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July 18th, 2009

General: Alright, that means it's summer time! Lots of time to work on some stories! I think what's going to be going down for this summer is updates on WRHotD and the posting of a new story that I've been plotting and procrastinating with for the past year or so...I think I'll still call it What We Fought For. I'll put up a summary and such at the bottom of the page. It's another druggie-centric story, but what else can you expect from me? haha, it will pretty much be my first bash at a mostly serious fic, I think I can do it, but we'll have to see. I plan to have the first chapter up quite soon and I hope that you'll give it a read and tell me what you think. This is going to be a big deal for me.

Story Updates: N/A for now, but I'm making a deadline for myself so I can get my new story up soon.

About Moi

Okay, I've decided to make this a lot simpler than it was before...

Name: You can call me Mimi, but Shigatsu (taken from my real name) is good too!

Age: 16, finally

Gender: Female

Blood Type: A+

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde

Height: 5'6 and a half! (i shrank, or measured wrong before haha)

Obsessions: LM.C, music, Anime, Manga, languages, writing, MSN...there's probably more that I can't think of XD

Favourite FanFiction Genre: You've probably already guessed that it's HUMOR! and romance is a close second

Favourite Food: SUSHHHHHI! and Chinese food!...and I should say, being less 'weird', pizza! yummy: d

Favourite Animes/Mangas: Gundam Seed(anime & manga), Bleach(anime), Death Note(anime), Fruits Basket(manga), Fullmetal Alchemist(anime & manga), Hot Gimmick

Other Anime likes, but not Faves: Code Geass, Gundam Seed Destiny(manga too)

Animes I sorta watched a bit of: D N Angel, Spiral, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Ouran

Favourite Gundam Seed/Destiny Characters: Orga, Clotho, Shani, Fllay, Natarle, Azrael, Stellar, Cagalli, and Nicol! I suppose I should mention Yzak too; he was sorta the one that got me into Gundam Seed in the first place!

Favourite Bleach Characters: Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Toshiro and now, sorta Uryuu

Favourite Death Note Characters: Light, Matt, Mello and Rem

Favourite Fruits Basket Characters: Arisa, Hanajima, Kyo, Machi, Yuki, Tohru, Kakeru, Isuzu and Hatsuharu (long list!!)

Other Favourite Characters: Alister(Yugioh), Valon(Yugioh), Mai(Yugioh)(did not care for the show-yugioh that is, lol- only watched the Doma series), CC(Code Geass), Lelouch(Code Geass), Kousuke(Spiral), Ed(FullMetal Alchemist), Belphegor(Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Favourite Gundam Seed/Destiny Pairings: These are all my own, and you might think I'm weird for it, but here they are- Orga/Fllay, Clotho/Cagalli, Shani/Stellar, Nicol/Fllay...and, it's a little iffy, but Azrael/Natarle.

Favourite Bleach Pairings: Ichigo/Rukia, Uryuu/Orihime, Momo/Toshiro...and I believe those are pretty common, but hey, they're good!

Favourite Death Note Pairings: Light/Misa, Mello/Takada, Matt/Sayu...I think the last two are pretty uncommon, but I really like 'em to be honest.

Favourite Fruits Basket Pairings: Tohru/Kyo, Yuki/Machi, Hatsuharu/Isuzu, Arisa/Kureno

Most Hated Animes: Eureka 7 and Inuyasha...I actually used to like Inuysha, but then Kagome started to annoy the crap out of me...oh yeah, and Code Geass R2 is an honorable mention

Most Hated Anime Characters: Kagome(Inuyasha), Near(Death Note), Gin(Bleach), Yuna(Gundam Seed), Rose(FullMetal Alchemist), Dante(FullMetal Alchemist), Tea(Yugioh), Kuzzey(Gundam Seed), Talia(Gundam Seed Destiny), Lunamaria(Gundam Seed Destiny)

Favourite TV Shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy, Clone High, South Park, MadTV

Favourite Non-anime character: Kenny from South Park. Shut up, he's the best:P And the Goth kids from South Park! LOVE THEM! "Conformists! Have fun in your rat race life living pay cheque to pay cheque for corporate gains!" "Yeah..."

