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All About Me

Name: 'laine

Age: Never ask a lady her age ;)

Location: Ohio, USA

Alternative Website: http://khgirl08 .deviantart .com/ (remove the spaces for access to some original writing and a wee bit of artwork)

Current Stories (Note: This section will only contain chapter stories, no one-shots)


-Ghosts of Ourselves (status: In Progress)

-Category: Harry Potter

-Genre: Drama/Friendship

-Characters: The Golden Trio

-Length: Eventual length somewhere between 15 and 25 chapters (probably)(hopefully).

-Rating: M (please take this seriously, there are scenes that are not for the squeamish)

-Warnings: Torture of primary characters, non-explicit rape of primary character

-Ships (those of particular importance, anyhow): Harry/Ginny (currently one-sided), Hermione/Ron, Luna/Neville

-Miniexplanation: A slightly-AU story where Harry doesn't immediately return from King's Cross after Voldemort tries to kill him. Each chapter contains three sections from three separate perspectives (usually Harry to Ron to Hermione, but every fifth chapter will be told from three new perspectives). Canon except for the N/L relationship, though that was kind of movie canon...but anyhow, this means that anyone who died during the first half of the battle is still dead and most of the relationships and characterizations remain intact. Sorry, those who wanted Fred/Lupin/Tonks/Snape/Moody/Sirius/etc. to come back and/or those who wanted some hot Harry/Hermione action and/or Ron the Death Eater.

-Finding Her Light (status: ReWriting)

-Category: Digimon (Adventure Universe, no Tri)

-Genre: Adventure/Romance

-Characters: Post-02 Digidestined

-Length: Six chapters (38, 644 words)

-Rating: T (just to be safe, as I'm not sure there's anything T-worthy in this thing)

-Warnings: Disney Death

-Ships: Takari, Taiora, Mimato, Kenyako

-Miniexplanation: This story is set four years after the events of 02. A mysterious girl is struggling to keep her life together with no friends and no loving family; meanwhile, the Digidestined are struggling to maintain any sense of normalcy without one of their own. When the original Digidestined are swept into the Digital World with no warning, what will they do? What about those who are left behind and cannot access the Digital World? And what does this mysterious girl have to do with it all?

-Princess of the Keyblade (status: Likely Abandoned)

-Category: Crossover (Kingdom Hearts and Harry Potter)

-Genre: Adventure

-Characters: OC

-Length: 10 chapters (78, 461 words) posted, three chapters un-posted. Being rewritten, probably somewhere between thirty and fifty chapters.

-Rating: T

-Warnings: Mary Sue-esque OC (she's red-haired, green-eyed, wields both a wand and a Keyblade, has Draco Malfoy and a Keyblader-OC chasing her, didn't know she was a witch until she suddenly was [and was super powerful, too, oh and she's Dumbledore's grandniece. Don't say I didn't warn you.), slight OOCness.

-Ships: OC/OC, OC/Draco, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, etc.

-Miniexplanation: This is the second version of my first-ever fanfiction. The original, which was called Warrior of Heart, was about ten times more Mary Sue-esque than this one and was started in my eighth-grade year; series included were Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Ball, and Digimon, and would have eventually included Warriors, Pokèmon, Atelier Iris 2, and Sailor Moon. My main character, Ellie, changed every time she went to a new planet, but she originally looked . Yup. Anyhow, it's improved somewhat in this rendition, but the story and writing is still not up to my par. The only things that remain the same from the original are the names of Ellie and her friend Robert. Keep a look-out for the new version!

-Betrayal (Status: Incomplete)

-Category: Harry Potter

-Genre: Drama

-Characters: Percy Weasley

-Length: 14-18 Chapters

-Rating: M (because Percy and Audrey get intense)

-Warnings: Vague sex scenes, some language

-Ships: Percy/Audrey

-Miniexplanation: Deviant Art's Weasley Fan Club has an ongoing 100 Theme Challenge for writerly members, and the third one I chose was "Betrayal". I decided to write about Percy's betrayal of his family, and instead of being a short little 200-word bit like I thought it would be I ended up writing Percy's perspective through all of Book 5. I discovered that I quite liked the new, non-monstrous side of Perce that I found while writing and so continued the story through to the end of the series. Or I plan to, at any rate. Let's just say that the title doesn't just refer to Percy's actions...

-Of a Worthless Grandson (Status: Complete)

-Category: Harry Potter

-Genre: Angst/Drama

-Characters: Augusta and Neville Longbottom

-Length: Four chapters (5,489 words)

-Rating: K

-Warnings: None

-Ships: None

-Miniexplanation: In the aftermath of the Battle at the Ministry, Augusta Longbottom is confused, angry, scared, and who knows what else for her grandson. She must learn to separate Neville from his father, and the Neville of childhood from the Neville of now. This story came via doodle while I was lounging around in between cues during a production of "The Merry Wives of Windsor" at my school, for which I controlled the sound.

