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Author has written 3 stories for Danny Phantom.

Please note that I am mostly retired from this site. Unless I have a change of heart, there is very little possiblity of me creating a new story.

My passion for writing Fanfiction has died.

I'm older and more critical of what I do. I feel honor bound to finish what I have started, but as you might have noticed, most of my Fics had not been updated for a full year.

I'll keep up contact if people wish you be my friend, but remeber I am very different from when I began on this site.

Thank you.

Information about how the rules work in my stories will be left here for reffence, but will not be updated.


Lesson: After a lot of stress, Danny snaps, and his parents learn how much they need his help in ghost hunting. After the lesson is learned, and new one must be come into view. Can Danny stand the esclating stress?

Of Ice and Mailmen?: Danny, Tucker and Sam have fun with Danny's new ice powers.
This idea showed up in the form of my dog Teddy. He saw a mailman, freaked out and slipped on the ice. Someone should hit me repeatedly for thinking of this -.- I hate this story now, I will probably remove it.

The Impossible Task: I had an idea about this...but now I'm trying to think of 12 human characters in the DP universe. I'm failing x.x Badly.

Status: Never to be continued. I never really started this one, so there is no point doing 20 chapters or more on something I no longer wish to do.

How the world of Danny Phantom works in my stories

If you don't agree with my views, fine. This is how it works for me.

-Danny can't tell that his heart still goes as a Ghost, as it only beats once or twice a minute. The extended ghost form rule goes for this one.

- 'Halfa' is not a correct term for what Danny is. So I won't use it. Unless Poindexter shows up, as he was the only ghost who has more then one apperance in the show that used it. And even then he only used it in his debut episode. (I hate this term.)

- Danny's costume is complicated. Get ready for a long explaination...
Danny's costume always repairs itself if he's wearing it. When he wears it it becomes part of him (an ectoplasmic entity) therefor, it can fix itself, strech, bend, split apart, whatever. If he took it off and left it on the ground, it would be a normal suit. So it wouldn't repair itself, or do any ghostly things. But if it was still off and he went back to his human form it would vanish, as it's still weakly connected to Danny. (Unless he's five miles away from it. Then the vanishing going back to Danny thing is also null and void) If another ghost wore it, (I'm just listing anything that could happen!) it would stay a normal suit. Only Danny's ectoplasmic signature matches up with it, so it will only have ghostly attributes if HE wears it. Get it? (I don't even get why I explained this.)

-The longer Danny stays in ghost form, the more ghost he becomes. This works vise-virsa as well. If Danny stayed in human form too long, his powers would be greatly diminshed (No walking through walls, invisabilty, flight, ecto-blasts, or anything else while human, and he'd still be shaky when he became his ghost form) BUT his powers will never vanish compleatly.

-Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom will always be the same person. No if and buts or maybes! If he ever split himself in two, he'd be two halfs of the same whole. Emotions and powers would be spilt, but he'd still be the same person. Multi-persona problems can still occur though.

-Everything else tracks Danny, so why not the Ghost Shield? In all my fics, Danny will be stopped by the preseance of a Ghost Shield, regardless of form at the time.


Shade: A constant pain who is always with me. That little voice in my head. He's good with many areas, mostly drama and suspence but hates Romance. I don't like it much either really. He also makes me kill characters off and give evil cliffhangers. BLAME HIM! He will often show up in A/N, hackling me and my ideas. Or I might be forcing him to do the disclamer. Regardless, he shows up a lot. Curse him. He's also got an OC stealing his name xD

Random Quotes

Curse this infernal messy room! This sounds like a job for the VACCUM CLEANER! -Super Danny

What is the point of having a door If you always get in? -Me, talking to my dog

- Phantom Shade

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