Favourite Movies: The Simpsons Movie, Lilo & Stitch, Kung Pow, 13 going on 30, Open Season, Little Miss Sunshine, Red Eye, Let's Go to Prison, The X Men Movies

Favourite School Subjects: English

Favourite Bands: LM.C, System of a Down!!, Linkin Park, Tool, Slipknot, Green Day, ELO, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Evanescence, Collective Soul and girugamesh

Favourite DS game of all time: Animal Crossing!...but the one for game cube was still better

In other meaningless news...

May the green Puppy and I have started a new account! Any stories we write together (they'll all be humor) will be posted on that account! Check it out, it's ThePinkKittyNGreenPuppyProject! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1321330/ and speaking of which, I've just posted my first oneshot on it...its called Stellar's Excellent Adventure, and I hope you'll check it out!

I MUST HAVE AN LM.C POSTER! Please, if any one knows where I can find one (like a site with a good reputation, as in it doesnt steal credit card numbers XD) PLEASE let me know!!


Mon amis! (my friends, in some dumb language XD)

These are some of the people you may know on this site that I live in the same general area as, and have met them in person- check out their fics- they're awesome!!

1.) May the green Puppy http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1132260/

2.) Toan The Blue Hamster http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1326295/

3.) Cointagious http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1326882/

(if you aren't on this list it's only because I've never met you in person! Don't cry!)

Hello from MGP!

Hi! It's me! May the green puppy! Cloudy weather makes me tired...and lazy...and when I'm tired and lazy, not much gets done...SO I SHALL EAT SUGAR! LOTS AND LOTS OF SUGAR! I SHALL BE BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS (and still, nothing will get done)!

What I'm working on!

As of June 28th 2008, it's my own story called UnSuNg X, and it does have an actual reason for being called that so dont be mean to me and make fun of the title you tool. XD

And just recently, as of March 5th 2009, I started another story called Twisted Sin.

Twisted Sin and UnSuNg X can be reached through my home page link at the top of this profile!

FictionPress Account

Here's my Fictionpress account:



Just some random quotes. (I've shortened it down, there was too much!)

"My sister had a shit fit because she couldn't find her Tuesday underwear." -Said by my friend Sara

"Hi, I'm glad you're actually taking the time to learn more about me...unless you're a dirty perverted stalker...LEAVE ME ALONE!" -Said by my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Aaron

"I can't help it, I get really pissy when I write." Yeah, that would be me. Nothing works the way I want it to. XD

"Why do people gotta act like such smacktards all the time?!" Me again. A friend of mine started the whole smacktard thing...

"YOU STUPID KID!" -it was 'you stupid little kid before, but I realized that we (me and my friend) say this more

"Don't ask. You know I accomplished nothing today." -Me, like... everyday in computers class...

"If I had a knife for ever stupid friend I have, I'd have no stupid friends." -My friend Ari's MSN name

"Fruit Salad. Yummy, Yummy!" -Ever seen the Can of Nothing Pokemon Spoof? You'll laugh your ass off.

"Thank you so much, Dear Lord! You put many lovely capillaries in my neck and a nice big jugular! I love my neck!" -Me in computer class again. Little um... emo perhaps? In an underlying way? XD

"Here's a nice paper for you, you pathetic piece of shit!" -My friend Hope in French class.

"Yay! We have a test today! Wait... SHIT! THAT'S NOT GOOD!" -You wouldn't belive me in the morning.

"When Chuck Norris jumps into a lake, he doesn't get wet. The lake gets Chuck Norris." -Everyone wants to kill me because I can't stop saying it... XD

"A day without sunshine is like... night." Said by me in the middle of night... at a sleepover. I did manage to find out that everyone was awake when there was really loud laughing. XD

"HEY! Don't be hatin'!" We all say it...me an ma pals anyway! hahaha!

"He will kill you like a small dog. Let your anger be as a monkey in a pinata. Hiding inside with the candy, hoping the kids don't break through with the stick." Master Tang, Kung Pow.

"Shirt ripper!" Betty, Kung Pow XD

"What the crap! How come nobody called me?!" My cousin got me into Stick Figures on crack, I laugh so hard!

"Mr. Gribber and his amazing cat." When my friend's brother says this he laughs for like five minutes straight! It's hilarious!

"If cats could talk and they gave a crap, they'd wish you a happy birthday!" A birthday card I received this year!

"Oh god! No! He named it!" -Clotho in chapter 7 of my fic What Really Happened on the Dominion (wuv it!)

