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Author has written 15 stories for Crash Bandicoot, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Detroit: Become Human.

i have another page for my stories as well as some other stuff - http:/// :)

Making a clean slate, my writing skills have vastly improved and I'm bombing through my stories :D

but first introduction

hi I'm a human being with a name i most likely share with a few million others so take your pick ;) i enjoy writing fanfic (obviously) mostly transformers, but i hope to one day work on other things like Naruto for example but that will be a a LONG while yet :)

i enjoy reading as much as i like writing and i favor the Human and Autobot partner stories the most (as you could probably tell if you have read my work :P) but i also like the fluff/humor/family/friendship/hurt/comfort genre too nothing wrong with a bit of sadness now and then :)

i do the best i can to be precise with how characters are meant to act, i have a little OCD when it comes to things like that, but i will admit when i have made mistakes. but i will mention this, this is my way of writing, its not a career, its a hobby i put them up here for other people to enjoy as well as myself so i don't forget about them lol.

anyway i hope you find my stories on your travels sometime and read and review if you wish, i'll be looking forward to it ;) bye for now

the section below is a memo to myself to try and remember my own OC's because my memory sucks _;

Crash Bandicoot characters - splash bandicoot, nathan cortex, nicky cortex, Marahute solar , crystal solar , susaku solar, foresta eclipse, max powers, simon lizard, cassandra cortex/bandicoot ,ember, flora , aurora, saphire.

Digimon Characters - Junior Kamiya, Matthew Ishida, Sammy Ishida, Belle Izumi, Mickey tachikawa ,Jordan Kido, Riku Ichijouji, Roxa Ichijouji (yeah i know kingdom hearts but i like those names :3) , yasmine Ichijouji, David motomiya, Cassy hida, Kieran, TK (junior)... Yeah soo creative :P

Naruto characters (human) - Ellen (Eren...still can be used as a girls name :P) Koizumi (meaning little spring ')

Transformers - Ellen Robertson, Eve Lennox, Rochelle Mckenzie.

omg-its-a-dancing-charmander :D you rule

favorite movies -

Aladdin (Disney)

Atlantis the lost empire (Disney)


Beauty and the Beast (Disney)

Bedknobs and broomsticks (Disney)
shawshank redemption
forrest gump
transformers 1 3
pirates of the carribbean 23
the lion king
spirited away
little shop of horrors
the land before time
muppets christmas carol
king fu panda
Indiana jones and the last crusade
star wars return of the Jedi

mostly animated :P

About my OC's.

Ellen Robertson - My most used OC

Cybertronian Name - Starlight (name i came up with back in 2009, thats what you get for thinking too much :P) (Transformers Prime she has a robotic form which she refers to as said name)

Appearance - Here is a lovely commission the very talented RebArc created for me, I love it soooo much, reflecting how I see my OC from my very brain and putting it on paper X3 http:///art/COMMISSION-For-Belle-Izumi-485503926 you should check out her other artwork most of which intently make me laugh :P

Eye color - Blue

Hair color - Brown

Age - in the first live action movie she is 5 years old, in revenge of the fallen she is 17, in Dark of the moon she is 19. in the transformers prime series she is 16.

Autobot Parent/Guardian - Optimus Prime

General Description - she wears blue jeans, with a white top, depending on her age, for example 17 and onwards she would wearing a black jacket...she likes to smybolise this as her stage in life. in transformers prime she's wearing a navy blue jacket.

Personality (16) - She's generally nice to anyone on greetings, though with jerks she likes to make the odd witty, sarcastic remark the ones that mostly specify obvious intent, (aka duh.) there have been few occasions where she has actually had to fight someone, out of being pushed past limits as with everyone. she can be very cheeky to the ones who know her the most, with strangers she explores her limits, after asking various reviewers and a mix of what I think i've gathered some key words to decribed her, this being, funny, brave, sometimes awkwardly optimistic to try and lighten the mood, friendly, charismatic (sometimes overly to a point she just rambles, and then either someone will point out when she is or she will realise this herself) ,smart (not math, more like survival smarts, ideas, advice), she can be responsible, dedicated, obnoxious at times, can be stubborn as a way of standing her ground, like things she doesn't agree with and refuses the idea of it being right morally. just to name a few.

Weaknesses: Though she is flawed like many of us are, due to losing her mother so young and her father leaving her with basically strangers she developed a sense of paranoia, anxiety and abandonment issues, she's stutters in confrontation and bad situations. for example, if she does something wrong, is not contributing enough or fails she gets scared that people will start to leave her or die. mainly Optimus, who leaves for missions the most and whom is responsible for her discipline.

due to her anxiety (which was worse in childhood not so much as a teenager) her stutters and rambles still remain as a reminder to that, though many think she just likes to talk too much which is partly true. she does think outside the barrier, thinking of the possible, but not without the evidence and because of this she doesn't like suprises and fears the unknown, most notably death.

