb, Blade, and Julie only come with me on Monkey Team or Sonic X stories.

Name: Velvet

Animal Type: Hedgehog

Age: 15

Description: A velvet color with a shade of purple on her quills. She wears a midnight blue dress with black high heeled boots. She has blue eyes.

Personality: Velvet is Shadow's sister. She can be nice at times but she can also be kinda spoiled, but I'm glad she's my friend.

Velvet: I'm gonna get you for that spoiled thing! And I'm glad you're my friend too.


Name: Herbert (everyone calls him Herb)

Animal Type: Porcupine

Age: 15

Description: A green color with a mix of blue on his quills. He wears a red tee shirt and white tennis shoes with red outlining. He has brown eyes.

Personality: Herb is Velvet's best guy friend. He's a daredevilish type and very flirty. Herb can also be kind, sweet, and gentle. (Secretly, I think Velvet & Herb like each other more than friends, if ya get what I mean..XD)

Velvet and Herb: Shaddup, TWC!


Name: Julie

Animal Type: Robot Monkey

Age: 17

Description: A pink color with a bow on her tail, a flower on her head, has 2 eyelashes on each eye. She has green eyes.

Personality: Julie is Blade's twin sister. Nova is her BFF. Julie is sweet, and will help anyone who needs it. She hates to hurt anyone's feelings.

Name: Blade

Animal Type: Robot Monkey

Age: 17

Description: A black color with orange lightning bolts all over his body. He has green eyes.

Personality: Blade is slick cool; the most popular monkey besides Sparx. All the girls dig him. Blade can be a show off, but is kind and caring when you get to know him,.

Blade: What's the deal about being a show off?

Julie: Be quiet, bro. You can be one and you know it!

She's right, Blade.. Anyways, and Lil from AGU and Rugrats comes with me on Rugrats/All Grown Up stories. (Lil: Yep, I'm always here to read one.) And yes, she's in her AGU form. Jim is also here to read Kim Possible fics with me. (Jim: I'll be waiting.) Anyways..

My Fave Songs

Jesus Take the Wheel: by Carrie Underwood

All I Need: Bethany Dillon

Open Skies: David Crowder

Sing A Song: Third Day

Fly Away: FFH

Shine: Salvador

Undo: Rush of Fools

We Live: Superchick

Stand In the Rain: Superchick

Stained Glass Masquerade: Casting Crowns

More: Matthew West

Concrete Angel: Martina McBride

White and Nerdy: Weird Yal Yankovic

We Are Family: Jordan Pruitt

Wake Up: Hilary Duff

So Yesterday: Hilary Duff

Come Clean: Hilary Duff

Metamorphosis: Hilary Duff

Rush: Aly and AJ

Come Back To Me: Vanessa Hudgens

It's My Turn: Keke Palmer

Year 3000: Jonas Brothers

Flip: T-Squad

Gotta Go: TobyMac

Made To Love: TobyMac

Walking Her Home: Mark Schultz

My OCs

(Cars) Rosia (pronounced Rosie)- A 22 yr old purple Buick Century. She has pretty sky blue eyes. She's very sweet, and has a heart of gold. She'll help anyone who needs it. Nuff said. XD Rosia's family abused her. That's why she ran away. Now's she's ended up in Radiator Springs.

Who Could Do Rosia's Voice: Cydney Trent

(Cars) Amy Bug- A green VW Bug (The New Turbo Edition) with hazel eyes. She has one eyelash on each side of her eyes/windshield. Amy likes getting into trouble. She can be a daredevil. On the other hand, she is very caring and sweet. Amy LOVES to snoop around and read her sister's diary. XD Amy is Sally's 5 yr old sister.

Who Could Do Amy's Voice: Madison Pettis

(Cars) Gary- A red Z-71 Chevy with brown eyes. Gary is Rosia's ex-husband. He was all sweet and kind to her at first, but then started being just plain cruel to her and their daughter. Ever since Rosia ran away, he's been on the look-out for her. When Bando Hicks grows up, (The Geeky Brunette's OC about Chick's son), Gary is Bando's boss. All Gary cares about is winning, and is constantly calling and bugging the nerve out of Bando.

Who Could Do Gary's Voice: J.P. Manoux

(Cars) Tiffany Hicks- A 5 yr old metallic silver Honda Civic with light brown eyes. Tiffany is Bando's fraternal twin. Ever since Nora, (Geeky Brunette's OC about Chick's wife) and Chick divorced, Tiffany's been living with Nora. Bando lives with Chick. Tiffany is very sweet and kind. But what a temper she has! If you get her mad, RUN AWAY! XD Tiff's goal is to find Bando and Chick, and get Chick and Nora back together. Tiffany misses Bando dearly.

