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Author has written 11 stories for Kingdom Hearts, Death Note, Final Fantasy VII, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Danny Phantom, Final Fantasy XII, and Persona Series.

--The Pondering Writer Has This To Say--

REVAMP! My old Profile felt outdated and somewhat boring, added most of the information on it is either woefully lacking or just plain old. So! I have fixed it into sections regarding what I'm working on, if I'm working on anything, or what is stagnating in the pool of my mind. Note that I will no longer be updating the status or timespace that I can promise my next chapter; you can be certain that if it's under WiP that I'm working on it in one way or another. Enjoy!

~:Works in Progress:~

Seven Deadly Eons: Origins of Evil

A coming-soon fic, this will be both my first Pokemon fanfiction and hopefully will inspire me to write more for my other stories as well. Set in the universe Lolli-S created, this story features the background of the main villain of Seven Deadly Eons, King Ci Natas the Houndoom and his growth into the most diabolical and evil Pokemon in the history of the world.

The SOLDIER of Ivalice

My crossover of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XII, this features Zack Fair being injected into the land of Ivalice, and the consequences from such an action occurring. Features more plot, Zack, decent characterization, Basch, and an unusual absence of main-character OCs and yaoi. Also features typos, game mechanics, and the authoress being a silly panda for her own amusement.

Of Phantoms and Nobodies

The first crossover and story that I have ever attempted, OPAN has turned into a big success on the Danny Phantom boards with the revolutionary idea of not giving Danny a Keyblade. Expect cliche-busting plot twists, bad Freshman Writing (Rewrite pending), and satisfying character canon. This story is what started it all, ladies and gentlemen.

--~:The Marsh of Forgotten Fiction:~--

Here you will see my 'Hiatus' or 'Gave Up On' Fics


Not exactly given up on, but on hiatus status because of my inability to be satisfied with what I've written so far. Lacking proper manga and anime shows for reference on the chapters also contributed to the status, as well as a falling-out-of-interest with Death Note following several attempts to find decent fiction there.

Sahxyel: Altering Kingdom Hearts

My second fic, it makes me literally cringe when I read it now, mostly due to the fact that I have seen Insertion-Fics made much better than this, and also that my Freshman Writer Self a few years ago did not know what the term 'Mary Sue' was. Too much sugar, and is discontinued unless interest picks up for it.

Deadly Nightshades

After ReChain of Memories came out, everyone knows what Marluxia really is like now. No more of the 'openly-gay-OMG SO FLAMING' stereotype. Because of this change in mindset, this fiction is no longer needed to change people's minds. (Now I need a fic that'll stop this Marluxia/Vexen nonsense.)

:-Oneshot Corral-:

Mind Crush!

A very silly fic that was inspired by watching too much YugiOh The Abridged Series and playing Final Fantasy Dissidia. Mindcrush is an item in the game, but can anyone really crush a mind? Yes, yes they can, and with extreme prejudice.

You Better Watch Out

Inspired by VG Cats comic 'Judgmental'. Light Yagami never saw it coming. Merry Christmas!

Revenge of the Female OCs

A challenge given to me and taken to the fullest extent I could. The female characters of Kingdom Hearts band together and destroy all male characters of Kingdom Hearts by using their weakness against them. Who knew ice cream was so powerful?

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Cloud has an accident with a Time materia. There are people to save, and for that, some people need to die.
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What if there was a notebook that could counteract a Death Note? What would it be like? Would the same rules apply as in the Death Note? Who's hands would it fall into? Would it be used for good or evil? Find out in this fanfiction. Completed: Extra 10 up (Fanfiction is currently going through a grammar and editing process, please bare with me new readers.)
Death Note - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 38 - Words: 169,835 - Reviews: 197 - Favs: 164 - Follows: 59 - Updated: 7/28/2010 - Published: 11/23/2008 - Complete
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Time travel. Sounds like fun, right? No. No it's not. Cloud was determined to get back home, the past be damned, but with Aerith haunting his every step it didn't look like that would be happening any time soon. No pairings.
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A teenager wakes up to find himself living through the game Kingdom Hearts II. Naturally, he has great potential to change the game, but finds that the world also has the power to change him in return.
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Post KH2. Axel finds himself in a world where Nobodies exist and everyone else doesn't. Now, he has to help liberate the oppressed Organization from the tyranny of a dreadful enemy. Finished.
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In The Dreamworld reviews
For Ienzo Lexicon, only one question plagues his life: Is this reality, or is it a dream?
Crossover - Kingdom Hearts & Persona Series - Rated: T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,713 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 6 - Published: 12/26/2011 - Zexion, Minato A./Makoto Y. - Complete
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In the Kingdom of the Southern Ashes, two Houndour were born. One had the makings of a great leader. The other became the infamous tyrant known to all as King Ci Natas.
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If anything, Basch was entirely certain this was as odd as it could get. Ever since they had found that strange red orb, he had the feeling that nothing would be quite right thereafter...
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Kuja just had to ask if anyone could crush someone's mind. Maybe that wasn't the best question to ask in a room filled with Chaos' subjects...
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It surely had to be some sort of joke. Why would someone sneak into a locked room just to chuck a book with the title 'Death Note' at his head?
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A MarluxiaCentric fic, for those of you who want to see the Graceful Assassin in a semidignified context. Happy Turkey Day! Up: RFN: Failed Interrogation.
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