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Poll: Regarding my established AU DW 'Verse: I have hinted that there was a relationship between the Second Doctor and Jamie. Thus far in both The Great Eclipse and in Ties that Bind I've alluded to the nature of that relationship. Where should this story go? Vote Now!
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Author has written 8 stories for Pitch Black / Riddick, Firefly, and Doctor Who.


Not that I care but some folks might want to know:

as of Jan 3, 2011, Took a LONG break to deal with Real life stuff, including a new job, etc... I am hoping that I am back now and that the fiction starts rolling off my fingers again *smiles* - I do have work in progress, I've been doing writing for pay though, which makes updates slow... AND even though I have 2 chapters ready to post, this site ain't playing nice...

I love reading other people's stuff, have an obsession with certain slash couples (some of which I don't think I've ever read, but hey... I can dream all I want), and very much enjoy Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Chronicles of Riddick, Firefly/Serenity, Blade Runner, Aliens, -- well any sci-fi I guess. Someday, I'm gonna have the Doctor meet Severus Snape. Maybe. Although right now, Riddick has dibbs. hehe.

I suppose I should warn everyone that I often skirt sexual situations in my work that may disturb some readers. Also, I have an unabashed view of certain things, and to me the attraction are mostly the character's leaning for themselves. I am not explicated in a dirty language sort of way however, and if you approach my work with an open mind you just might find it all makes sense after a while. That said- my Doctor is VERY alien, and you'll find the stories I'm doing pair him with his TARDIS, certain companions, and a literal web of people across time and space.
I take the idea that the TARDIS being living rather to heart here, and am planning a 3/tardis story arc that fits into place after my 2/Jamie tale.


My straight Riddick 'Verse story is A Passage. Forum for this is called The Animal Side. Just a few notes to keep you all up to date:

I have revised chapters 1 - 7 and am working on revising chapter 8. For all those who haven't noticed, chapter one "The Butcher Bay Gamble" now includes Johns' Chase Log and the Slam City WebComic. It's about double in length to what it was before. Chapter 2 I've added a 1500 words and added in a bit of slightly hidden info from the Pitch Black Novel. I hint in the current version of chapter 3 that Riddick nearly escapes from the hotel where Johns has him. That scene from Johns point of view is in late chapter 2. Chapter 3 fleshes out the start of the Shazza-Zeke-Jack relationship and is a almost a thousand words longer. Chapter 4 is a far bit longer now, focusing on Riddick's experience inside his cryolocker. Considering he's awake as the thing is loaded onto the ship, I thought it would add more to the chapter to experience that from his point of view. Additionally I found a great article in a special effects rag that gave a blow-by blow of the crash filming. I've used this to expand the crash sequence a bit. Chapter 5 has a number of expansions including more detail about Jack's dual personality and why she and Paris are at each others throats. Chapter 6 and 7 have a bit of a format change which is why I uploaded them at the same time. The march to the settlement was shifted over to the latter chapter because of details added to chapter 6.

Currently the story is at chapter 32. I cover Kyra's route from Helion to Crematoria - how and why she ends up back in prison. chapter 31- Kyra's out of prison, and on her way to Helion... But can she keep her temper in check? Well, It might be another 6 months before you know, because I can't get the Doctor to shut up (See the last story listing below). I've finished with Toombs and his quest to find Riddick. Nasty little Merc... Anyhow, While chapter 26 focused on Kyra's experiences, or more to the point, who she is, and how 'Jack' becomes 'Kyra' when Jack is with Riddick... Chapter 27 is about how Jack and Richard manage to survive on the barely habitable world of UV6. 28 went back to Kyra and the 'Verse away from UV6. This was a difficult and violent chapter. I expect other chapters with Kyra to be just as dark if not more so. And there's at least two more chapters focused on Kyra to go. Chapter 29 adds in Toombs chase log. Chapter 30 (because of the length of chappie 29) introduces some future unexpected allies for Riddick and Jack, checks in on Abu and Lajjun as well as the situation with Carolyn, all inside a framework provided by Kyra's experiences.

Chapter 33 will start CoR proper, most likely.

These chapters are why the story is rated mature. The 'Verse Riddick is from is a harsh uncaring one, and he has lived in the underbelly of it for so long that he rarely sees much else. Now, we'll get to experience that too, through Kyra's eyes. If you wonder where I became inspired to write this stuff then you need to play EFBB. The macromedia short (which you can watch at Tigon Studios) just doesn't do the experience full justice.

I've almost finished covering the 4 or so years between Dark Fury and the start of CoR by switching between Jack/Riddick, Toombs, Imam/Lajjun (with a bit of Fry and some characters from CoR), and Kyra. The CoR chapters will begin to pull them back together. Oh, don't worry... I'm not planning on rushing and all those little plotholes that bother you about CoR will be delt with. They bother me too.

I'm a sucker for being as cannon as I can be with a twist. I pull from all sources, including the books, the websites, games, extended DVD's, and the like. I'm in the process of posting my collected 'Intel' on my homepage, GM_Andy's. I will post a list of Slams Riddick is known to have escaped from, various other bits and bobs of odd data, and even the scripts or transcripts I've collected/done. If you love Riddick and know a cool website I should link to, drop me an email and I might add it.