Who Could Do Tiff's Voice: Liliana Mumy

(Cars) Fred Bug- Amy and Sally's father. He's a VW Bug, like Amy, but he's the color blue, and he has aqua-ish eyes. Fred used to be the famous racecar, "Buzzer Bug". Sally got sick of the good life and ran away like she said in the movie, and Fred gave up his celebrity life just to get Sal back. Fred mostly keeps to himself, but has a temper and gets angry easily. Fred hates going to races now. He's also very interested in nature.

Who Could Do Fred's Voice: Craig Ward Anton

(Cars) Bonnie Bug- Amy and Sally's mother. She's a Green Carrera Porsche and has hazel eyes. Bonnie has a caring and loving heart, and hates the fact that her daughters are growing up. Bonnie has a very understanding side, and can help you in any situation, with her good advice. That's what Amy inherits from her.

Who Could Do Bonnie's Voice: Molly Shannon

(Cars) Alisha- A red violet Buick Century with brown eyes. Alisha was 2 yrs old when she "died". Alisha and Rosia's mother were taking a drive when Gary came almost out of nowhere, purposelly crashed into Alisha and her grandmother, making them wreck. Alisha spun off into the forest. Everyone assumed she was dead. Meanwhile, a royal blue Corvette just happened to be taking a drive in the forest and she found Alisha and adopted her. Alisha, now 4, is trying to find out more about her biological parents.

Who Could Do Alisha's Voice: Alyson Stoner

(Cars) Jason- A 7 yr old slick black mustang/corvette with orange neon flames down the side. Jason's mother is a corvette, and his father is a mustang. Jason's built more like a mustang, though. He has dark brown eyes. Jason goes to school in Radiator Springs with Amy and them. He finds most fun and interest in bullying and teasing Amy, and does it constantly. Jason is rude, mean, spoiled, and picky. Jason pouts when he doesn't get his way, and doesn't behave in school AT ALL. Jason LOVES to get in trouble, and is good at it too. Deep down, Jason secretly has a school-boy crush on Amy. That's why he picks on her so much and all the time.

Who Could Do Jason's Voice: Moises Arias

(Fairly Oddparents) Ronda- a 500 yr old fairy. She has purple eyes, and purple hair that goes down to her waist. She wears a white dress with little white shoes. She keeps her legs positioned like the Tooth Fairy. Ronda is a playful fairy and is a complete sweetheart. But Ronda is a tomboy. She hates to read or do work. She's like Cosmo and Timmy. Ronda's constantly begging her mom for a wand but the answer is NO. She has her dad's goofy, lazy side, and her mom's surefire spunk. All in all, Ronda is a sweet girl and fun to be around. She'll do anything for Timmy 'cause she has a crush on him. Ronda is Cosmo and Wanda's daughter.

Who Could Do Ronda's Voice: Jackie Ritz

(Fairly Oddparents) Brian- Wanda's ex-boyfriend from highschool that seeks revenge on her. Brian is the cool dude, wearing rockstar jeans and a white tee shirt with a lightning bolt on it, and it's covered with a black leather jacket. He has spikey blue hair and he wears black sunglasses. He wears yellow tennis shoes and a chain bracelet. Brian also wears a chain necklace with a "B" on it. He has sky blue eyes when he takes off his sunglasses. Brian is cruel and mean, will do anything to get his way. He isn't very smart, but has loads of common sense.

Who Could Do Brian's Voice: Adam Moreno

(Chicken Little) Taylor Fetchit- An 11 yr old pink poodle with green eyes. Taylor is Principal Fetchit's daughter. She wears a green shirt with a brown miniskirt. She's a nice girl and fun to be around. She LOVES karaoke. Taylor will do anything to help someone in need. She reads magazines 24/7 and is best friends with Abby. Tay likes to hang out with CL and the gang. Taylor is very protective of her little sister, Misty.

Who Could Do Tay's Voice: Selena Gomez

(Chicken Little) Misty Fetchit- A 4 yr old white poodle with blue eyes. She wears a pink dress with pink ribbons on her ears. Misty admires her big sisters, Lindsay, Melinda, and Taylor. Misty resembles her sister. Pretty, confident, and sweet. Misty has a secret crush on Abby's little brother, Jordy. (Geeky Brunette's OC)

Who Could Do Misty's Voice: Alyssa Shafer

(Chicken Little) Melinda and Lindsay Fetchit- 16 yr old twins with golden-brown eyes. Melinda is a golden brown poodle, while Lindsay is a dark chocolate. Lindsay usually wears jeans with t shirts, while Melinda wears skirts and blouses. Lindsay is that outgoing, flirty, and daredevil type. Melinda is that Little Miss Perfect type.

Who Could Do Melinda's Voice: Kaley Cuoco

Who Could Do Lindsay's Voice: Ashley Tisdale

(Chicken Little) Junior Fetchit- 3 yr old light brown/white puppy that looks just like his father, (Principal) Fetchit. Junior wears footy-pajamas. He's a playful pup, and loves his sisters dearly. He's the baby brother of Melinda, Lindsay, Taylor, and Misty.

