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Well, this profile is really for my friend. I certainly hope she likes it.

Okay, well, I am female. That's news to some... I hope not. You don't really need to know anything else about me, so long as you like my work. I really appreciate all the reviews that I've been getting even though I know I don't ever answer them. It's because I try to pre-write my stories. It makes them go faster. I'm getting a little ahead on The One so expect the chapter updates to slow down a little in the next little while. I'm open to ideas, suggestions and constructive critisism as long as you don't go overboard and start bashing me. And please don't critisize me if you're wrong. I will ridicule you on the next chapter I post and on my profile. I swear.

Well that was probably really boring to read. How many read it? I can't see any hands. Oh well.

Anyways, love to my master.


June 16:

Well, sorry it's been a while. I've had finals and such to worry about. Now their almost over and I promise I'll update again really soon.

Right now I'm at work and I'm so utterly bored that I can't believe it. Don't tell my boss I was on the comp. He'd spaz. Anyway, I'm hoping that you're all enjoying my story. I've worked pretty hard on it so far and I've had a bitof a screwup with the next chapters. I kind of wrote a part of it before it was supposed to happen and thenI realized I'd gotten farther ahead of myself then I thought. Chapter six turned into chapter seven but then I realized it was going to have to be chapter eight. I'm hoping I don't have to turn it into chapter nine. I don't think I will though because I have a plan. And the plan is good.

Alita- the plan does not involve inscence KETTLES, only incence CAMELS. Yeah, I know. Never mind.

With love.

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