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Hey everyone,

My name is Clea and I go by the penname DOZ because I used to be so obsessed with the Matrix, my uncle came up with the nickname 'Daughter of Zion.' (I know I need a life ;)) I live in Australia and I spend so much time on the internet, it isn't funny. Reading fanfic, admiring fan art and trying to find other people who possess even a semblance of the obsession that I have for any fandom I'm interested in. :P

Almost everything I watch, I root for a certain ship. You name it and if I've watched it, I would most likely be able to tell you what couple I like the most.

The first ship that I really got hooked on was Jack/Irina on ALIAS. So here are my main ships for certain fandoms:



Jack/Irina (those two are the epitome of chemistry)

Sarkney (they're both hot people and I just love Julian Sark :swoons:)


Elliot/Olivia (man, now those two have been fighting almost a decade's worth of sexual tension :P)

NCIS: (my current obsession)

Tony/Kate (now those two would have been sooooo great together, but alas death got in the way)

Dragonball Z: (love me some anime :P)

Vegeta/Bulma (I absolutely adore Vegeta)


Grissom/Lady Heather (hehe, they're cool)


Deltora Quest:

Lief/Jasmine (from the moment those two met, I knew they were gonna get together :))

Eragon: (currently reading Eldest)

Eragon/Arya (even though Arya is playing WAY too-hard-to-get, I still think they're cute)

Da Vinci Code:

Langdon/Sophie: (I want them to get together, I was bummed in the movie where they made the two characters act like brother and sister)

Harry Potter: (yep, the list is pretty long)

Harry/Ginny (they're cute, even though them getting together was kind of abrupt imo)

Ron/Hermione (now these two are adorable)

Movies (now this will probably go on for a while, so brace yourselves)

The Matrix:

Trinity/Neo (coz I just love them)

Morpheus/Niobe (I have a soft spot for ex's getting back together)


Blade/Nyssa (I really wanted those two to at least kiss. She brought out a side to him, no one else did)


Logan/Jean (because Logan's hot, and he really does love her)

Bobby/Rogue (Bobby's hot and Rogue is so pretty)

Van Helsing:

Helsing(Gabirel)/Anna (I was so pissed off when she died)

Bourne Identity:

Jason/Marie (so sad when she died)

Jason/Nicky (I find them really intriguing)


John/Angela (just one of those couples I like because they're good-looking people)


Maximus/Lucilla (it was obvious they both still loved each other)

The Last Samurai:

Algren/Taka (I thought that was a beautiful movie)


Preston/Mary (also, a beautiful movie)


Final Fantasy:

Cloud/Aerith (a bittersweet love sigh)

That's all I can think of at the moment, (you're probably asking: "There's more?!") and they're probably is, it just isn't coming to me.

Anyway, like I said, I read fanfic, I'm trying my hand at writing again, but life really does get in the way of updating. Oh, and I want to shout a great big thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed my stories. Thanks so much!!

Well, I guess that's all there is from me. See y'all around.

DOZ aka Clea.

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