Who Could Do Junior's Voice: Jonah Bobo

(Chicken Little) Aaron Heron- A troublemaker 14 yr old heron. Usually dresses in punk clothes. He wears all sorts of chain stuff.

Who Could Do Aaron's Voice: Skyler Gisondo

(Chicken Little) Anna Patosa- A 4 yr old duck. She wears pink t shirts with jeans. She wears her brown hair in a ponytail. Anna is Justin's (Spooky-Cider's OC) little sister. She hates Abby and has a crush on Jordy. She and Misty fight constantly. Anna's one of those types who is a bully and doesn't have any friends. She takes out her anger on Misty, Kit (My OC), and Emma. (Reverend Lovejoy's OC)

Who Could Do Anna's Voice: Coral Conroy

(Chicken Little) Kit Loxy- Foxy's adopted 6 year old sister with brown eyes. She wears her sandy-blonde hair up in a ponytail most of the time. Kit wears sweatpant outfits. Kit is a big suck-up to her older sister. Kit is constantly bullied by Anna and Stunky. (Skanky Skunky's OC) Kit is best friends with Misty and Emma. Kit loves Foxy and calls her "Sissy". Kit is picked on by her loving gesture towards Foxy. She'll do anything that Foxy says, and Foxy takes advantage of that. Secretly, Foxy loves Kit and is very protective of her.

Who Could Do Kit's Voice: Ariel Waller

(Chicken Little) Vixen Loxy- Kit and Foxy's mom. Vixen is an auburn colored fox with blonde curls and dark brown eyes. She usually wears jeans and a tee shirt, and an apron over her outfit at home. Vixen is very protective of Foxy and her adopted daughter, Kit. Vixen is very sweet and wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody.

Who Could Do Vixen's Voice: Kari Wahlgren

(Chicken Little) Fox Loxy- Kit and Foxy's dad. Fox is a brick red colored fox with brown hair and golden brown eyes. He usually wears work pants and a blue sweater. Fox can be quite stubborn and loudish, but he loves his family dearly. He'll stand his ground if he has to, even if it means mentally or physically hurting somebody. (That's what Foxy inherits from him) Deep down, he's caring and very kind.

Who Could Do Fox's Voice: Patrick Dempsey

(Chicken Little) Teasel Weasel- A 20 yr old weasel. She's Diesel Weasel's (Skanky Skunky's OC) older sister. Her parents named her Teasel because she was a big tease and they didn't want a daughter. Teasel went off to college when Diesel was 14. Teasel ended marrying Jesse McCatnip (Jesse McCartney) and having three kids. 2 of them were weasels. She usually wears the cutest outfits. She visits Diesel whenever she can and she loves him dearly.

Who Could Do Teasel's Voice: Debra Jo Rupp

(Chicken Little) Kelsey and Hailey Barkers- 12 yr old dalmation twins with aqua-ish eyes. They both have dotted ears, and are dalmations like their father. Kelsey and Hailey wear an outfit of a purple skirt and a pinkish tank top. Kelsey wears gold earrings, and Hailey wears silver ones. They used to be nice in the second grade, but then their father became a celebrity and their mother became a movie director. They are spoiled brats now. Kelsey gets whatever she wants by begging. Hailey, however, does her famous "puppy dog pout".

Who Could Do Kelsey and Hailey's Voices: Tia and Tamara Mowery

(Chicken Little) Todd Barkers- 2 yr old collie with brown eyes. Todd is a collie like his mother. Todd usually wears "Bark the Builder" (Bob the Builder) toddler clothes. Todd is the younger brother of Kelsey and Haley. He's the exact opposite of Kelsey and Haley: Sweet, caring, and kind.

Who Could Do Todd's Voice: Harrison Fahn

(All Grown Up/Rugrats) Jenny Greenfield- In All Grown Up, Jenny is Rachel's 11 yr old cousin. Jenny has brown hair that goes past her shoulders, which she wears in a ponytail if playing a sport. She wears jeans and a cute top. Jenny is an outgoing cutie, and is fun to be around. She has excellent advice, and you'll find her nose in a Teen Girl magazine most of the time. Jenny hangs out with the Rugrats gang. Her friends for life are Kimi and Lil. Jenny has a blazing temper and can be as scary as Angelica when you get her mad. She's an enemy of Angelica and likes to hang out with Susie sometimes. Jenny's real name is Jennifer, but people call her Jenny. Her mother or older sister only call her Jennifer when she's in trouble. Jenny has one timid side...stage fright. She has a secret crush on Phil. In Rugrats, Jenny has VERY short hair that goes an inch past her ears. As a baby, Jenny wears a purple dress with violet-colored polka-dots. She wears tiny lavender tennis shoes. She wears a headband, which is a velvet color. She has three eyelashes on each eye.