"You guys can read?!" -Shani in chapter 7 of my fic What Really Happened on the Dominion (im so freakin mean! X3)

"I'm sick. So until I'm better, you're gonna be my bitch. Now get me a juice box, bitch!" -Shani to Clotho in chapter 12 of my What Really Happened on the Dominion fic ;D

"It's badass!" -Me and my little bro have been saying this so much about EVERYTHING- it's hilarious!

"The big rocks are mountains and the little rocks are their babies." -Tee hee. Just had to put that one in here...you know, Elliot from Open Season? Yeah, you know...

"If you can't pronounce any of the chemicals in your candy, then you know it's good!" -Said by my cousin Cointagious...it was a box of nerds and we were in a Limo. Hahaha!

"Don't you dare say the fuck word! I mean the F word!" -XD Me to my little bro

"I'M SO CUTE! LUVABLE AND FUCKABLE!" -Omg, my friend Aaron screamed this in the middle of a busy side walk. ahhhh it was SO embarrassing! X3

"I don't give a shit about profanities! So shut the fuck up! Goddammit all!" -lol, me disabling my profanity filter. hahaha...

"WHAT? DID YOU JUST SAY GO FUCK A PANDA?!" Said by my friend Aaron when his older brother was talking to him in German. And just so you know, he did not say go fuck a panda...I think...

"Have you killed the gym leader yet?" hahaha! this one was said by my brother (to me) he was asking if I'd beaten the 4th gym leader yet on my Pokemon Diamond game. (YES! I LOVE POKEMON! IT PWNS! XD) My cousins were in the room at the time and we were all sorta quiet for a minute, pondering the odd-soundingness of that sentence before bursting out in laughter. We still won't leave my poor little bro alone about that one. hahaha a lotta info behind that one, huh? X3

"I'll do it for a loonie. But it has to be shiny. If it's not shiny, no deal." My friend Aaron has a very scary obsession over shiny loonies...Oh and for anyone who doesn't live in Canada, that's A DOLLAR.

"I can't help it. I like hot things...like Dearka." Said by my friend Trixie while we were eating some REALLY HOT Salsa! It was hilarious!! (oh, by the way, Trixie has an obsession over Dearka from Gundam Seed. XD)

"Now I wanna talk about the hospital! Well, mostly it's really white and smells like drugs and sounds like screaming, but other than that it's pretty kool!" Said by my friend Aaron (in his blog X3) after he got home from the hospital. So you know, he was jumped for no apparent reason and suffered broken ribs, a broken jaw, a broken arm AND a broken collar bone. :( But he's a lot better now!!

"I'm not PMSing, I just hate you. " -I really hate it when guys use PMS as an explanation as to why they get yelled at and/or hated by us girls. Boo! It's because they act like idiots all the time! Leave PMS out of it!

"Saaammmiiieeee...can I have a pony?" -I'm really, really sorry. This is Aaron again and he's just so goddamn funny! lol, btw, he said this to his older brother Samuel who we call Stryder from some odd reason. X3


"Go suck a fat one!" -Hehe, I'd like to say thank you to Toan the blue Hamster for teaching me that one. lol!

"Generally, I'm a pretty kool guy and I have lotsa awesome friends that understand and accept my weirdness with open arms and mental, laughing faces." -hehehe, straight out of my friend Aaron's profile on out new site! ;D

"Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" "You bastards!" -oh, you know. That classic line from South Park. hahahaha!

"Carbon...carrrrbbbon. Car...bon. It's a car...that is good?" -Hehehe...said by my friend Trixie while we were looking over the periodic table it was soooo funny. (oh and if you didnt know this, bon means good in french :D)

"Hahahaha! That's funnium!" -you know how a ton of elements on the periodic table have a 'ium' after it? Well, after Trixie and I were done making fun of the periodic table (i know, we are sooo mature) i guess she was still in the element mode because thats what she said. XD

"You know what my brother thought was a good idea?" -me "Raping a chicken?" -toan the blue hamster "Oh my god, NO!" -me. XD okay, tbh, I just HAD to put this in here because it had me doubled over laughing!

"Is Canada a continent?" -some bimbo in my socials class. I'm serious, she asked the teacher and all he had to say was... "Oh, god."

