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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda, and Lord of the Rings.

So, I return after five years, hopefully a better writer than last time. Anyways, my main concentrate are, for the most part, Lord of the Rings. These two series are not related other than the fact that they are in the LotRs; though certain character interpretation (if brought up at all) will be similar. Like Thranduil. However, some facts (like Thranduil's wife being dead or alive in verse) might be different! I have two series in mind:

Series One: Focuses on Legolas and his family in the Third Age from around 10 TA to 3019 TA. Stories in this will probably be one-shots and maybe one longer story. This doesn't really have a name yet, so, err...sorry. :P

EXPECT SYMPATHETIC THRANDUIL...or kind of more sympathetic. Still a bigoted racist. He's rather fun to play around with.


"That Terrifying Joy" - The birth of Legolas and the death of his mother. This story deals with perhaps that other instance that is just as likely to kill a she-elf or a woman: childbirth. From Thranduil's perspective. The title comes from the idea that giving birth is wonderful, but dangerous, any birth and every birth can lead to heartbreak...


"Darkness Rising" (possibly multichapter if I ever get the time) - Set around 1000 TA. Darkness is coming; shadows inclose. The realm of Greenwood is attacked by orcs from the Misty Mountains. In a desperate attempt to save his people, Thranduil sends them north to find refuge in the cave complex under the Black Mountains...

Two: Called "The Land of Albion" (What? It's the ancient name of GB. Go away. This is a WORKING TITLE.)

Hobbits, wizards...Arthur? Wait. What? No, it's not a crossover with Merlin (though somewhat inspired by that show). Instead, this is the Legend of Arthur told through a historical (somewhat), Tolkienian, and Arthurian lens. It is set around 5th and 6th centuries (give or take a few decades). With that said, I will take some liberties, seeing as the Arthurian legends (the ones most people are familiar with) are set in a context quite like Britian AFTER William the Conqueror took over... Still, this story (and series) will treat it like it is actual, historical fact that Arthur had chivalrous knights and such (based, in context, on Tolkien's world.) Warning, there are also elves, a dwarf, hobbits, and Merlin...I mean, Gandalf. I haven't quite decided how many stories will be in it, but I will give a list of main characters and a few notes on each. (The notes will be added later) This story is told in a universe where the LotRs is treated as actual, human history; thus successive time-line is applied.

Main Characters:

(from LotR) Gandalf/Mithrandir/Merlin/Myrddin*/etc. (that story might be a one shot coming soon); Legolas; Elladan; Gimli? (a rather long, strange story here...); Glorfindel; and Hobbits and Elf OoCs

(from Arthur) Note: Some of the characters will be filling certain roles. Other characters that do something in legend, might not in this (because history is forgotten over time. This is, remember, unwritten history. Only the Elves remember the Eldar Days.)

Arthur; several knights; Morgana le Fae; Uther (briefly); Igraine (also briefly); Mordred; and pretty much everyone. The

Notes: Cup will not be included in this story. It just won't be. Maybe as a one-shot joke. Someone can get Arthur drunk and trick him...probably Elladan. :P


"The Kingdom that Was" - A boy dreams of a White City; an ancient king and an ancient destiny. There is only one problem, how do you unite a people when they do not remember their ancestry?

"Falling; Stabbing; Drowning" - It seems even wizards can have a little too much wine. The tale of Myrddin retold (happens after TKTW; minimal spoilers).

"The Once King" - Possible Sequel to TKTW. Set in modern times. Long ago, it had been prophesied that Arthur would rise again at the moment of Albion's greatest need. A need, it seems, is now upon them. Morgoth has returned, but not to Valinar, first, he plans to destroy the realms of man. (Will have Silm. references.)

Other notes about this series: If I ever get started with it (with my schedule...well) it will be this summer. Possibly May. The thing is, these stories will take a lot of research as well as imagination. The update schedule would be slow. I have in mind some central themes and plot points and some background information (like, what, GIMLI? I can do that again too) that might be discussed in one-shots (prep shots!) before this, but I might just leave that for the story itself. If you want, feel free to pm me about either of these series (or anything, as long as it's not too weird) I'll get back to you eventually. Have a nice day! :)

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