Who Could Do Jenny's Voice: Grey DeLisle

(All Grown Up/Rugrats) Brittany Greenfield- Jenny's older sister. In All Grown Up, Brittany's a 14 yr old cute girl with long, dark black hair that goes down to her waist. She has a little dark tan skin. Brittany's an adopted girl. She's an Indian (Native American). Britt backs up Jenny sometimes when in trouble. Brittany has a caring heart and a total guy-magnet. In Rugrats, Brittany is a 4 yr old. Her hair is actually pretty short. It goes a little past her shoulders. She wears white shorts and a light blue sleeveless shirt, and her hair in braids. Brittany will defend the babies from Angelica, and doesn't like Angie at all. But later they become good friends. Britt is very kind, and is always at Jenny's side. (But not when she gets older!) She has one eyelash on each eye.

Who Could Do Britt's Voice: Kelly Sheridan

(All Grown Up/Rugrats) Jim and Tim Greenfield- twin brothers. They're Jenny and Britt's older brothers. In All Grown Up, Jim and Tim are 16 yr old twins with a tan and sandy-ish hair. They are buff and have muscles the size of footballs. XD They wear identical outfits of basketball shorts and tee shirts. They are sweet on the inside, and are like best friends with Jen. They will help her in anyway they can. Brittany, on the other hand, is a different story. XD In Rugrats, they are troublemaking 6 yr olds with plans to play pranks on Britt and Angie. They have sandy-blonde hair, but don't have a tan. They love to cause trouble, and pretend they're Spider Man and the Hulk. XD They don't have their muscles yet, though. They both wear blue jean shorts, and tee shirts with rocketships on them. Jim wears an orange tee shirt. Tim wears a red one.

Who Could Do Jim & Tim's Voices: (In AGU..) Wesley Singerman (And in Rugrats..) Spencer Fox

(All Grown Up) Blake Greenfield- Jenny, Brittany, Jim and Tim's little brother. In All Grown Up, he has blonde hair. Blake is very shy and timid around people that are not his family. He has a school-boy tiny crush on Lil. On the other hand, he loves to team up with Jim and Tim, and play pranks on Brittany. Blake is on his own when playing pranks on Jenny. But he's very good at it! In Rugrats, he's not even born yet! XD

Who Could Do Blake's Voice: Daniel Tay

(All Grown Up) Tami- A 7 year old Japanese girl. Tami is Kimi's sister from her dad's side of the family. Tami has straight black hair that goes down to her shoulders (she usually wears it down). Tami looks just like Kimi when she was Tami's age. Tami usually wears a red spagetti strap dress with orange and yellow flowers on it with a white tee shirt under it, and either red, yellow, or orange flip-flops. Tami admires Kimi greatly, and is easy to get along with, kind, caring, and patient. She has 1 eyelash on each eye.

Who Could Do Tami's Voice: Dakota Fanning

(Rainbow Fish) Cerulean- Blue's mother. She has a caring heart. Cerulean is best pals with Rainbow's mother, Aqua. Cerulean is usually a push-over to her children, much to her husband's dismay. Cerulean loves her children dearly. But unlike the rest of her personality, Cerulean will stand her ground, even if it ends with bad consquences. Blue is a tuna, like Cerulean. (at least I think it's a tuna) They look exactly alike, except different colors. And, (duh), Cerulean is the color of cerulean. Cerulean has three eyelashes on each eye.

Who Could Do Cerulean's Voice: (She already has a voice on Rainbow Fish! XD She's an actual character on RF, I just wanted to give her a name and stuff.)

(Rainbow Fish) Indigo- Blue's father. Indigo mainly keeps to himself and is very protective of his family. However, he is not fond AT ALL with Rainbow's father, and hates the fact that Blue is Rainbow's best friend and that Cerulean is the same with Aqua. Indigo will do anything for his family, and is very kind to them. But he is short on patience and yells alot. Indigo will do anything to get in between Blue and Rainbow; to mess up their friendship. One thing is for sure- Indigo loves his family 100 percent! Indigo isn't a tuna, but a Japanese Fighting Fish. He has a long, dark blue flowing tail he'll use for defense. Indigo, (duh once again), is the color of indigo.

Who Could Do Indigo's Voice: Benedict Campbell

(Rainbow Fish) Sapphire- Blue's older sister. Sapphire is just like Ruby, obsessed about boys, all about fashion, etc. Girl stuff. However, unlike Rainbow's sister, Sapphire is way nicer to her siblings. Sapphire is the same age as Ruby. (I think 16) Sapphire loves to hang out with her friends. Sometimes Sapphire will take Blue places and maybe even hang out with him! She doesn't fight with her brother and sister as much as Ruby and Rainbow do. She loves Blue and Turquoise and sweet-talks Turquoise a whole bunch since she's only a baby. And, believe it or not, she will actually come to Blue for help sometimes. Blue is just sweet like that. Sapphire, like her dad, is a Japanese Fighting Fish. She has a long, aqua-ish flowing tail. And, (duh for the third time), is the color of sapphire. Sapphire has three eyelashes on each eye.

