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Heh, that's so stupid it's actually funny.

Hmm... why did I write that...?

Ah, my reason escaped my mind. But I'm too lazy to delete that, so I'll just leave it there.

Hah! What? Am I suppose to write something...?

Gah! Gomen... I got a bit distracted, there. My stupid sis is singing Spongebob Squarepants's theme song way off key!

Anyways, I guess I should start with who the hell I am...

Name: What? No way am I telling!

Age: Oi, obviously I'm old enough to be here, and that's all you need to know!

D.O.B: That won't hurt, I guess... It's 9th of February

P.O.B: I was born in seclusion amidst the coldnes of the Land of Darkness where all who live there are bitter and wistful... I wish! Nope, ain't gonna tell you that, either!

Sex: Hmm... Maybe I'm not even human... Aliens have genders too, right? Well, I guess it won't make a difference, anyway! I'm -

Fav. Subject at School: (gag) I have none! Except for English! Yes, yesss, English is tolerable...

Fav. Colour: Black, Dark Blue and Dark Red (or anything else that's not too bright, for that matter)

Fav. Anime: DIGIMON FRONTIER, DUH! Oh, and FullMetal Alchemist, and Gundam Seed Destiny, and Beyblade, and... Uhh, I lost count... and the list where I'd written them... I think Azzie has it...

Fav. Music: Anything as long as it sounds good to me (I'm currently addicted to Superman by I don't know who and Shakira's Hips Don't Lie (nice song, really)).

Hobbies: Writing (duh), reading, rollerblading, rockclimbing, skating, cycling, watching my favourite Animes and sitting alone in a quiet, peaceful corner, away from annoyingly loud people (louder than Takuya, can you believe that?) and away from Azzie's violence (aww, just kidding, Azzie).

Other Pointless Things You Do Not Know About Me But Are Going To Know Cause I'm Writing Them Anyway: I'm currently stuck in Singapore with my old-people-smelling Grandparents who don't seem to even know the difference between a broomstick and me, I'm suffering insomnia right now and am falling asleep in the school I'm currently forced toattend while I'm here, I'm being forced to learn Chinese and Malay(very sucky language, in my opinion) by my freaky, slave-driving teachers and Azreal's the only thing that's keeping me from just flipping out and go getting myself kidnapped and mutilated (and my fics and reviewers, of course).

I'm also being forced-fed by the school nurse because Azzie managed to convince her that I'm anorexic, WHICH I'M NOT, thank you very much. Wait, did I really say Azzie is the only thing keeping me from flipping out and go getting myself kidnapped and mutilated? Cause now that I think about it, he seems to be the biggest reason why'd I'd do that in the first place!

Is that dark for you? Well, that's my life : )

Anything else other than anything else: I have a slight tendency in turning simple, short stuff into long, complicated things that would take you more than one lifetime to decipher correctly. Seriously. Give me a short one-shot and I'll find a way to stretch it till it reaches China! And I also sometimes mix up stuff that are true and stuff that are not, which is why I rarely review, so gomen nasai to those who's fic I read but do not review!

Hhhmmm, what else...? Oh yeah, Azzie's the only person I know who's gone public with his being gay. The teachers don't know, though, only the kids in our grade. And you know what? Turns out half of the boys in my class are gay (they didn't go public like Azzie, mind you, I found out the hard and perverted way), and you cannot believe the things they talk about during lunch! Anyways, I hate people who say stuff like 'open your minds' or 'treat others the way you want to be treated' and yet, they don't take their own advice.

It just boils my blood when people say stuff like that and end up doing the exact opposite of it!

Oh, and for those who do not know who the freaking, bloody hell is this Azzie I'm constantlly yapping about (which is highly unlikely, as he's demanded to be mentioned in every fic I'm writing, the self-centered bastard), he is my best friend and the guy I turn to when I need someone to listen to my endless and rage-filled rantings (I also go to him if I need inspiration for my fics, though most of the time we just end up with bruises on several part of our bodies as we tend to argue over every little thing). He's the one person who understands me, however sappy that sounds, and I can't help but talk about him behind his back! Heehee!

