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Name: Laura but I prefer Sora, Roxas, Angel, Keira, or Star

Age: 16

Location: Virginia, US of A

M/F: Female!

Height: 5'0 (so short..)

Relationship status: Single but there is this girl named Hannah that I would TOTALLY sleep with if given the chance. She's my inspiration :3

Sexual..Orientation is it: Bisexual (yes, that means I like guys and girls. Sue me)

Grade: 11


Yahoo: lil_laura_chsapeek

MSN: soraxriku_luver

AIM: xXEmptyPaper

My friends on here: Roxxi-koiboto, xxpapercutxx, AbnormallyWeirdPerson, Akunen, Larxene-The-Death-Wolf...jah. I have friends!! lol. If you wanna be my friend just PM me or review me or add me on messenger...anything. I'm always online so feel free to talk to me.

I SHIP (only the main pairings) :

Riku/Sora, Axel/Roxas, Zexion/Demyx, Leon/Cloud, Sasuke/Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, Neji/Gaara, Sasori/Deidara, L/Light, and bunches more it’s just too late for me of think of them...

My stories and their statuses (note, I mainly write AUs so...yeah): Huge update..Everything is on hiatus.. Trying to cope with using a new computer. 4/4/09

Angel: Complete R/S L/C A/R Yaoi AU

Happily Ever After (...) Right?: Angel has ended...its been a has the crew been coping? With Sora's mother pregnant, a new father figure in the picture, and Riku becoming one of the family...what could go wrong? Lots. Yo, I'm on a new laptop so I have to go back through my old computers files and find my updates if they're still there. I'm not sure if dad deleted them or not. If he did, everything is gone. Sorry.. I'll try to pick back up where I was as best I can.. 4/4/09

Movin' On: Pride is up! Love is in the works along with Lust. some AU some not HIATUS

Lips Of An Angel: YAY! I'm almost finished with the sequel! I only have a tiny bit more to write and I'm DONE! AU

In His Eyes: OneShot. Beyblade. KaixRei

I AM GAHH: Tee-hee. Never give me sugar late at night. Oh I get so hyper. SasuNaru Dattebayo has written a sequel.

I did have a message here about a new story named Graim Thu being in the works but I've lost the 5 chapters I had typed up and my notebook that I had it written in is gone.. I apologize to Akunen and I've been working on a new story, just not sure where it is going. It'll be up after I finish H.A.E. (Whenever that will be..) and will be dedicated to Akunen cause I love her like crazy. And yeah..sorry.. 4/4/09

I'm on MySpace! Add me!!

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Okay...I've taken up enough of your time now...go read my fics!...please? I'll love you forever!

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