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need a read? have something guilty, entertaining, and possibly homosexual and/or incestuous:

Lynn Flewelling - The Bone Doll's Twin, Hidden Warrior, The Oracle's Queen; Luck in the Shadows, Stalking Darkness, and Traitor's Moon

Mercedes Lackey - Magic's Pawn, Magic's Price (there's a middle book called Magic's Promise, but it's so terrible I threw up a little in my mouth reading it; the rest of it rises from 'barely tolerable' to 'mildly amusing' due to gayness and pretty boys)

Sarah Monette - Melusine

Storm Constantine - Wraeththu

V.C. Andrews - Flowers in the Attic

Jose Saramago - Blindness

Koushun Takami - Battle Royale (the novel)

Natsuo Kirino - Out, Grotesque, Real World

Anne Rice - Interview with the Vampire, the Vampire Lestat

Cormac McCarthy - No Country For Old Men

Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar

Jean-Paul Sartre - The Wall

Charlotte Perkins Gilman - The Yellow Wallpaper