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Hi all,

I'm a teen girl from Australia.

I like writing, and am in a lot of fandoms. Currently, I have only written for Marvel, oh, and Fantastic Beasts.

I also have an AO3 account, where I post the same stories. It is also under the name MyNightmaresAreMyDaydreams.

Currently, I am writing a novel I started with NaNoWriMo, but didn't complete. As well as this, I turn to fanfiction for some mindless writing.

That's all for now, but I will probably add some more later. Info below. Skim through titles if you don't want to read everything.

Happy reading and writing,


P.S. My good friend Spiker3008 just joined! If you are feeling generous, pop over and check out the story I'm going to be nagging them about posting soon.


Religion: I honestly don't care about what you believe, as long as it doesn't hurt you or others. Some of my fics reference 'God', mainly as a curse, because it is commonly used in my culture. I am an atheist, but will support anybody in their own religion as long as it fits the above condition.

Ships: Ship what you want. No ship offends me, and if it did I wouldn't mention it rudely. Slash or straight, canon or controversial, I will not judge a person by their ships. Of course, I may point out things that don't make sense to me about a certain ship, but I will never do it to offend people.

Pineapple on pizza: Yes, but again, I don't care if you are a yes or no person.

Racism/Sexism/Homophobia: I will not tolerate it, in myself or others. I try not to offend anyone with what I say, so if I say anything that offends you, mention it. I like to have debates, though. However, if I believe you to be any of the above and it is not in context/canon in a fic, I will point it out.

Feminism: I am not a feminazi. I believe in the type of feminism that wants all people on the same level, regardless of race, gender, or religion. Because of that, I count myself as a feminist, for equality. I don't want women to be considered better than men, just equal.



I'm team Iron Man, when it comes down to it. However, I believe Bucky Barnes should be saved. I have a weakness for broken characters.

I have views on characters that may not be shared by some members of the fandom, so I'll put them up here when I have defined them to myself.

Tony Stark: No matter what he pretends, Tony is a broken character. Most of his cockiness and arrogance is a learned defence mechanism. In my head, he has PTSD, as well as probably depression/anxiety. These will rarely appear in my stories, normally only when they are Tony-centric, but I can't be sure yet as I haven't written too many. Other characters have a hard time seeing through Tony's facade. I ship him with Pepper, for paired stories.

Clint Barton: In my mind, he also has some mental problems from Loki. I also think he is funnier and looser than shown in the movies, so he may seem a little out of character. In some planned stories, he will be with Laura Barton, but I hold a lingering hope for Clintasha, so that may feature.

Natasha Romanoff: My version of Natasha may be twisted. She has been twisted by her childhood, by the Red Room. At best, she has PTSD, mild forced sociopathy (built into her by the Red Room), and can be manipulative. She has many masks, and half the time she doesn't know who she is underneath, and doesn't recognize when she is hiding herself or not. I ship her with Clint for that reason. My versions of them complement each other. In some (planned) stories, Nat will be a joking, friendly person. In others, she will be dark and dangerous. In some, she will swap between personas so fast it may be a surprise. When the characters' point of view I am writing it from is smart enough to see this, I may make it clear. Otherwise, it may not be discussed.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Newt is precious child and must be protected. Also Tina is badass. That's all I can and need to say, I think.


I either write in plain third person, or (rarely) in first person. I tend to use fairly poetic language, but not to an extreme (normally) or with a large amount of talent. My third person may be strange to some people, because, well...

The best way to explain it would be if it was a movie, you would change looking over each character's shoulder. I write third person, reflecting on what individual characters would be thinking or feeling, or even seeing. This will change between some paragraphs, and may be a bit hard to understand, but it is how I write and if it is confusing, review or message and I will try to clarify that part.

I write formally, and this profile will not be that formal, so don't expect my stories to be written like this.


I'm absolutely terrible at keeping to deadlines, or a schedule of any kind. But I do work well with motivation, even if I normally write at some crazy hour of the morning.

At the moment, I have practically no motivation, but I'm working on it!


BBC's Sherlock (Mainly Johnlock related. Ooops. TJLC is real.)

Marvel (Thanks, Infinity War. I'm going to turn into death cornflakes now.)

Star Wars (Maybeeeeee Reylo. Maybe. Just a little. No fics until after the next movie, though.)

New MacGyver (I'm sorry. it appeals to the nerd inside me.)

Hamilton (Do I even need to explain. It's awesome.)


Book: Hamilton, by Ron Chernow

Song: Alkaline, by Timeflies

School: Linguistics

Science: Avian skeletal structure

History: The circumstances of the Big Bang (Which I believe, using all the knowledge available to me, a teen Aussie girl, to be an explosion of pure energy, which split apart and 'cooled' into matter, shedding heat and light - and dark matter/grey matter etc fits in there somewhere)


The Scamander Brothers: A 51 reflecting on the differences of the Scamander brothers, and how Newt grows out of Theseus' shadow. Complete.

Spider Revealed: How do Peter Parker's friends find out about Spiderman? Pre-IW. Complete

The Alphabet of Natasha: The words that make up Natasha. Black Widow Genesis fic. In progress

All Fall Down: AU. What would happen if Tony died? What has the team missed about him? In progress

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Life's Webs by guacamole lover reviews
"Hey, Parker!" Shit. Twisting his head to see MJ storming towards him from across the cafeteria, Peter turned to Ned with a panicked expression. "Uh…" Ned's face was drained of color. "You forgot, didn't you," he said in a hushed voice. "Oh, God, Peter. You're dead."
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

For life reviews
The 007 position is for life. And so when James Bond reaches past the retirement age, he does what any good spy would do and works out all the ways this could go. There are four options. He goes down in a blaze of glory on a mission, but he is felled by a single bullet. Just a man, when it comes down to it. MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH, MENTIONS OF SUICIDE (no actual suicide)
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Newt is used to being forgotten, remembered only as Theseus' little brother. And then, quite suddenly, he's not. Instead, it's the other way around. 5 times Newt was under his brother's shadow, or just realizing that he wasn't anymore 1 time Theseus realized that his brother had grown beyond him and his expectations Crimes of Grindelwald compliant
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Completely AU. What if Tony was the only casualty? No Infinity War spoilers. Deathfic. Everyone-friendly. They had never really thought about what Stark did for the team. They had never taken the time to notice his quirks, how he cared for all of them. They didn't even look behind the masks he wore. But now he was gone, and they started to realize. They counted the long days.
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