-Lightning Struck (Status: Complete)

-Category: Harry Potter

-Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort

-Characters: Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom

-Length: Nine chapters (11,582 words)

-Rating: T (for blood and violence)

-Warnings: Fantasy violence, blood, emotional trauma

-Ships: Hinny, crush!Nuna (Neville/Luna), and just a hint of Romione

-Miniexplanation: I was writing a prize for a contest on Deviant Art and somehow morphed it into this. I ended up rewriting the prize altogether (which is posted here as "Breakups and Makeups") and developed this more fully. The story contains three chapters each from Ginny's, Luna's, and Neville's POV during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and the aftermath. It was tons of fun to write for three of my favorite characters, as they never get enough love for my taste from JKR. It also gave me my fix of Neville/Luna shipping for a while, which is something I need because I'm kind of hooked.

-Wicked (Status: Complete)

-Category: Harry Potter

-Genre: Drama

-Characters: Ginny Weasley

-Length: Three chapters (2,320 words)

-Rating: K

-Warnings: None

-Ships: Ginny/Michael, slight (and one-sided) Ginny/Harry

-Miniexplanation: dancer4813 hosted a "Wicked Songs" challenge that involved writing either a one-shot or story based on songs from the musical Wicked. I chose "No One Mourns the Wicked", "Popular", and "Defying Gravity". Unfortunately, I also procrastinated waaaay much on this, resulting in a rushed version that I'm totally unhappy with. I might rewrite it someday. It's set during Order of the Phoenix and follows Ginny.

-Come Home (Status: Complete)

-Category: Hawaii Five-0

-Genre: Drama/Crime

-Characters: Danny Williams, Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Steve McGarrett

-Length: 27 Chapters

-Rating: T (for language, violence, and whump)

-Warnings: Major McGarrett whump (and really everyone in the story), torture (physical and emotional)

-Ships: mentions of McRollins, but no substantial moments; Kono/Adam

-Miniexplanation: Hoo, boy, is this crazy! I watched the show for my first time in March of '13 and promptly found an online library of episodes to catch up on the show, and suddenly I was in love with it. However, it is flawed in that Five-0 gets out of a lot of impossible situations too easily, particularly one Steven McGarrett. The episode Ki'ilua particularly grated on my nerves; it just ended so fast, and nothing really came of it. I searched for an alternate ending to the episode that wasn't just a sexual encounter between McGarrett and a teammate (not that there's anything wrong with those, but it just didn't fulfill me), and when I didn't find one on here I did what any good writer would do and started one. I posted the prologue, expecting that no one would care...and my inbox blew up with support. The main story is set two and a half years after Ki'ilua, and is set around the premise that Lori missed the shot at the bridge, hence allowing Wo Fat to escape with Steve in his grasp. The team is disbanded and life tries to move on until rumors of Wo Fat's reappearance on the islands surface. Will the team find Steve? Will Steve still be Steve? All will be made clear...

-I'm Coming Home (Status: Incomplete)

-Category: Hawaii Five-0

-Genre: Drama/Crime

-Characters: Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Kono Kalakaua, Catherine Rollins

-Length: 20-30 Chapters

-Rating: T (for language, violence, and whump)

-Warnings: Major McGarrett whump (and really everyone in the story), torture (physical and emotional)

-Ships: McRollins, some Kono/Adam, some Chin/Malia

-Miniexplanation: A severely-understaffed Five-0 is torn between avenging their dying teammate, rescuing their seemingly brainwashed friend and former leader, and trying to find the chessmaster behind it all. With Chin's life hanging in the balance and Steve's lost memories and erratic behavior, Danny and Kono are struggling to keep from falling prey to Wo Fat's traps. Catherine's arrival as a teammate is a small blessing, but will the mismatched trio be able to keep themselves and their families safe from further harm?

Not Published/In-Development:

-Digimon Chronicles (status: Developed, early stages of writing)

-Category: Obviously Digimon, more specifically the Adventure Universe

-Genre: Adventure/Drama

-Characters: OC, children of the Digidestined

-Length: undetermined, but quite lengthy

-Rating: Presumably T (for intense emotional situations)

-Warnings: None that I know of

-Ships: Takari, Taiora, Mimato, Kenyako, all of the other Digidestined/OC's or minor Digidestined, lots of relationships of the younger gen.

-Miniexplanation: I know, I know, everyone and their brother seems to have written something like this. It's just something that I keep coming back to. Basically, shortly after the epilogue of Finding Her Light, the Digital World is closed again, and in order to keep the darkness from finding and killing the Digidestined if it ever breaks through the gate the Digidestined have all of their memories of the Digital World taken and replaced with others in the case of the married ones; their partners are also made to forget. Roughly twenty years later, all of the former Digidestined have had families and generally settled down. When the Digital World comes calling, their children are the ones who respond. Follow Yuichi Kamiya, Ryuu Motomiya, Kazuki "Kazu" Ishida, Masumi "Sumi" Ichijouji, and Akihiro "Hack" Izumi as they fight against the darkness and their parents' curiosity. This story won't be posted for a while, if ever, know.