"I'm on your fucking team, ass master!" -that was actually me yelling at some kid during dodgeball in PE. I swear to god, he wanted to take me down which was pretty much impossible because i was on his goddamn fucking team! Ugh! Okay, yeah. and after i said that to him...he laughed like a retard and kept doing it. -_-

"Taco!" The text message i get almost every day from my friend in Ontario...he claims he's a quarter mexican. XD

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! THE CAT FELL DOWN THE FUCKING STAIRS!" -Omg, ok, Aaron again. It was over msn so it was pretty funny XD

"Jassie, do you think rangling the bull sounds sexual?" -me "...not at all." -Jassie...and then he started laughing really really REALLY hard.

"What's...the... ...dirt..." -Jassie's friend Jonas when he was coming to after Jassie knocked him out. Hahahaha! It was SO funny!

"Fuck u." -my friend of 15 years from my old town! its funny because he was talking on msn to some girl who was getting mad at him for saying one of her friends wasnt real (i was there, too cuz he didnt mind) and everytime she said something stupid he'd type it and then delete it really fast. it was sooo funny. we kept trying to get him to send it XD

"HOLY FUCKIN SHIT ON A FLAMING STICK! THUNDER JUST BOOMED AND SHOOK MY HOUSE!" -i wrote this in one of my blogs which was really random and all over the place, but when i read it back to myself i just couldnt stop laughing, it sounded so gay! XD it really happened, though! the thunder i mean hehehe

"If I had a nickel for every time I've been incarcerated... I'd have fifteen cents" - John Lyshitski, Let's go to Prison

"We should be cellmates. I don't snore, and I'm a quiet masturbator. Hell, I'll even give you the top bunk." - John Lyshitski, Let's go to Prison. What can I say, I LOVE this movie!

More quotes to come, you can count on that!!

Future/Completed/Current Projects


Anime: Gundam Seed

Pairings: None

Characters: Yzak, Dearka, Shiho, Kira, Miriallia, Cagalli, Athrun, Nicol, Fllay, Lacus.

Tags: Humour, Romance...more or less...

~Well, to be honest with you, Shuffle was just an assorted jumble of lines from other shows. But man, it was fun to write! XD

Here's some facts(dont hurt you eyes) :P:

-Shiho is completely out of character and she stalks Yzak, Kira alternates between extremely stupid and extremely smart days, Athrun just can't get a girlfriend, Both of Cagalli and Kira's parents are alive, Fllay's Father is dead but she has a mother that I just made up, Dearka was kicked out of school for a year so he's in grade 11 and Yzak's in grade 12, Tolle is still dead. I don't know how he died because in this the war never happend... but... whatever..., Yzak still has his scar for whatever reason, Cagalli's kind of out of character- and she totally hates Fllay, Kira thinks Fllay is EXTREMELY irritating, Everybody bosses Nicol around just because it's easy, Yzak has a 1 year old sister named Allaya, Dearka has an 8 year old sister named Misha, Yzak back-talks his mother (oh my god!), Practically everyone lives in mansions, I've made up a lot of phone numbers. Please don't try dialing them. Just don't, Fllay still hates Coordinators like you wouldn't believe. (She treats them fairly but it's really unstable- meaning if a Coordinator were to tick her off to an extreme she'd go all psychotic), There's a deadly virus on the loose and only Coordinators can catch it. Hence the Coordinator Plague, Athruns' father is alive (Damn!), Please don't ask about the mutated cold virus. (you'll know what I'm talking about later.), Shiho's father is a doctor, Lacus gets a little weird sometimes, Fllay has a thing for innocence(probably because she has none slaps knee and laughs X3, Athrun doesn't really like Kira. He just kinda... pities him, Nicol is a REAL wimp

All right, I think that's pretty much everything you need to know about Shuffle.

COMMENTS: FINISHED! And please...dont bother reading it...-_-

STATUS: Complete


-Blame Me

Anime: Gundam Seed

Main Pairings: Nicol/Fllay, Yzak/Shiho, OC/OC

Characters: Nicol, Fllay, Shiho, Yzak, Ashley(OC), Dakota(OC), Dearka.

Tags: Drama, Romance

~Not much to say except that it's about Nicol just trying to survive in a far too harsh Juvenile Delinquency Hall after he's blamed for something he technically didn't do. After witnessing the horrble things the jail guards do to prisoners, Nicol convinces his cellmates to help him put a stop to the madness.

STATUS: I'm leaning towards dropped right now


COMMENTS: I really doubt I'll continue this unless something amazing happens...if you wanna know what would be amazing in this situation my answer to you would have to be...your guess is as good as mine haha

-Shuffle 2

Anime: Gundam Seed

Main Pairings: None

Characters: Yzak, Dearka, Shiho, Nicol, Kira, Lacus, Miriallia, Cagalli, Athrun, Fllay.

