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Greetings! I am a huge LOST fan and have decided to take a crack at writing some fanfiction of questionable quality. Jack and Kate are my two favorite characters - plus I ship them like mad - so it's pretty darn likely that most of my stories will contain some sort of romance between them. I have recently decided to write most of my LOST fics in an AU world simply because I am no good at trying to predict future story lines on this show.

Italics - Pairings I have written fanfiction for.

Here's a run down of my stories with slightly more detailed descriptions than available below the break:

All or Nothing: Kate lets Jack know he can't see her anymore post-island. Written pre-Something Nice Back Home, this story was based on my speculation of why Jack and Kate were estranged post-island. It contains a certain level of angst.

If Things Were Different: Kate walked away from Jack and went back on the run after the Losties were rescued. Now Jack's on a downward spiral and Kate's wondering if she did the right think.- When I first wrote this I remember worrying that I was asking too much of the reader to believe Jack would fall into any kind of substance abuse post-island (no matter what the reason). I don't worry about that anymore. Originally this was going to be a one-shot but then I felt guilty about the condition I left Jack in at the end. I'm still not sure whether I think the second chapter was a good addition.

My Fair Share: A brief one-shot in which Kate reflects on sleeping with Sawyer and other mistakes. - I was one of those people in the fandom who actually didn't get that upset with Kate over sleeping with Sawyer. I wrote this to show what Kate might be thinking/worry about post-Skex.

Next in Line: AU. A one-shot of how Jack and Kate might have met if there had been no Flight 815. - I always wanted to do a story where Jack and Kate meet for the first time at a coffee bar and this is it.

She Never Says His Name: AU. Jack is killed by the Others after Kate and Sawyer escape from captivity. Afteward Kate and Sawyer resume their "relationship" but Sawyer knows he isn't the man Kate wants.- This is my first, and likely only, Skate story - though it definitely has its Jate undertones. I wrote this after the six episode mini-arc of 2006 and this is another one where I originally worried I had made Sawyer's feelings for Kate too...gentle, I suppose. I don't worry about that anymore, either. And, despite the subject matter, I think this is my best LOST story - mostly because I believe the characterization is better than I normally do.

Stolen Moments: The Losties have made if off the island and Kate is back on the run. This is her thoughts concerning her relationship with Jack post-island.

Waiting: AU. A re-write of "Next in Line". Jack and Kate meet in a coffee shop. This is basically "Next in Line" fleshed out just in case I ever make it around to writing a sequel.

Winding Roads: AU. Four times Jack and Kate meet. - Definitely similar to "Next in Line" and "Waiting" in terms of storyline, what with Jack and Kate meeting in a pre-plane crash world. Right now the plan is to have four chapters - two and a half of which are written.

Your Time's Up: During her captivity with the Others, Ben gives Kate an unexpected treat and allows her to visit Jack.

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