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"My heart may be thin as ice, but my feelings for you aren't..."

Name: Tsai Lis
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Favorite, FAVORITE couple: AXEL LARXENE! Hehehe! I dunno know why but I think that's the best couple! Hahahahaz! Only if Square-Enix let them have each other! Gr! J/k!

Favorite couples: Axel and Larxene, Larxene and Demyx, Demyx and Yuffie, Riku and Namine, Roxas and Namine, Lu Xun and Sun Shang,Hinata and Neji, Hinata and Gaara, Naruto and Hinata. Shikamaru and Temari, Chouji and Ino, Nel and Albel, Zack and Aeris, Cloud and Aeris, Reno and Elena, Tseng and Elena, Kousuke and Ryoko, Eyes and Rio...they do make a good couple...kinda...and a lot more couples than this. NO YAOIS! (Unless it's Sasuke...NAH! Just kiddin...or am I? Hahahahaz!)

Couples that I don't like or is confused on: YAOIS! Sakura and Sasuke, Ino and Sasuke, Lust and Envy (Kind of confused), Vincent and Yuffie, Yuffie and Reno, RIKU AND KAIRI, Inu-Yasha and Kagome, and there's some more I don't wanna say right now... 0_o (COUGH! RIKU AND OCS...VERY UGLY COUPLE THERE!!!)

Favorite games: Well...I like to play Kingdom Hearts , Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, and X-2, Disagea: Hour of Darkness, Makai Kingdom, Star Ocean: Til the End of Time, Fullmetal Alchemist: and the broken Angel, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Crimson Elixir, Inu-Yasha and the Cursed Mask, Dynasty Warriors 5, Maplestory ( -Online game), Chrono Cross, and a lot more games...@_@

The animes/mangas I like to watch/read are:
Fullmetal Alchemist(Hahahaz!), Naruto (the Japanese ones of course!), Inu-Yasha( it's OKAY...), Chrono Crusade(hahahahaz! a great comic! (haven't watched the anime yet!), D. N. Angel (Risa and Satoshi make such a good couple!), Godchild (OOH! not really...), Absolute Boyfriend (just tha humor), Peacemaker Kurogane(BLOOD SHED!), Fruits Basket(Rin X Haru!), Kodocha(really funni!), Spiral(Kousuke and Ryoko!), Case Closed, and some more that I can't think of right now...

My friends always think I'm hyper...h_h I am (as you can see...) a 14 year old. -_-' I want to be older. Yeah, I like to draw (I suck though), play games(FAVORITE THING!), hang out with my friends, watch anime, listen and play music, and I LOVE BOBA DRINKS! I really like Mocha the BEST! Taro chips are good too! (Yeah, I'm Asian.) I speak Hmong... @_@ I really like Root good...BUT MOCHA BOBA IS SO MUCH BETTER! You should try one ya'know? Really good!

Favorite Sports: I really like to play volleyball. Other than that, I like to play basketball, softball, badmitten, soccer...B)

Yeah i go on Gaia. My name is: CrimsonTears55...Hehehe! Well PM me if you want.

I really want an answer to this question: Why do people like Riku? (The one in Kingdom Hearts.) Why? aND WHY sASUKE?...And Zexion is...what does he fight with? a stick?

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