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Hey there!!

My name is Ashley, I'm 23, and I live in Florida!

I go to college in North Carolina, and I am studying Education. :)

I read/write fanfiction for:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer : Buffy/Spike

Twilight : Bella/Edward

Glee : Rachel/Finn

I love Once Upon A Time and Disney! :D

If you have any stories for those, let me know; I'd love to read them!

Also, I'm up for a challenge! Want something to happen in a story? Let me know! It could be anything, to an extent!

I don't write M rated stories!! And I don't cuss!

Follow me on Twitter!! @ashramey

Follow me on Tumblr!!

Wanna know something else about me? Message me and ask! :D

I'm gonna try and start typing up and uploading some of my other stories I've written in the past. It's been far too long since I've posted anything!

I am also currently working on a few projects. I have two different "series" I'm working on for all of you beautiful readers! :) And I am also trying to work on a personal project. I want to be an author for real. Like, write books, get them published, the works. I'm gonna be busy, but it'll be worth it! :)

I am working on making a website and blog to update about my writings...I don't want to break too many rules on here, so I figured I'd make my own website of my own. When every thing is complete, I'll post the urls!

Jesus is my everything!!!! =D

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Till the End of the World by Someryn reviews
What if Spike got his soul back after Buffy sacrificed herself for Dawn in S5? What effect would an ensouled Spike have on the Scoobies, and on his relationship with the Slayer? Buffy/Spike AU with Willow/Tara and Xander/Anya on the side
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Ranting about demons gets Buffy sent to an institution. Once released, she moves to Sunnydale with her mother to start over, but it seems her past isn't far behind. Why does she feel so drawn to her new Watcher, and what secrets is he hiding?
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He always assumed that when he found the girl destined for him, everything would be smooth sailing. When he met Calleigh Duquesne he realized that he could never assume. Oneshot, HipHuggers, AU. Rated T to be safe. Constructive criticism appreciated.
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Only Hope by TammyDevil666 reviews
Buffy and Spike attend high school together. He's the rich kid with all the charm and good looks, while she's the outcast. Their paths cross in an unlikely way and a relationship forms, but will their newfound love be able to survive her troubled past?
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William is married to a woman named Elizabeth and expecting his first child, but there were complications and he has to raise the baby on his own. He puts out an ad for a nanny and when Buffy shows up to apply for the job, he gets the shock of his life.
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Buffy moves to Sunnydale and gets sent to live with Giles, who happens to have a son. Sparks fly when these two troubled teens meet, but will they be able to put their past behind them and open up to each other? Spuffy!
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Something different happens after the events of "Chosen" and Buffy and Spike are sent back in time to the 2nd Season.
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

With Everything I Am
Oneshot Songfic, Post-Chosen. Buffy stops Spike from burning in the Hellmouth. This is just a short fic about their lives afterwards. A Valentine's Day special.
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Sorry reviews
AU, All human. Buffy is in an abusive relationship. Will her best friend, Spike, be able to help her before it's too late? One-shot, songfic Song: Sorry, by the Jonas Brothers
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Fall For You
Edward and Bella have been fighting a lot lately, but what will Edward cook up to fix things on their 6-month anniversary? One shot. Songfic. All human, alternate universe.
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