What I'm Currently Stuck With: I've got an image of Kouji shaking his butt to Pump It in my head and Takuya shaking along with him, and a fic for that image! Trouble is, I haven't a clue how to write it down, plus I'm worried it'll scare some people off. Actually, that last part doesn't bother me much... In fact, it motivates me! Hehehe!

Two of One: Is that really the title? Damn, I can't even remember my own fics! Gah! Anyways, don't expect an update anytime soon, as I'm still wondering what the hell I want to happen to Kouji... And that image about him shaking his butt ain't helping that much, either... Grr...

Anomalies: Wait, I'm not stuck with that! I'm just still trying to find a Digimon that fits my baddie... Oh well, if I can't find one, I'll just make one up! Right?

Awakening:This is an X-Men and Digimon crossover and mostly centers around Kouji and Kouichi, and my own little OC! The summary sucks, though, and so does the fic, now that I think about it... But, since I couldn't concentrate on Anomalies with this freaking story nagging at me, I had to wirte it down!

NEWS FLASH: I've gotten someone to beta for me for Awakening! Thankies to Evide! I wuve you!

What I'm Going to Try To Post Hopefully Soon:

Nope, still jumbled up. I don't think I'll ever write anything here...

Hey, wait, stop right there! There is something I want to post soon! It's:

Blind, Silent and Deaf : A Digimon (duh) AU fic. It's a Season One, Two and Four crossover and it contains Takouji (duh, again), Daiken and Taito! Yaoi all around, people! Anyways, Kouji is a Blind Prophet, Ken is a Silent Dreamer and Yamato is a Deaf Whisperer caught in the middle of an ancient prophecy that threatens to consume their world in Darkness. Hehehehe... Anyways, I can't get this freaking idea outta my head, and it wouldn't let me concentrate on Anomalies OR Awakening. So, expect stupidity and pointlessness.

Quotes That I've Taken A Liking To:

'Death is merely another step toward reality.'

- a friend of mine (no, not Azzie)

'Everyone tries so hard to change the world, but never to change himself,'

- a poster my teacher forced me to read for reasons I won't reveal.

'When Dark kills Light and the people lose Hope, what is there left but Emptiness?'

- if I'm the one who said it first, is it considered a quote? It's a line from one ofthe fics I haven't posted yet.

'I believe in no God as no God believes in me,'

- courtesy of yours truly. It's from an ori fic that I posted a year back. Not on FF.net, mind you.

'We can't all be happy, beacuse then, who will bear the sorrows of Lucifer?'

- also from a fic I wrote, but never got round to posting. If anyone can guess what it means, I'll give them a truckload of cookies!

'Lack of justice in this world is no new discovery,'

- once again, an unposted fic.

'You say the world doesn't need a saviour, but everyday I hear it cry out for one,'

- Superman in Superman Returns.

'An eye for an eye, a life for a life,'

- hmm, it's not actually a quote, but it kept nagging at me. I don't even know why I thought of it...

'Where there be Light, there be Darkness; Where there be Good, there be Wickedness,'

- read it somewhere

'Never love a love that hurts and never hurt a love that loves,'

- someone close to me who has recently come out of a bad relationship. Cheer up, Dee!

Anyways, I've nothing else to say except... wait, what was I gonna say? Oh well! Graena! No, wait, Vieda suits this occasion more. So...VIEDA!

Weh, I just realized that I mentioned a sister but never said anything about siblings, so I'm just adding this little bit!

Siblings: I've got two sister who are younger than me, a sister who's a year older than me, and a twin brother... who I just remembered died in an 'accident' two years ago... Yeah... Anou... I don't feel so good... Eh, I think I'm goin to go crawl into a corner and cry now...

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