(age 5) at a young age she was always naive and curious, and that alone got her into life threatening situations following Optimus as they tracked down decepticons, exploring possible decepticon hideouts with her friend Eve, unlike her friend this was not because of the excitement, well one part of her did, but she wanted to be sure he came back okay, not thinking about how she endangers her life as well as her friend her mind would think of Optimus for so long until it was set on the exciting opportunity of the situation and what she could fine, though young she was very witty (due to many comedies she would imitate from tv) especially towards those who try to insult her though she speaks without thinking and can result in the insulter being the attacker resulting in another situation where Optimus has to prevent Ellen from getting herself killed by a Decepticon, Autobot even a human...and its tiring work.

it was only through many years of being with Optimus that she realized the seriousness of the situation, but she was still the same in a sense at 14 she still kept to her curious ways and still kept to her humorous self but was more aware this time, though she would still sometimes put herself in these situations she was more careful and made sure not to put anyone in harms way due to her errors (but in a way furthered her fears) due to the bots being so tall she started climbing in the gym as a hobby over the time she built her strengh up and speed for to help her survive if ever encountering danger, she is not camera shy and will show off in the most melodramatic way possible as she loves to act, she loves sci-fi and she can recite every quotation of every film she has ever watched.

Back story - Ellen was staying with Sam and his parents as her mother had D.I.A a year before. Her father was still out there alongside captain Lennox's team, Ron was a distance relative with her father and agreed to take care of her until he returned. Guess who has to look after Ellen when his parents are out... and the rest is history she was there when he was getting his first car, he took her to the lake alongside miles, and she was even there for the awkward romance hooray for our responsible hero :p. And yes even present for all the goofy robot humour, anyway long story short it all ends up as Ellen's dad was one of the victims of scorponok and Will was the one to break the news to her in mission city pretty heavy stuff for a five year old, but it ends up with Optimus adopting her (isn't it always lol) maybe I'll do a fanfic of the said bonding with lots of fluff :3. i've basically put this up to avoid confusion when i eventually write story fics for other characters, with Ellen making appearances.

Eve Lennox

Appearance - long black hair, slightly spiked at the tips, she has long black hair to cover faded scars.

7 years old - skinny looking girl but makes up with it with muscle, hair drapes over her face, many scaring on face and arms but is covered up with make up.

19 years old - slender looking, but again you can see the subtle hints of a girl who can obviously defend herself, biggest and in her opinion, unpractical flaw is her rather large bust... amongst her friends anyway.

Eye color - Brown

Hair color - Black

Autobot guardian - Ironhide

Age - Transformers 2007, 7 years old. ROTF, 19 years old. DOTM, 21 years old.

General Description - most tops she wears are mainly black, she wears the darkest shade of blue for jeans, with her favourite film being terminator 2, she wears biker cowboy boots.

personality - particularly as a kid she is a troubled child, very paranoid at the slightest touch or insult, as she brawls at school very often. can be very aggressive, quick tempered, grumpy and refuses to trust anyone even if it means being brutally mean to those she is forced to hang around with just so they don't get close to her...deep inside she regrets this but cant take any chances.

at the age of nineteen she is still somewhat grumpy, feisty and quick tempered but this has all vastly toned down, she is more disciplined now when it comes to baring patience but she has her limits and won't hesitate to head butt the problem. she feels strongly about her friendship with her friends be it human or autobot. and will defend them in there time of need, physical or if the situation calls for her to use her mouth. she is a thrill seeker/dare devil, she enjoys being in the middle of it all and will even risk the stripping of her skin to be apart of the action. her language is colorful and she can be brutally honest especially towards those she doesn't know or like.

Now i'm going to do this thing that many do mainly because i'm guilty of falling for them *do-eeeeeeee!* ///


Optimus Prime, could you tell? ;)


most likely go all shy :3, stutter a lot in an attempt to speak to him, then probally go really red in the face and hide my face in under my shirt ///


Hopefully i've witnessed him in battle so he ends up taking me to base for my own safety...hey i can dream can't i? X3


not to loud rap thats for sure ;)


i have a few but my most used OC is Ellen


she doesn't just meet him, she grows up in his care, but upon meeting she asked if she could ride with him to sams house.


altogether now...Optimus Prime! be it G1/Prime/ or Movie basically all the one's Peter Cullen provided the voices for...damn he's so cool!


giving Sam a hug XD ... but i secretly wish to see that _


Knock-out, Soundwave - Prime

Barricade - Bayverse

i don't have that many favorite decepticons, I'm more of an Autobot supporter :3


Hmm perhaps knockout was to scrape a fork alongside his paintjob? *shudders*

and for soundwave...he would actually talk! :O


it would be a very awkward conversation i imagine ;


Skid and Mudflap - its not that i hate them its just there voices, i can't seem to bare it -_-


Starscream, be it prime/movie or G1, yes he's hilariously failing in life but i just can't seem him...he's just...bleurgh!


