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My name is Ourania but I prefer to be called Ania. I'm 17 years old an am in my first year of Alevel's. Personality wise I'm generally quite good-natured, I like to think I have a good sense of humour... though I'm amused at the smallest things. Physically, well I'm probably about average. I'm 5"5, quite willowy thanks to having been to dance classes since I could walk, I've got "chestnut brown with honey brown highlights" according to my best friend Alison, and I have "startling grey blue eyes", okay Ally is a total romance and fashion buff so everythings beautiful. Hehehe.

My friends are Alison, rather known as Ally, we've been best friend for 6 years now and are the girls at the back of the class that are constantly talking but the teacher loves us so we don't get in trouble. There's also Kyle, my oldest friend, we also dated for a while before he figured out he was gay... not exactly nice for my ego but I'm happy for him none-the-less. Adam is my other male friend, he's fun-loving and playful and more often than not reminds me of a puppy. Finally there's Lillith, or rather Lil, who is the "voice of reason" but give her some coffee, chocolate or caffine in any form and that voice goes right out of the window!

My family includes me! Wooh! Go me! Anyway, me, my mum and my little sister. My dad (Adrien) died four years ago. My mum (Enid) is a dance teacher who also teaches etiquette. Finally, my younger sister Kallisto is 13 and loves fashion, dance and boys.

Okay... some facts about me. I love Harry Potter with a passion. I'm actually scarily addicted to it. I also love reading and writting, something I got from my father who was a Literature teacher at the local Uni. I love horror and comedy films but adore films like sharing the secret and girl interrupted which are angst and real-life situations, mainly the ones about mental problems, eating disorders or self harm. Hmm... my favourite colours are blue and silver, my favourite number is 7 and my favourite animal is the desert kit fox, though if I were going to have an animagus form it would probably be a cat of some type.

My Stories:

The Road Not Taken: Was taken down because there isn't really enough interest both by me and any readers. Thankfully only a handful appear to be reading it as I am taking it down. I may repost at a later date.

The Cats Out Of The Bag: A LoTR/HP crossover. I have become fascinated with crossovers and so I figured I should write one both the story and it's sequel are being planned. The first one TCOoTB is about Harry coming to Middle-earth whereas it's seuqel (One Ring) is about Harry and the fellowship (A bit cliche if I do say so myself but I couldn't help myself and I hope it will be original. I haven't read the lord of the rings books (Though I will soon as I got them for christmas) So I would appreciate having a Beta well versed in LoTR trivia, yet for now I'll have to muddle along.

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