My second story, Walk Among Ghosts is a Firefly/Serenity fic that I have much less worked out on. Please note that the story takes place after the movie and at the end of Serenity River jumps into the pilot's chair. As such, she is the pilot. I'm trying to get back into the Firefly 'verse mindset to actually work the story. It's co-authored with my good friend 24K. She's the ghost! ;D The Forum for Ghosts is called Serenity. If you re-read Ghosts you'll find that I've updated the existing chapters some, fixed some little spelling and grammar mistakes, and gone in depth a bit more with the characters. It's not perfect, mind you. Chapter 9 is up now and I have chapter 10 in the works. -this is on hold until some muse strikes me.


Adult Versions of my Doctor Who 'Verse are being posted at GM Andy's TARDIS ramblings. You can also find them being posted at Teaspoon & an Open Mind. Direct link to the first one: Note this is graphic and more detailed then the version here. So if you can't get enough and don't mind more explicit details check 'em out. Second one direct link: http:///23111.html

My third 'story' is something of a twisted plot-bunny. This is ending up as a AU 'Verse that will have rewrites of Firefly, Riddick, and 9th Doctor era Dr Who folded in with a twining original story arc that pulls from the Classic Doctor Who including the novels. Act one is finished. The forum for this is called TARDIS Parking

You can find this posted under the Soul Web series at Teaspoon too, and I hope to tweak and then post all my stuff there eventually. Please note that I'm slowly making chapter banners for my chapters, starting with Act One. You can find those on Livejournal.

Note that I've moved these to Crossover, although the First Doctor and Second Doctor stuff remains in the non-crossover area.

So to start: take Pitch Black as a background, add some of Firefly by way of the Tams and toss in a grieving TimeLord... It's one of those things that I expect no-one else is really interested in, but I can't seem to get it to go away. It's called Doctor Who and the Great Eclipse. Act one sets up the story. Let's see how messed up I can make the Pitch Black plot, shall we? And this is my first "finished" story... only it's not, because the Doctor has a TARDIS full of people. Haha. Right. There'll be more on this very soon.

Act two is called Doctor Who and the Ties that Bind. They've survived the Eclipse, escaped the planet, and now the TARDIS must make certain survivors realize just what it means to become the Doctor's Companions. If they hope to overcome the trap they have stumbled into they must accept what fate has in store for them. But can Simon cope with the knowledge that he's related to one of the Doctor's first traveling partners? And just how does Richard B, Riddick fit into this puzzle? And what about -- Rose Tyler? The crossover aspect if this could be kinda -- complicated -- Exactly where do they pop out of the Vortex? I can promise you that its not Helion Prime, 2518.

Act three is Doctor Who and the Tangled Web. A tentative alliance has been formed, a temporary home found, and now the Doctor must face the problems and issues he's been putting off dealing with for seven lifetimes. Unfortunately, someone has laid a trap for him that is closing in slowly. Can he survive, or will this situation be the end of him? Follows the Firefly Series plotlines. It may include heavy past Doctor/Companion relationship scenes, as I tackle the question of Who is 'Jack B Badd'?

There's another side story I've posted: How the Doctor was Won. This is a lead in to my eventual 3rd doctor/ Verity story which will follow All About. This is a first Doctor and companion tale, that charts the events leading to the Doctor leaving Gallifrey, what he does to protect his granddaughter before "An Unearthly Child" and how the TARDIS deals with his slow physical decline before he regenerates. This will eventually link right up with All About the Doctor and Jamie, dovetailing into the first chapter of that story.

Then I will jump to post-Jamie and show how the Doctor manages to recover from that loss, unless Romana sticks her fingers in the pot and really makes drastic changes (She's trying very hard, tossing all sorts of nasty plot bunnies at me). Romana's plot bunnies are loose in Threads of Time, and if you are caught up with All About you might want to read that.. Yes there are spoilers for 9/Riddick/Rose there... heh.

~Note~ All About The Doctor and Jamie is a side story for this AU 'Verse. Based on like all of two votes... and a handful of reviews. I'm compromising. Fully plot-ish adventures are in this story, and selected scenes are lifted from it and detailed further in Act Three. If you don't know much about the second Doctor and Jamie then this will give you the background you'll need to make sense of the references the ninth Doctor is making to this time period. Transcripts I'm using for this story can be found here: http:///2nddoc/2nddoc.html Video Inspiration is a wonderful thing. Get it here: "All About Us"


If you are interested in more of my thoughts on the canon Riddick 'Verse please check out my new blog, linked to my homepage. Or look in my forum The Animal Side for trivia added as I compile it.

To read collected facts about the Chronicles of Riddick universe, transcripts of the movies, see detail screenies, and other goodies you'll want to check it out.

My transcript of CoR: Dark Fury can be read here.

The shooting script for Pitch Black can be read here

Pictures, music and video clips from various sources can be veiwed/ listened to/downloaded at GM_Andy's CoR Multi-media.

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