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Author has written 2 stories for Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.


Name: Eefi-chan (Eefi for short, please) for: Writing stories

Strengths: Creative ideas, conversation, humor

Weaknesses: Grammar, Spelling, Run-on, Slow plots, carrying off, Keeping in character, present/past tense

Story categories she wants to write: Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Code Geass, Yu-gi-oh (DM, GX, and 5D), Tales of the Abyss, for people

Editors: Saq78642 (a great editor and very creative), Arcadia (another great editor and great pal)

Other information: I am 50-50 on both hemispheres of my brain, so my writing style could change anytime and anywhere. That also means I go hot and cold in my writing as well.

Quote: "You can't go back on one-way roads.", "Busy just never gets less or easy..."

P.s. I made that bad icon.


Thursday, December 30th- Working on the next chapters of both fanfictions and chapter one of Duel Acamedia X.


Going as Friends?- A humorous pokemon fanfiction focusing on Mikunagi/Gracefulshipping/Wallace and Winona couple from PokeSpecial/Pokemon Adventures. Beware of Steven Stone, that's all I got to say. STATUS: Stuck on the Chapter 9, but have a future chapter done/On halt for now.

Sleeping Rose- A humorous Yu-gi-oh 5D fanfiction focusing on Ruka's story of Sleeping Beauty influence by Aki's life and some events from the past two seasons. Includes Jack Atlus in a cranky mode, with some Yuaki eye-candy on the side. STATUS: Working on Chapter 5/On halt for now.


??- This fanfiction I can not reveal right now. Yugioh! 5D. Humor. STATUS: Planning process. DATE: TBA

??- Another I can not reveal right now. Yugioh! 5D. Humor. STATUS: Idea floating in head. DATE: TBA

Bonds of Faith- The afterward of Paradox's invasion causes the three time periods and dimensions get clashed together into one. Yugi, Judai, and Yusei need to find the solution to the problem, or else existence itself is done for. And this time they are not alone... Yugioh! 5DX. Adventure/Action. STATUS: Writing time! DATE: Spring 2011ish?

X Generation Project

Team Satisfaction X- With his and some of his friends' parents gone for a urgent mission, Yua Fudo and his friends try to keep up their normal lives while waiting for their return. But after a strange encounter with an foreign enemy and accidentally releasing his father's secret project into their duel disks, Yua and the other members of the second generation Team Satisfaction must use this project for eveyone's sake. Yu-gi-oh! 5D. Drama. STATUS: Planning process. DATE: TBA (Part of the X Generation project)

Duel Acamedia X- For years, Judai Yuki was never found or heard since leaving for his adventure after gradulation. But out of the blue on the duel exam day, his son Judi Yuki reveals his existance. Judi makes friends with the offspring of Judai's friends and fights the threats that appear throughtout his three years. But why are these threats happening? Is it almost De ja vu... or something else? Yu-gi-oh! GX. Action/Adventure/Mystery. STATUS: Planning process, timeline of plots, and Chapter 1. DATE: Spring 2011ish? (Part of the X Generation project)

Duel Monsters X- Atem Muto, son of the legendary duelist Yugi Muto, finally starts his journey. His dream is to be the greatest duelist out there. But when things start to happen supernaturally, Atem has to make the choice if it's worth putting his dream aside for his destiny. Yu-gi-oh!. Action/Adventure. STATUS: Naming and Character development. DATE TBA (Part of the X Generation project)

MAYBE (in order by "Oh, maybe yes!" to "Eh, maybe not..."):

TerraRuby and AquaSapphire (tentative title)- Just right after Hoenn is completely restore, another evil team emerges and has their eyes on Rayquaza. Seems easy since the heroes have done it before, right? Not really. The Hoenn Pokedex holders and allies are actually faced with more trama then what they expect, or worse, bare. Based on Pokemon Adventures. Pokemon. Ruby and Sapphire. Action/Adventure/Drama.

How My Twin Ruined My First Sexual Experience- Ruka was asked out by two boys at the same time. Desperate, she asks Rua to do the impossible. Yu-gi-oh! 5D. Rua and Ruka. Humor.

Another Way, Ushio- Ushio kidnaps Ruka in hopes to learn her powerful writing skills to woo Mikage. But Ruka has a better way to direct this love-sick adult. Yugioh! 5D. Tetsu Ushio and Ruka. Humor.

The Cracks of 5D- If things were taken humorously when they should had, then Yusei would had no excuse to be stoic. Yu-gi-oh! 5D. Humor.

Geass Seas- Loosely based off of Wanted, Kallen Kouzuki embarks onto a ship full of pirates who want to rebel against the evil Britiannan dynasty that rules over the seas. But there is something more then just fight for rights, with secrets as deadly and deep as the ocean itself. Code Geass. Kallen Kouzuki. Action/Adventure.

NOTE: You can contact me if you really like one or so of the ideas and want me to start up one ASAP. I will be gladly to put aside extra time to work and post those if you do.

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