Pardon me? O_O, optimus to me is more of a hero someone to admire, not a love interest -_-; that's just me anyway and besides that's...just...nasty.

Transformers fics in order

if i were to put them in chronological order mainly for my most used oc it would be...

Little distractions


Transformers Prime OC POV

Life on the nemesis


My Stories

Transformers prime - new story I've been working I've been practicing so hopefully my grammar has improved ;). arh man 31 episodes down only... whenever the series ends which i hope is another 20 years! lol

basically Ellen's look on things during the transformers prime series and along the way learn more about her origins and her involvement with each of the characters, although she is mostly concerned for the safety of the others shes the one with the most injuries at the end of the day, i like to think Ellen can defend herself not against humans she can take down any human if she wanted to, though Silas is a worthy foe and her connected history with him has clouded her judgement when fighting him. no when i say i think she can defend herself i mean against decepticons, on a rare occasion that can be physical but mostly its mentally she will rarely if not ever scream in the presence of one, she will not give them the satisfaction. but megatron is the exception but only when he has taken hold of her unexpectedly will she made somewhat of a gasp. although she tries to avoid unintentional danger she will either do so because of her nature or she can contribute in a way, hanging around base for weeks on end with no where else to hang can be a strain on her mentality.

Little Distractions (complete) - set in the movie-verse this is the story that introduces Ellen during the events, but it is all viewed through Optimus's pov, i was loosely thinking of how different he is here to his g1 self but i love both, so i kind of made him slightly more cold and oblivious to certain things but it changes with each chapter. Ellen being the source obviously but i didn't want them to instantly like each other i wanted to go into it slowly so it made it more satisfying when i eventually got to the ending.

Dad (complete) - just a little one shot fluff moment (I'm a sucker for them ;3) but i liked writing it so much i may make an extended story involving everyday occurrences for human and guardian, i may call it 'three autobots and there charges' or something :p. but anyway this was basically a little story of when Ellen was still in mourning for her father but eventually accepted optimus as her father too in the end, please note that i will not be paying for anyone's dental bills when there teeth fall out from reading this fic i have put clear warnings but it seems there have already been casualties ;P

Saving you - trying something a little different, introducing my other oc Eve, who i have paired up with ironhide, i have rated this M mainly for swearing, attempted suicide and another thing but i won't say for it is technically a spoiler for those little group of people still baring with me :). but this is basically a child suffering from abuse story, social workers can't handle her, teachers can't handle her, even her friends and family are struggling, ironhide to the rescue! his wonderful personality will surely win her over...right? well luckily eve is more for ironhides type then she would the nice and clean type, he has an edge to him that gains her attention, though she won't tell him this and is still a bit wobbly with the thing that is called 'trust' but perhaps one day she'll get there.

Three Autobots and There Charges -a series of fluff, humor, awkwardness and all set in different scenarios, my Oc's Ellen, Rochelle and Eve are all at the autobot base this story is basically the events that happened in between the movies, mainly after the first one but before the second one (11 years before the events of ROTF) , of what life is like growing up with the autobots, from asking where babies come from to graduation i'm covering it all :)

Life On The Nemesis - This is a future story I'm currently working on but haven't uploaded it yet, this takes place at the end of ROTF, megatron and starscream retreat but not without taking something of Optimus's...who else but my oc Ellen this time she must try to survive life on the nemesis without Optimus, without her friends, will she be able to survive long enough to be saved or will she mentally collapse at the on going torture?

crash bandicoot generation episode 1 nathan cortex - yeah i actually haven't been on here for a while, well my account anyway and yeah since then i've become much better i believe with my writing skills :P. When i looked through this story i face palmed, so yeah i think i just write everything down before looking at it as I've already wriiten earlier in my profile. i'll rewrite this mainly because this story was a prototype since i've completely changed my characters personalities, back stories and have made new characters as well. someday i hope to be able to start this story again as well as finish it as it is a crucial part of the series.

crash bandicoot generation episode 2 splash bandicoot - i wont rewrite this as i'm fine with the first chapter but i can't continue this story either as some things said in this story may be a reference to the first story, so yeah due to college now it may be a while before theirs a spark of inspiration :P

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Dad reviews
Optimus re-calls memories of a particular moment he had with Ellen, the day all Autobots were out of base that day and it was just him and her. whilst a young Ellen takes a nap, Optimus comes in to ruin said slumber due to boredom and it goes from there, WARNING OVEREXPOSURE TO FLUFF MAY CAUSE TEETH TO ROT, DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY AFTER READING THIS FIC...R and R please :D
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Crash Bandicoot - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 8,150 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 1/15/2007 - Published: 8/28/2006
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