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My current story...
Ok, everytime I start a new story I'll put a little discription here:
Basicly a multi-pairing fic of all my favorite pairings, some of my friends pairings, and some not so favorite pairings in one big dramatic thing. Basicly Konahamaru likes Hanabi but she treats him like he's a lesser being. Shikamaru breaks up with Temari because he things she's too good for him and he ends up with Ino, though still in love with her. Sakura is still head over heels in love with Sasuke, and finnally goes out with him, only to find out that he likes someone else. Hinata is living in paradise, because Naruto asked her out, only he breaks up with her because Sasuke and Sakura's relationship is looking rocky. She finds confort in the arms of a friend but finally ends up with someone nobody would have expected. Well, Temari comes back to the Kohana to representing and there is a huge bickering inbetween her and Ino. Chouji is in love with his best friends girlfriend. Jiraya cheated on Tsunade for Shizune, Orochimaru has kidnapped the fith hokage and on top of all this the Akatasuki is planning to destroy the Kohana and the Suna for good...could things get any worse?
Current chapters out:
A forshadowing (prolouge)
Temari's Dream (chapter one)
so yeah, I'll be posting a chapter a week and the preview above is what I'm planing on doing, it may change at any time, and some events...well most of them, havn't happened yet...
RinObito (yes, I know they are both dead)
SasuWhomever(except Sakura or Ino)
HinataWhomever(except naruto, too genaric, and Neji...THATS INCEST PEOPLE!)
HanabiKohanamaru (so KAWAII!)
I'm the type that loves to improve her writings skills so yes, if you mention you would like to see me write on a certain pairing or situation I probably will. Exceptions being: M-fics, Yaoi, Yuri (not as if I don't support it, whatever floats your boat is fine I won't oppose it, just won't write it), or Incest (yes I did just say no incest, no sandcest, hyugacest, nor uchihacest (which is also Yaoi as well as incest).
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