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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, Fairy Tales, and Doctor Who.

Name: Kind of personal but if you must know, it is RUT. Now you decide if I'm lying or not.

Age: you never ask a girl that, but I just say I am of the year of the Ox. Okay I will say it: I am twenty-three, at least last time I checked.

A little about me is that first I am not an English major (I am an Anthropology Major)and so I usually make a few or more usuallly more mistakes in my stories.

I am into anime just in case for those that ended up reading this having no clue what Naruto is. But I am also into other things like Jane Austen and disturbing things. I know it all fits in one easy catagory, Japanese animation with a 1800 novelist and disturbing things, it just makes sense. (Oh, I should mention that sometimes I am sarcastic, part of being in Anthropology or just dealing with college, you choice.)

Currently I am livng in Korea so there are more delays for my story. I plan to write another one when I am (if ever) done with the other.

Anime and Mangas I like

There are a lot but my favorite mangas currently are Naruto and Zettai Kareshi (I really like Yuu Watase).I also like to watch School Rumble (I and II), Bleach and so much more.


I have absolute no clue what to put in my profile so that will give you an idea why this looks like it is just me rambling.

My Stories or Story

I write for fun and to help express my thoughts. I do appreciate to know if people like my stories.

Just if you want to know:

My favorite characters in Naruto are of course Naruto, Hinata, Sai and I can not leave out Gaara. Guess who's my favorite of the favorites.

I saw some people do this and decided to do it as well. PARINGS I like.

Naruto: Hinata/Naruto, Shikamaru/Temari, Sakura/Lee; School Rumble: Harima/Eri, Temna/Karasuma, Aso/Mikoto, Imadori/Ichijo and Lala/Togo; NANA: Nobo/Hachi and Ren/Nana; Bleach: Ichijo/Rukia, Rukia/Renji and Ishida/Inoui.; Fruits Basket: Honda/Kyo and Yuki/Machi; Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru/Haruhi

Jane Austen books: Edmund/Fanny (Mansfield Park), Lizzy/Darcy and Jane/Charles (Pride and Prejudice)

the ones that are bold are my favorites.

I think that is it.

Glossary: (In case some of the things weren't clear. Don't get offended, Please don't)

Jane Austen: 1800's, female novelist who wrote Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and other books.

Japanese animation: cartoons that are from Japan, like Naruto, School Rumble, Trigun and more.

Disturbing things: I like to watch or write about weird things that can sometimes resemble horror movies. Good movie is LD2k which is a dark comedy.

Anthropology: Not many know what this is but I will say is that it is the study of humans, past and present. Study of language, culture, and archeology.

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Confusion over Tea and Ice by Adelle-chan reviews
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I Love the Music! by empyreality reviews
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Air and darkness by wayofthepen reviews
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What Roses Really Smell Like by XxRevengexX reviews
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The First, The Rose and the River reviews
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