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What do you have to say for yourself? That's my business, isn't it?

Stories in Progress

I'm working on a few things at the moment. Things with titles like The Hydra Gambit, Overbite, and Lapis Lulluby. The better question here is whether or not I'll actually decide to post them. The quality of these works is somewhat suspect. Here are vague summaries of the ideas I'm currently playing with.

The Hydra Gambit - A year before Harry Potter recieves his first letter from Hogwarts, Ron and Ginny Weasley mysteriously disappear from their home. Seven years later, Voldemort's rise has been greatly accelerated, and the world is on the brink of ruin. Harry Potter is a grim, battle-hardened shell. Hogwarts teeters on the edge of internal war. Amid all this strife, two strangers reappear, and change the course of the war.
Current Status: Chapter One - writing in progress.

Overbite - Can you say "Zombies?" Good. If you couldn't, I'd be rather disappointed with you. It's not the most accurate description of this story, but it's close enough.
Current Status: Planning stages.

Lapis Lulluby - After suffering an unfortunate injury, Ginny wakes up to find that she's living the same day over again. However, details have changed - little things, at first, but with each time the day repeats the world gets a little darker, and things that don't make sense soon start happening. Soon, the distinction between what is real and what isn't starts to blur, and Ginny has to figure out just what the hell is going on, and whether it can even be stopped, before she loses track entirely of just what reality is supposed to be.
Current Status: Early, early planning.

There's also a couple of other stories that are, at this point, only titles. Exciting titles like Silent Smile, Drawn By Moonlight, What Men Choose To Forget, and What Once Was Lost. We'll see if I can finish the three I currently have slotted as high priority before getting going on those other ones. Especially considering the ones I have going are probably going to end up as rather long stories themselves.

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Backwards Compatible by Ruskbyte reviews
The war is over. Voldemort won. The light's last hope is a desperate ploy, concocted by an insane genius, that probably won't work anyway. Now Harry must find a way to win a war he's already lost once before.
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Evil Be Thou My Good by Ruskbyte reviews
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The Order of the Phoenix by Ruskbyte reviews
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The Hollow Men
A man is looking for Sirius Black, and he won't stop until he finds him, no matter what. After all, somebody has to stop the man that's splitting the world apart at the seams.
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