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Oct 2012-- I lied. Kind of. Wow. Looking back at all this, I realize how much I sucked... this is so fucking embarrassing oh my god nooooo. Ha, and look how good my grammar used ta be! xD i used to capitalize oh my goodness!!! Anyway. I'm just...tossin' somethin' new up. Because I got...inspired? to do it. I guess. That would be the right word. Don't expect a bounce back, just. Enjoy what I'm throwin your way.

To all you crazy people who've still been paying attention after all these years: thanks. And you're insane. WHY DO YOU STILL CARE, GO AWAY OH MY GOD I WROTE THESE FROM LIKE 12-14 DON'T JUDGE MEEEEE /cough

But i'm keeping the below shit just to remind me of the little bitch I used to be. enjoy the shame. i hope you can feel it through your screens.

(what the fuck was i smoking, "only get to truly understand once" whose words are those, those ar enot my words)

below: last touched 02-02-09

I won't be updating anything on FF.net anymore. Not that my stopping is a great loss to readers anywhere. I've lost the interest in writing fanfics with mary-sues and cliches and dialogue already written many-a-time over. If I ever come up with anything presentable, I put it on a different site, if I reveal it at all. Sorry to the faithful readers that read and reviewed. I liked that MARINOBIhope idea, but alas--so much potential, not enough planning. So instead, I leave you four or so people with this aged farwell.

Besides the fact that it's no longer enjoyable using others' works to write, FF is full of mostly badly written crack fics and stories with no spine. Crack stories are fun to write, but it's quite different when one reads them. When grammar is non-existant in these poorly structured fantasies by pre-teens and plot is a forgotten, foreign word, my excitement begins to drain. Anyhow, I won't delete my stories, because they're memories, and for the hope that maybe someday, I'll throw something on here and surprise a few people.

Looking back, I thought, 'Wow. I wrote all this when I was 14. No wonder I wasn't proud of my work.' Kids develop exponentially (whether that's the correct usage, I just really wanted to type that), so just a year effected my style, grammar, and the like, and another year all the more. Anyway, g'bye to the two or three people that reviewed my stories. Thanks so much! It really helped! I just had no hope, and writer's block was the very proper, legal definition of 'stalker'.

My favorite manga is FMA, of course. My second favorite might be Reborn! or Matantei Loki -- likely the latter. The best anime of all fucking time is One Piece, and Luffy is the greatest! I won't recognize anything else as fact. Sanji-san is just...so great. "The greatest guys have the greatest laughs!" Yeah?

Favorite television series // Doctor Who !! I've only seen the 2005 series and onward. I'd like to see a few old ones, like the episodes with Romana. I cannot at all accurately describe my affinity for Doctor Who and the Whoniverse with so few words. It would take much too long, and the effort would be wasted. Perhaps when a companion asks...

Favorite Doctor // David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, my Doctor. To me. The one I know, or rather as well as anyone can know him without staying with him.

Quoting myself // You only get to truly understand once.

For all of my stories from before, I wrote it down on a notebook or two and packed them away for the move a time ago. I still haven't found them. It seems those talentless blurps are lost forever. It doesn't really matter. I'm much too embarassed to show anyone my old works, anyhow. What I'm really, truly devastated about is my PC. I can't find it. It can't possibly be in Louisiana; I remember it being in the car on the drive...-here-. (Ugh) It is an essential piece to my 50th Anniversary box set. Fiftieth Anniversary...I can't replace that. Even if I could, the marks I left on it from age nine to the present ... Jesus Christ. If only I had a Sonic Thingfinder.

We-e-e-ll it seems that's it. Allonse-y! Get to work growing up and not losing that imagination! Go on, you! Don't be an Andrew Ketterly, be Digory Kirke in that respect, yeah? (hu-h'm-h'm)

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Life's Funny Like That reviews
Life is full of choices, but then, this situation didn't present many. To Sasuke, it was Do or Die. To Naruto, it was the loss of his life. Sasuke made a mistake. And mistakes...can be fatal.
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