Tags: Humor, Romance-kinda

~The continuation of Shuffle. Now this one has even more insane pairings than the first Shuffle. I promise! You will not be disappointed! For example, we have Dearka and Shiho, Nicol and Lacus, Yzak and Cagalli and so much more... Shuffle 2 should be up as soon as chapter 10 of Shuffle is added!




-Yasashii Yoake

Anime: Gundam Seed

MAIN PAIRINGS: Dearka/Miriallia, Athrun/Cagalli, Yzak/Lacus

CHARACTERS: Yzak, Dearka, Kira, Cagalli, Athrun, Lacus,

Shiho, Fllay, Nicol, Miriallia, Natarle, Azrael.

TAGS: Drama, Romance

Finally! My first GS fanfic that takes place after the war. To celebrate the newfound harmony, ORB is holding a celebration in the city park. Everything is expected to be peaceful for a long time... but the events that lead up to this celebration are anything but peaceful as the whole Nation is soon to see...

STATUS: Dropped I think


COMMENTS: I doubt I'll continue unless I can find some inspiration soon.

-What Really Happened on the Dominion

Anime: Gundam Seed

Main Pairings: none

Characters: Natarle, Azrael, Orga, Clotho, Shani, Fllay, Random crew members from time to time XD

Tags: Humor/Parody

~I love the Druggies of Gundam Seed:D To honor Orga, Clotho and Shani, I'm writing a parody all for them! Well, they'll have to share with Natarle and Azrael, but hey! Through and through, What Really Happened on the Dominion is basically a struggle for Natarle to hold onto her sanity, while keeping our three insane druggies and Princess Azrael in line! (LET THE INSANITY BEGIN!)

STATUS: In progress

CHAPTERS: 10/20?

COMMENTS: Alive and well; the updates may take awhile but I dont think I'll be dropping it anytime soon

(Note: It just gets better and better! I'm now aiming for 20 chapters, maybe more if I can go that far! Isn't it great?!)

Next Chapter info: Chapter 11: Locked in their cold room, the druggies tell ghost stories to pass the time...but when Fllay gets herself locked in there with them, it's time to play truth or dare!

Chapter Titles AND their post dates and post date estimates! You lucky duck! XD:

(I'll go as I update and look as far ahead as I can for the update estimates!)

Chapter One: "Are you done yet?!" (Post date: August 14th, 2006)

Chapter Two: "Where is the love?" (Post date: August 16th, 2006)

Chapter Three: "This is so childish..." (Post date: August 18th, 2006)

Chapter Four: "Would YOU do her?" (Post date: September 22nd, 2006)

Chapter Five: Shani the insane (Post date: July 5th, 2007)

Chapter Six: When boredom strikes! (Post date: July 10th, 2007)

Chapter Seven: Switcharoo! (Post date: July 16th, 2007)

Chapter Eight: Beauty and the Beasts (Post date: July 21st, 2007)

Chapter Nine: The Woes of Bedtime (Post date: August 18th, 2007)

Chapter Ten: Azrael's Amazing Punishment Part 1 (Post date: December 28th, 2007)

Chapter Eleven: Azrael's Amazing Punishment Part 2 (Post date Estimate: July 31st, 2009, perhaps)

Chapter Twelve: The Dreaded Common Cold

Chapter Thirteen: Friendship Circle

Chapter Fourteen: The Swear Jar

Chapter Fifteen: That "Special" Someone

Chapter Sixteen: A day without Captain

Chapter Seventeen: PMS much?

Chapter Eighteen: When Boredom Strikes 2

Chapter Nineteen: (workin on it)

ChapterTwenty: (workin on it)

-Us Three Extendeds!

Anime: Gundam Seed

Main Pairings: Say what?!

Characters: Auel, Stellar, Sting, Neo

Tags: Humor/Parody

~From the...uh...creator of What Really Happened on the Dominion, comes another stupid tale of three familiar extendeds suffering severe boredom during a seemingly endless ceasefire! Beware Stellar, Sting and Auel!