Who Could Do Sapphire's Voice: Janice Kawaye

(Land Before Time) Horner- A slick-black colored three-horn with golden brown eyes. He is the same age as Littlefoot and the others. Horner is sweet and has a heart of gold. He can be pushy at times, and loves to take on a challenge. Horner can be a bit daredevilish, yet is wise for his age. He will do anything to please Cera, for he has a secret crush on her. Horner moved to the Great Valley with his parents after living in the Mysterious Beyond for almost all his life.

Who Could Do Horner's Voice: Josh Hutcherson

(Snow Dogs) Coal- A 3 month old black lab puppy. Coal was abandoned when he was a newborn in the town where the dogs and Ted's dad lives, and was almost frozed to death until Nana found Coal and rescued him. Coal is all black from head to toe, and his coat is very glossy and shiny. He's very fond of Nana, and has looked up to her like a mother. Coal will never go anywhere without Nana, and loves her to death. Coal has a crush on Nana's puppy, Alicia. Coal is a very playful pup and is to handle. He loves to ride along when the dogs go mushing. He rides in the sled. (The place where injuried people lay on), and if someone that injuried is laying there, Coal sits on their lap. All in all, Coal is very sweet and doesn't usually bother anyone.

(Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron) Moon Glow- Spirit and Rain's 3 month old foal. Moon Glow is probably a Polomino; she has golden brown fur with a blonde mane and tail. Moon Glow's feet are dark brown, and she has light brown eyes. Her hooves her white. Moon Glow gets her personality mainly from her dad. She is adventurous and loves to explore. Moon Glow will stand her ground whenever she feels threatened. She is stubborn and spunky. Moon Glow hates to be the center of attention, and is nervous at meeting new people. She is tense and shy around humans. Moon Glow is mischeivious and gets into all sorts of trouble. The horse she mainly looks up to is her dad. All in all, Moon Glow is fun to be around, playful, and totally loveable.

(Kim Possible) Megan- A 12 yr old girl with chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes, and three eyelashes on each eye. She usually wears jeans, a CUTE blouse, and flip-flops. She wears her hair in ponytails alot, but also wears her hair down sometimes. Megan is as tall as Jim & Tim. Megan has pretty diamond earrings that she seems never to take off. Megan has been friends with the tweebs ever since they met at their favorite pizza place. She is also a big fan of Kim Possible. Megan is very smart (not as smart as Jim and Tim though), and often helps them pull pranks on Kim. Megan is usually very shy, but not around her friends. She is a very sweet girl, and fun to be around. Megan is very creative, and comes up with good ideas. She loves to give advice, and is good at it. Megan has a very good singing voice, almost sounding like Jordan Pruitt. XD Megan has a secret crush on Jim.

Who Could Do Megan's Voice: AnnaSophia Robb

(Fairly Oddparents) Anti-Ronda- There is an Anti-Wanda and Anti-Cosmo, so there's gotta be an Anti-Ronda! XD She's the same age as Ronda: 500 yrs old. She's the exact opposite of Ronda. Anti-Ronda hates Timmy, is a girly girl, and is a show-offy jerk. She also makes straight A's and reads for fun. XD Anti-Ronda wears ripped jeans and a white halter. She wears her purple hair up in a ponytail with a white ponytail holder. She wears purple eyeshadow, dark mascara, and pink lipgloss. Anti-Ronda always seems to be painting her fingernails either a french manicure or purple. She also wears silver hoop earrings and white flip-flops.

Who Could Do Anti-Ronda's Voice: Anndi McAfee

(Fairly Oddparents) Anti-Brian- He is Brian's anti, obviously. Anti-Brian has shaggy blue hair and blue-gray eyes. He wears tan pants with a dorky green vest. Anti-Brian wears glasses and braces. He also wears sandals. Anti-Brian is nice when you get to know him, but he's dorky and nerdy. He will do anything to help anybody, and has a heart of gold. Anti-Brian's a bookworm and has no common sense.

Who Could Do Anti-Brian's Voice: Scott Halberstadt

(Yin Yang Yo!) Marla- A 12 year old light orange fox. Marla wears a blue jean skirt with a pink top. She wears her dark brown hair in a ponytail all the time with a pink ponytail holder. She also has short bangs. Marla moved to Yin and Yang's town when her mom and dad divorced. Marla lives with her aunt, her little sister Harriet, her cousin Keith, and her other cousin Annika. Marla became lovestruck with Yang, but she keeps it to herself. Marla is fun, spunky, humorous, creative, and kind. But she has a temper. Marla can get so mad that she fights, like, for example, when someone tries to come in between her and Yang. Marla takes taekwondo, and has a black belt. She helps Yin and Yang fight villains when she's not babysitting Keith and Harriet. She has 2 eyelashes on each eye.

