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Ello Duckies! It's been a while since I updated this rusty dusty profile. Life sort of caught up with me. I got married to a great guy, gorgeous and smart and a big fan of everything I love. It's pretty freakin' awesome. It'll be two years this June.

Anyways enough about that, since that's not really why we're all here. I've started two new stories, that you can read about below. I still plan on finishing the others that I have been neglecting. And there are a few more up my sleeve that I'm sure will make it on here some day.

Now, a bit about my stories:

~Not Long At All: It takes place three years after Sarah's first visit to save Toby. Sarah is a busy college student with no time for the fantasy life she once adored. That is, until a very handsome Goblin King visits her with some news that could potentially change her life. I do plan on finishing this, as it is actually half done on paper. I am doing serious editing and revising, and I haven't posted on it in a while, though I plan to in the near future. *(I think this one might eventually get removed and or reworked. It bores me. It's been done. A lot.)

~Please note: The "King and I" story was removed, due to it's major suckage. Why i decided to post a story containing an O.C. I have no idea. Those very rarely go over well. I reread it and couldn't believe I even posted it. Suckage! Anyways, I removed it. I don't think any one will notice.

~You'll Find Someone True. Although this story originally started out on my laptop as a one shot on the dark side of Sarah, it has become something I am working on fervently to finish. I started getting reviews on this story right away, and the more I got the more I posted, until I was so in love with it I couldn't stop writing. In this story, Sarah has taken a much darker course in life, as a drug addicted party girl pageant queen. The King, having befriended Sarah one year after her rescue of Toby, wants nothing more than to whisk her away to the Underground. Sarah will have none of that, and so the two vacation at her Aunts lakeside cabin. One thing leads to another, and Sarah becomes the pawn in a dangerous game as she is forced back to the Underground. This is the story I am currently updating on and posting. *(This I plan on finishing. I still love this story. The problem it that I kind of forgot where it was going so I need to plan a course of action or it'll flop.)

The new Stories:

~Interferences of a Goblin King Sort: Every fan girl has her own conversations and interactions with the Goblin King. These tales are based on mine, so to speak. I'm enjoying this and am currently updating it daily.

~Tales from the Gemini Space Craft: This story is in repsonse to the 100 Bowie Song drabbles on the yahoo group David Bowie Jareth Fangirl Harem.

Please check 'em out and let me know what you think!

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Tales from the Gemini Space Craft reviews
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And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."- F. N. Good and Evil are never simple, never concrete. The villain and the heroine often switch places. But when you look closely, you will find truth. See prof 4 full descrip. R
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