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Hi. My name is Adele and I have one thing to say: SNAPE LIVES!

My name only has one 'l unlike my pen name because I guess two other people have the one 'l and two 'ls. Oh welllll...

I am a big fan of Severus Snape. Over the years, my kids have dragged me to see the Harry Potter movies, and I didn't give them a second thought, except I always liked Snape. He seemed to be the only one with any brains. One day, I was sitting on a plane and thinking about Snape, and wishing he had some happiness in his life - and boom... I just fell for him. Like about ten billion other people out there. I think he's a very good man who could use a break. This story tries to give him one. Guess I'd better, 'cause JK ROWLING CERTAINLY DIDN'T GIVE HIM A BREAK IN THE SEVENTH BOOK, now did she!!! How could she? I could she?

Although there is a lot of suspicion around his character, I think he's the best one of the bunch. As I'd grimly predicted, she martyred Snape (and half the other characters in the novel, which I prefer to call The Hogwarts Chainsaw Massacre). So, as I promised, I will have him and his ghost friends do the unspeakable: infiltrate her bank accounts and send all of her billions to charity.

Sorry for the ranting.

On a personal note, I'm currently kind of rebuilding my life. I was fired from my teaching job at a catholic school, after getting in a fight with the principal over discipline issues (I wanted some; she didn't). So now, I've thrown aside altruism and am studying accounting to dedicate my life to money. I'm also a free-lance newspaper writer by trade - and substitute teach when they need me. Many times, I've wished I could do that thing Snape does to get the books to flip to the right page, because it always takes kids forever. (A teacher must have written that scene)

I have a great son and daughter and a wonderful husband whom I don't deserve. And guess what? News flash: I had the honor of meeting Alan Rickman! He was directing a play called "The Creditors" in Brooklyn. Now, I know nothing about Brooklyn except, of course, the famous cantata "Iphingenia in Brooklyn" by PDQ Bach :) But my husband and I got tickets and got there a bit early. They let us into the lobby of the theater and after awhile, he and Rima just came out to mingle! I thought that was very classy. Blushing about ten shades of red, I said hello and shook his hand. And guess what? None of the other dunderheads were saying hi to him! Were they blind? Deaf? Stupid? So, being the opportunist I am, I went back to ask him a couple questions! He was so cool! And that voice is to die for. (Note: I roast him in this book because of a poor film choice I believe he made, but I'm still a loyal fan).

I think FanFiction is a wonderful way for writers to be creative, without the constraints of the mass publishing world. When I belonged to the Romance Writers of America, the editors would come speak - and get so clinical about requirements for heroes and heroines - down to required ages and professions and all of these rules - it was stifling, and very unromantic. I am really enjoying this avenue and will encourage my students to use it.

Thank you for reading my work. You don't know how much it means to me to know that people like it. I've appreciated the reviews and love every minute of this experience. Take care and have a Snapish day!

My Favorite Books:

I Never Loved Your Mind, Slaughterhouse Five, A Tale of Two Cities (Gringotts seems remarkably like the bank in there), Les Miserables, Franny and Zooey, The Haunting of Hill House, Sherlock Holmes, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Rings, Gone With The Wind, The Little Prince, Vanity Fair.

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