-What Happens to Muggleborns (status: In-Development, Partially Written)

-Category: Harry Potter

-Genre: General

-Characters: OC, Marauders

-Length: One-Shot (roughly 6,000-7,000 words)

-Rating: T (for Dementors and the underage consumption of alcohol)

-Warnings: Character Deaths

-Ships: James/Lily, teasing!Sirius/OC

-Miniexplanation: I was reading a fic from Lily's perspective quite a while back (I don't quite remember what it was) when she mentioned that she wondered what had happened to the Muggleborn students who left Hogwarts prematurely, which of course got my writing gears grinding. What did happen to those students? Cue Cleo, the Blackpool-native whose mother forced her to leave Hogwarts just before her fourth year. After she receives a threatening letter from an anonymous source she becomes a social recluse to protect her Muggle friends, but when Halloween rolls around she can't help but be pulled out for a night on the town. After reuniting with both friends and foes from the magical world, will Cleo's limited magical knowledge be enough to save her friends? What about Cleo herself?

-Untitled PotK Prequel (status: In-Development)

-Category: Harry Potter

-Genre: Adventure

-Characters: OC, Marauders

-Length: Unknown

-Rating: K or K early on, fading into T by the end

-Warnings: None as yet

-Ships: Marauder-era canon ships, one-sided Sirius/Becca(OC)

-Miniexplanation: This is the story of the Marauders as it plays out in my PotK universe. Rebecca Swallow lives on the tiny planet of Maple Brook, knowing full well that there's an entire planet filled with witches and wizards like her and her mother and that she likely won't be able to reach it because of the closed barriers. Luckily, her Uncle Albus discovers that the barrier has reopened and invites her to come to Hogwarts in the summer of 1971. Becca goes, making friends and enemies alike at her new school while trying to keep up old relationships and rivalries at home. I'm trying really hard to not make Becca into a Mary Sue, and I think I'm succeeding. We'll see what happens if and when this gets posted.

-Pokèmon: Retour (status: In-Development, partially written)

-Category: Herpderp.

-Genre: Adventure

-Characters: OC

-Length: Unknown, upwards of 20 chapters

-Rating: Unknown

-Warnings: None

-Ships: Ash/Misty, May/Drew, Dawn/Lucas, Brock/Joy, OC/OC, Cassidy/Butch

-Miniexplanation: Emerson or Emi is an orphan in the Forest's Protection home found in the Petalburg Woods. For a reason unknown to her, the managers of the orphanage have refused to let her be adopted out, though the rest of the kids are adopted out by their eighth birthday. When she is fourteen she is granted a rare trip to Rustboro City, where she meets Professor Birch, the Pokèmon trainer Shawn, and a kind but sickly Togetic, who help her realize that she can be a trainer regardless of what Cassidy and Butch tell her. When it's revealed that the orphanage is run by Team Rocket and that they want to kill Emi, she has little choice but to start on her Pokèmon journey to keep herself alive. But why does Cassidy and Butch's boss want her dead? What was the true purpose behind the orphanage? And most importantly, why can Emerson understand Pokèmon? (Note: I actually had this posted at one time to a whole host of reviewers, but I took it down to focus on other stories)

-Untitled NCIS (status: In-Development)

-Category: NCIS

-Genre: Drama

-Characters: Abby S.

-Length: Unknown

-Rating: probably T

-Warnings: None

-Ships: McAbby, maybe Tiva

-Miniexplanation: Very early in development. When McGee goes missing while taking an interview on a cold case, what will happen to the team? To McGee? To Abby?

-Untitled Study (status: In-Development)

-Category: Study series

-Genre: Adventure

-Characters: Yelena Z., Irys J.

-Length: Unknown, at least 10 chapters

-Rating: Unknown

-Warnings: None

-Ships: Canon

-Miniexplanation: VERY early in development. During the course of events of Magic Study, Yelena and her family are named traitors and thrown into the Keep's prison and Bain, Zitora, and Irys are locked in their towers for their own safety by Roze, who with the help of Cahil and his men has convinced the Council to declare war on Ixia. Without Yelena to warn Valek and the Commander, the military districts fall under the magicians' might and the castle compound is taken. It is unknown exactly who survived the attack with the exception of the Commander. Irys is sent to watch over the Ixian territory, and as a punishment for her traitorous actions Yelena has her voice taken by Roze and is sent to be Irys's aid. Of course, Roze can't control Yelena from such a distance as the Keep. When it comes to light that more of Yelena's friends may have survived than first thought, she and Irys attempt to stage an Ixian rebellion. Very far from complete.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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