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Hey you all! I was previously Swatter, but I decided to change my penname, so there you go (:

I know I've been MIA for a long, long, long, long (cue a hundred more of that) time, but I'm back and ready with more chapters for WMBNS. And yes, this time, I actually have chapters in advance, so I have a good feeling about this. I need to apologize for having disappeared with the excuse of homework and school and everything. But really, they are all nothing but excuses. I know, I know... I'm back for good though, I promise! -crosses fingers-

I like to think that I'm older now, and not so childish as when I first posted my first fic with no middle and no end in mind at all (Rocky Relationship). I really cringe whenever I try to read it again, so it'll definitely see a rewrite one of these days. So yes, the point is, I hope I'm more matured now, and that my writing has improved along with age (:

Read and Review, like any other author would say, and feel free to criticize constructively, because (c'mon, admit it) who doesn't love reviews? ;)

Lastly, I would like to say once more...



With Milk But No Sugar (Fairy Tales): I should have seen this coming. Now it's probably all my fault I'm being sent to some faraway place to take care of some Princess. ...Okay, so maybe the place isn't that far and I don't know the Princess just yet. I'm not comforted with that thought.

Fayette is an ordinary girl, a little feminine, and yet, she is part of the best security team in town. She was the lucky one chosen to be sent over to Fafa-Erwei (to which spelling I claim) to take care of a Princess. Fayette, please meet Not-so-Classic Fairy Tale Princess, Celdoea.

Sarah (:

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I was not a good daughter. At least, according to my father, I wasn’t. I wasn’t a good daughter simply because I wasn’t a son. It wasn’t my mother’s fault, of course, that I wasn’t a boy, it was my fault. I had been the one who refused to be a boy.
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