Who Could Do Marla's Voice: Gage Golightly

(Yin Yang Yo!) Annika- A 14 year old reddish-brown fox. Annika wears an aqua-colored dress that goes down to her shin. She has long, curly blonde hair that goes down to her waist. Annika has sky blue eyes. She is calm, wise, and nice. Annika has 1 eyelash on each eye, and is Harriet and Marla's cousin.

Who Could Do Annika's Voice: Danielle Panabaker

(Yin Yang Yo!) Harriet- A 6 year old pumpkin orange-colored fox. Harriet wears a purple dress. She has short, light brown hair. Harriet has a tiny ponytail at the top of her head tied with a purple ribbon, while the rest of her hair is down. She is energetic, playful, and mischeivous. Harriet has 1 eyelash on each eye, and has dark brown eyes.

Who Could Do Harriet's Voice: Savannah Stehlin

(Yin Yang Yo!) Keith- Annika's 6 year old brother, the same red color as Annika. Keith wears blue jean shorts and a red tee shirt. He also wears a cap that is slightly too big for his head. Keith doesn't have any hair. He is loud, rowdy, and rough. Keith loves to mess with Harriet. He has light blue eyes.

Who Could Do Keith's Voice: Jake T. Austin

(Meet the Robinsons) Maggie- Wilbur's 6 year old sister. Maggie has straight blonde hair and blue eyes, modeling her dad. Her face looks very similar to Wilbur's, though, yet a little like Cornelius when he was a child. She wears a velvet-colored dress that go down to her knees with red flip-flops shoes. Maggie went missing when she was 4 and now she's come back mysteriously. Maggie looks up to her big brother dearly and copies everything Wilbur does. They often get into a rivalry because she copies him so much. Maggie is fiesty, but also caring, and has a heart of gold. She has 2 eyelashes on each eye.

Who Could Do Maggie's Voice: Ariel Waller

(Meet the Robinsons) Gabby- A 13 year old girl with wavy brown hair and blue green eyes. Gabby's been Wilbur's best friend since they were in Kindergarten. But now that they're in their teen years, she's just now realized that she's been in love with him all these years, and is afraid to tell him. Gabby's scared it'll wreck their friendship, and Wilbur's the only friend she's got. Gabby is sweet, caring, and can be a bit daredevilish. She usually wears blue jean skirts and a pink top that says, "Cutie". Gabby has three eyelashes on each eye.

Who Could Do Gabby's Voice: Meagan Smith

(VeggieTales) Jane Asparagus- Junior Asparagus' 3 year old sister. Asparaguses don't have any hair, so she doesn't either. Jane wears a pink toddler dress, has a big pink bow on the 'peas' she has on her head, and has 2 eyelashes on each eye. Jane is a shy, kind, and cute baby girl. She can be stubborn as a mule sometimes, but she loves and admires her brother. Jane loves to learn about God and go to church. She always gets either her mom or her dad to read her stories out of her Children's Bible every night for a bedtime story. Jane loves to play and have fun. She has a tiny, school-girl crush on Laura Carrot's little brother, Lenny.

Who Could Do Jane's Voice: Kristen Bone

(Liberty's Kids) Emily- Sarah's 8 year old sister. Emily has straight light orange hair (that she wears down 24/7) that goes down past her shoulders, and has sky blue eyes. She wears a dress like Sarah's, except Emily's goes down to her shin and is blue green. Emily wears a white apron and one of those white pilgrim bonnets on her head. She also wears those proper shoes they wear in Britain. Emily, unlike Sarah, is quite shy, timid, and quiet. She'll speak up and stand her ground if she REALLY has to, but that doesn't happen often. Emily is quite adventurous and full of spirit. She loves to make new friends. Emily is a dear friend you can trust. Emily is quite attractive for her age. She has a secret crush on Henri when she first meets him.

Who Could Do Emily's Voice: Georgie Henley

(Class of 3000) Kate- Kim and Kam's 5 year old cousin that came to live with them when Kate's parents died in a car accident. Kate has short and wavy black hair that goes to a little above her shoulders. She wears a colorful dress with wavy line designs all over it, and shoes that look like Kim's. Kate is mischeivious and bubbly like any other 5 year old. She loves action and to explore new things or places. Kate often argues with her cousins, but knows when enough is enough. She is closer to Kim, and loves to hang around her. Kate gets the latest advice and fashion tips from Kim. She likes to torment Kam, but loves him just as well. Kate often gets into mischief and trouble, but is obedient to adults and is a goody-two shoes to grown up authority. Kate is very playful. Kate is very smart for her age (she's in Kindergarten); she's as smart as a third grader. Kate is spunky and stubborn, but totally loveable.

