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Hullo, all! It's been five years since I was last on this site. A lot has changed, and then again a lot is still the same. I'm still an American (duh!), and I still love to read and write when I have time. I'm not a student anymore; I finished college and now I have a big-girl job in the medical profession. After five years without touching anything concerning Dark Angel, though, I found that I'm still pretty obsessed with the possibilities that were cut short by its cancellation.

The reason I'm back is because I got a couple email notifications over the last few months that some member or other had favorited a story of mine on here, and I thought, "Huh. People are still reading those fics I posted in high school?" I was curious and re-read my stories. Then I re-read some of the ones I'd marked as my favorites. Then I had ideas to continue where I'd left off, and I felt bad looking at my reviews and people who'd posted alerts on my stories that literally had not been touched in 5 years. I got excited about it again and wanted to start writing some more.

I can't promise that I will now finish ALL of my WIPs. This inspiration might be fleeting. What I *can* promise is that I don't have homework anymore, and I get four days off each week since I work three 12-hour shifts to be full-time. There might be a big disconnect in style, since I wrote the stuff already on here while I was in high school and I'm now an adult with a bachelor's degree... >.I'm going to leave my old author's profile up here from my high school self, because let's face it: if you were a fan of my stories here, it's all her fault. She deserves the credit. :)

I hope you enjoy my new fics and my new additions to old ones! Please give me some honest feedback; it's what helped bring me back here after I thought for sure they'd have deleted my account!

Thank you for your support,


Let's see... I'm an American, I'm a student, and I love to read and write when I have time.

Shows I'm into include Dark Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Supernatural (and now the Big Bang Theory, New Girl, Once Upon a Time... etc).

The fics I write and love are Dark Angel. I've had a sort of obsession with it lately, and I don't think it will be put to rest any time soon...

Hmmm. I guess all that's left is to mention is the fact that I can hit terrible spells of writer's block, and they don't shake easily... But when I get some form of inspiration or other, I can't keep my fingers from the keyboard! (I LOL'd at reading this understatement just now... Sorry, guys!)

The stories I have currently posted (there are more being typed on my computer, whenever I get ideas) are mostly works in progress. I am still working on them, don't worry. To anyone who has been reading:

MIA: This is my drama fic, and it's the longest one I'm planning. It centers on a recaptured and reindoctrinated Max who has been assigned to kill Eyes Only while on the Outside, Terminal City is a boiling stewpot of turmoil on the brink of civil war.

Why Don't You Get A Job: This is my first attempt at a comedy fic. Max finally gets fired from Jam Pony and loses her memory after being knocked out in a fight. Remembering only her name, she accepts a job at a fast food joint that has some secrets of it's own... For all of you who read the first two chapters and have been waiting for the third, sorry, but this fic is on a temporary hiatus. I'm just really not feeling it right now, and I am too busy to give myself chapter deadlines to motivate me to write. Besides, if I did force myself to write, the fic would suck. But don't worry, faithful readers. The next post for this is coming. I just don't know when.

Time To Pay The Price!: Everyone keeps saying that to Alec, and it's starting to freak him out! He's finding out just how much that phrase can be used against him, at the cost of his wallet as well as his... life?! Can Alec survive his encounters with tough responsibility and his problems? (And will he ever get Sketchy a new camera?) (Complete)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: A fic inspired by the Christmas season, as well as the vacation that great holiday gave me that allowed me to write! It's a fluffy little bit of Max/Alec goodness. Max hates Christmas, and Alec tries to cheer her up by getting her the perfect gift. But what gift could possibly make Max enjoy Christmas? You'll have to read to find out... (Complete)

That's it! Thanks so much to anyone who likes my stories enough to review! It really does keep me writing!

Happy reading!


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for someone that knows the show, it is a lot better picturing character voices. Two episodes featuring Brendon Small and the people he spends time with. Written in a play format.
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Pointless MA fluff.
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An Out of Body Experience! reviews
Old Challenge response. Rated T-M. MA Just when they thought things couldn't get any weirder, Max and Alec meet a mysterious stranger and end up swapping bodies for a week! The two transgenics barely get along in their own skins; can they keep from killing each other *as* each other? Or will they gain a better perspective? The ultimate, and confused, battle of the sexes begins!
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Max hates Christmas, plain and simple. Alec doesn't. Can he help Max make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year? Fluffy nonsense in the spirit of the times! MA
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We all saw it coming... Max finally got fired from her job at Jam Pony. But how will she deal with a new job in... food service?
Dark Angel - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,616 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 7/24/2006 - Published: 6/27/2006
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