STATUS: In progress

LAUNCH DATE: June 23, 2007


COMMENTS: Working hard to bring the next chapter to you, but it might take awhile, seeing as I'm concentrating on two other things at the moment

(Note: Okay, it's gonna work like this- I have 10 chapters. Three will be more or less based on Stellar, another three will be based on Auel and the last three will be based on Sting. That leaves one chapter for all of them. Also, I'm considering putting Us Three Extendeds on Hiatus for a bit. I just have no inspiration to write about these dudes...sorry! I'll get back to it soon!)

Chapter Titles AND their post dates and post date estimates! You lucky duck! XD:

(I'll go as I update and look as far ahead as I can for the update estimates!)

Chapter One: Hurricane Auel! (Posted; June 23rd, 2007)

Chapter Two: Stellar's Pillow Fort (Posted; June 26th, 2007)

Chapter Three: Bubblegum (Post date estimate: No idea at this point- concentrating on WRHotD)

Chapter Four: "I didn't do it!"

Chapter Five: Sleepless Nights

Chapter Six: Crazy Eights

Chapter Seven: Water War!

Chapter Eight: Just Five Fish

Chapter Nine: The Scoop:D (Icecream Sundae!)

Chapter Ten: Truth or Dare

Gundam Seed: Episode 24- Warped!

Anime: Gundam Seed

Main Parings: Cagalli/Athrun... but only if you can picture it through all this crap!

CHARACTERS: Cagalli and Athrun

TAGS: Humor, Parody

Episode 24 of Gundam Seed is pretty much a huge squealer for Athrun/Cagalli fans as well as a very dramatic episode, putting all that aside. Well, I've got my hands on it now, so it's time to warp it out! Hahahaha! Co-written by Cointagious!

(NOTE: I'm planning on working on a whole series like this, so far I'm doing planning for a parody of episode 24 and 40, and we'll see where it goes after that.)

COMMENTS: I dont think I'm going to do this one, my co-writer and I have lost a contact in the past year

STATUS: Not yet launched


-On a Lighter Note

Anime: Death Note

Main Pairings: I don't think there will really be any...

Main Characters: Light, Misa, Sayu, Mello, Near, Matt, Takada, L, Ryuk

Tags: Humor/Parody

Yay! My first ever Death Note fic! It's gonna be big!! Here's how it goes! (and just so you know, I had to change some of the characters ages up a bit so this would work...)

~Light, Misa, Sayu, Mello, Near, Matt, Takada, and L all attend the same highschool together! When a Death Note turns up out of no where, they make it their job to keep its secret...easier said than done!

COMMENTS: I really want to do this, but I will probably end up dropping it very soon.

STATUS: Not yet launched


-What We Fought For

Anime: Gundam Seed

Main Pairings: Orga/Fllay, Clotho/Cagalli, Shani/Stellar

Main Characters: Orga, Clotho, Shani

Tags: Romance/(Angst)...(I dont know what else I could say it is)

SUMMARY: Alive. Free. They were foreign words to him; two things he never thought he'd be. This war was his final ride, one last fling before it was his time to die. These facts outlined the rest of his life, and Orga Sabnak knew that well.

COMMENTS: Finally, after a year of me saying I'd get started on this, I'm ACTUALLY doing it! I plan to have it up soon, and I hope it's well liked.

STATUS: Not yet launched


That's all for me projects, maties! Thanks for readin'! Har har har! ;D





Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Becoming the Normal Teenager by The Great Hippo Thief reviews
Bryan asks Mariah on a date. With the dating experience of Ed the socially inept hamster his best option is to panic. With questionable support from his equally stunted teammates he is thrust into a relationship where things just go wrong.
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Gundam Seed - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,391 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Published: 7/19/2007 - Murrue R., Kira Y.
Deliverance by Garowyn reviews
Athrun, Azrael, and Mwu, three men bound to the fates of the prisoners, Auel, Rey, and Stellar, who possess unearthly powers.
Gundam Seed - Rated: T - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 4 - Words: 11,896 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 7/13/2007 - Published: 9/21/2006 - Athrun Z., Stellar L.
Abandon by Garowyn reviews
A young Auel, Stellar, and Sting, and the consequences of disobedience.
Gundam Seed - Rated: K+ - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,489 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/22/2007 - Sting O., Stellar L. - Complete
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Gundam Seed - Rated: M - English - Drama/Tragedy - Chapters: 24 - Words: 53,008 - Reviews: 83 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 4/8/2007 - Published: 6/23/2006 - Dearka E., Yzak J. - Complete
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