Who Could Do Kate's Voice: Ariel Waller

(Class of 3000) Rebecca Marie Elizabeth Lawrence 1st (everyone calls her Becky)- Eddie's 6 year old sister. Becky has straight blonde hair that goes a little past her shoulders. Her face looks much like Eddie's. Becky wears a cerulean mini-skirt and a neon orange blouse with the cerulean colored word, "Rich" written across it. She is the same as Eddie: kinda spoiled, nice, and lovestruck. Becky has a whole collection of dolls in her room, and sometimes can be greedy with her money. She does know the value of money, and is grateful for her richness. Becky can be generous when she feels like it. She is playful, easy to get along with and talk to. Becky is Kate's best friend. She has a tiny school-girl crush on Kam. Becky doesn't have much common sense.

Who Could Do Becky's Voice: Bailee Madison

(The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) Abby- Maddie's 13 year old half-sister. Abby has long and straight sandy blonde hair that goes down a little past her shoulders. She has pretty bluish-green eyes. Abby usually wears the usual fashion for jeans and tee shirts. She is a fun and spunky girl to be around. Abby is creative and plays sports. She is a loyal friend you can trust, and is exactly like her older sister. Abby can be daredevilish, but knows when she's gone too far. She makes A's and B's in school. Abby doesn't let being poor keep her down. She likes to get active or sometimes just plop down in front of the TV. Abby has a craving for sweets. All in all, she is a sweet girl. Abby and Cody are good friends, but she has a secret crush on him. Sometimes it's obvious.

Who Could Play Abby's Part: Hannah Lochner

(Star Wars) Grace- A 6 year old girl with flowing black hair that's naturally curled only at the tips. Grace has gold-hazel eyes and wears a faded blue dress. She is very shy and quiet, but sweet and obedient deep down when you get to know her on her soft side. Whatever you do, DON'T get Grace angry!! She has a little temper that can get very fired up. Grace doesn't usually fight unless she really has to for her defense. When she first meets Princess Leia, Grace becomes very close with her and looks up to Leia like an older sister that she never had. She was physically abused by her family, so Grace finally up and ran away. Her mom and dad were Siths, but Grace knew she was a Jedi at heart. For protection, Grace stole her father's red light-saber to take with her.

Who Could Play Grace's Part: Ryan Newman

(Full House) Sadie- Becky's 23 year old sister. Sadie has auburn hair that flows past her shoulders and golden brown eyes. She is sweet and kind-hearted. Sadie is easy to get along with and very down-to-earth. She is very helpful, and, like her sister, is very attractive. Sadie is happily married to her high-school sweetheart and is on her final month of pregnancy.

Who Could've Played Her Part: Mia Hamm

(Full House) Nicholas- Sadie's 24 year old husband. Nicholas has blondish brown hair and green eyes. He is pretty quiet sometimes, but is easy to talk to. Nicholas has a sense of humor (not as wacky as Joey's), and is very polite and sweet. Nicholas will help in any way he can if someone's in trouble, and is also very trusting. All in all, he is an awesome guy that you'll never regret to know.

Who Could've Played His Part: Brad Pitt

(Ratatouille) Marie- A few month old (7 years old in human years) Siamese kitten with emerald green eyes. She has 1 eyelash on each eye. Marie is sweet and timid, but very easy to get along with when you get to know her. She's scared of the world, but she has a heart of gold. Marie's favorite foods are soup, tuna, milk, and pies. She isn't very picky; Marie will eat about anything, except mice. Marie was abandoned by her owners in Paris when she was only 2 months old, so she's been living on her own ever since.

Who Could Do Marie's Voice: Danielle Renee

(Ratatouille) Felicia (everyone calls her Sofia)- Remy's 2 month old (5 years old in human years) cousin from his mother's side. Sofia is a snow-white colored rat with golden brown spots and sparkling chocolate brown eyes. She has a purple hydrangea flower behind one of her ears. Sofia is adventurous and full of spunk. She's determined, and hardly isn't afraid of anything except thunder storms. Sofia loves to explore and have fun. Her favorite foods are cheese, soup, chocolate, grapes, and bread. Sofia used to be a part of Remy's colony. At the elderly woman's house (in the beginning of the movie), Sofia was hiding in a closet from a thunder storm. She didn't know what was going on when the woman nearly shot Remy and Emile, but when she did, it was too late. Everyone had already left without her. Sofia desperately tried to find her colony, but was unlucky. She's been roaming the streets of Paris, but that's when she met Marie. The two became the best of friends and they start traveling together.

Who Could Do Sofia's Voice: Kelly Gould

(High School Musical 1 & 2) Cassandra (Cassie for short)- Gabriella's 10 year old sister. Cassie has long and wavy black hair. She has a tan and sparkling golden brown eyes. Unlike her older sister, Cassie will stand her ground and speak her mind if she has to. She's very sweet and kind-hearted and easy to get along with. Cassie admires her older sister, but hates singing and can't sing good at ALL. Instead, she likes to dance. Cassie despises Sharpay. She has a school-girl crush on Ryan, though. Cassie is smart for her age. She's physically abused by her father (Gabi and Cassie's mom and dad are divorced).

Who Could Play Cassie's Part: Cierra Ramirez

(El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera) Elena Rodriguez/Evil Belleza- A thirteen year old pretty girl with creamy white skin and milky blue eyes. She has cinnamon-colored hair with blonde streaks in it. Elena usually wears tan-colored capris and a pink blouse, with pink flip-flops. As a super villain, she has on a velvet-red dress and a hot pink cape. She wears her hair in a ponytail, and a pink tye-dye bandanna around her head. She has on black, high-heeled boots and orange star-shaped sunglasses on her eyes. Elena is the most popular girl at Frida and Manny's school. She loves to boast and is totally full of herself. She is very competitive, and believes that nobody is better than she is. Elena can be very flirty around cute boys. She loves to mock and make fun of kids that she thinks are a nobody. Manny has a huge crush on Elena, which makes Frida has jealous as can be. Elena will leap at the chance to be sassy and shoot a remark to people. Yet she acts like an angel to the adults. Elena and Frida are bitter rivals. What makes it worse is that Manny, as El Tigre, doesn't know that Elena is Evil Belleza, but Frida does. El Tigre and Evil Belleza are enemies to the max. Oh, and Elena knows that Manny is El Tigre. As Evil Belleza, she can start a tornado and run super-fast. With her high-heeled boots, she delivers a mean kick. She has quick reflexes and can read people's minds. She can also steal someone's super power when she gets close enough. Evil Belleza can clone and multiply herself in a split second. She can hypnotize people with her pretty eyes. She can also shrink and grow, which makes her a hard villain to beat.

Who Could Do Elena/Evil Belleza's Voice: Hayden Panettiere

(Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers) Device- Gadget's little sister. Device is eight years old in human years. She knows karate, and is good at it for a young mouse. Device is a white mouse with a yellow flower on her right ear and a pink bow on her tail. She wears blue jean capris and a pink tee shirt. Device has mint green eyes and 2 eyelashes on each eye. She has short and wavy strawberry blonde hair that goes to her shoulders. Device is sweet and will do anything to help anybody. She admires her older sister. Device is very smart for her age, like Gadget, and has a wacky sense of humor. She's very down-to-earth. Device is easy to talk to and easy to get along with. She loves to talk. Device is very spunky like her sister and can be very sassy. She has a school-girl crush on Chip.

Who Could've Done Device's Voice Back Then: Jodie Sweetin

(Ben 10) Bethany Starlight- Gwen's best friend. Bethany is a slender ten year old, with sandy brown hair that goes down to the middle of her neck. She has green-hazel eyes and has one eyelash on each eye. Bethany wears blue jeans and a short-sleeved pink t-shirt that has a pic of a tulip on it. She also wears pink tennis shoes. Bethany is a very sweet and quiet girl who is considerate of other's feelings. She is slow to anger and quick to defend. Bethany loves to laugh. She has a sense of humor and can brighten anyone's day. She is also very smart. Bethany loves to travel and fight crime with the Tennyson's in the Rustbucket. She's almost to her black belt in taekwondo. Bethany is a cheerleader, and uses her skills to help Ben, Gwen, and Max. Bethany has a secret crush on Ben.

Who Could Do Bethany's Voice: Abigail Breslin

(Ben 10: Alien Force) Bethany Starlight- Bethany is now fifteen years old, like Ben and Gwen. Bethany is very pretty and slender. She has shoulder-length sandy brown hair and green-hazel eyes. She has two eyelashes on each eye. Bethany wears a ruffly blue jean miniskirt with black leggings. She also wears a hot pink layered t-shirt, and slip-on pink, sparkly flats. Bethany is a very sweet and quiet girl that is considerate of other's feelings. She is generous and thoughtful. Bethany is slow to anger and quick to defend. She is very patient and loves to laugh. Bethany has a sense of humor and can brighten anyone's day. She is very intelligent and good in school. Attending taekwondo classes with her best friend, Gwen, Bethany now has a black belt. In high school, she is captain of the cheerleading squad. Bethany helps Ben, Gwen, and Kevin find Max in anyway she can. She still has a crush on Ben.

Who Could Do Bethany's Voice: Demi Lovato

(Sonic Underground) Leora- 15 year old Indian white-tailed deer. She has long black braids and brown fur. She wears a tan dress with a fringed shawl and tan moccassin shoes. (None of it is made out of deerskin!) Leora is sweet and meek. She is more than willing to help, and is very intelligent. She knows all of the land and has a very keen interest in nature. Leora is curious about what life is like in Robotropolis but otherwise her loyalty is to her tribe, The Sankos. Her father, Chief Sees Through Trees, is leader of the tribe. Leora is gentle and easy-going. She loves children and is constantly mothering her younger siblings. Leora has a crush on Manic upon their meeting.

Who Could've Done Leora's Voice: Lauren Tom

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