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Author has written 8 stories for Evangelion, Battle Angel, Gunnm/Battle Angel, and Wheel of Time.

About viggen:

Currently, I'm a fifth year Physics graduate student, so my time to write has been very limited. (Hee hee, I'm a published author; I will be second author on a paper coming out in 'Nature Communications.' Okay, yeah, this is like my fourth or fifth paper... but, 'Nature!')

Whoever you are, thank you very much for reading my work!

(6-28-12)- Work on fanfic has been regrettably slow; I've actually been focusing on an entirely original piece. My own world, my own characters. I want badly someday to publish a story of my own, but that will never ever happen if all my effort is directed at works owned by others. I'm decent, I see no reason to do anything but try. I do intend to continue my efforts on "Youngest Channeler" if only when there's spare time.

If you're a fic writer, keep it forever in mind that the goodwill you earn from 'your' readership is actually the fruit of someone else's labor. It isn't really your work people love, it's the work your work is based on.

I'm confused about my interests here a little bit; I like making people happy with what I've written and I know people will read my fanfic if I continue to write it, but I'll never be recognized for my own talent if I waste my time living in the shadows of someone like Robert Jordan. But, I may never be able to sell a work of my own, so it's appealing to write fic. It's gratifying that YC routinely floats in the top ten of the lists in the WOT category even though it is an original character fic --fanfic doesn't win audience for being truly original, hence the word fanfic.

(1-8-13)- "A Memory of Light" is out today. Guess what I'll be reading tonight.

(10-22-13)- I've seen a few comments over the years about my depiction of the character Ghedlyn that have had me thinking. People love to use the words "non-neurotypical" and "non-standard character" in their compliments/criticisms. I am not fond of these words. If you are thinking in terms of "neurotypical" versus "non-neurotypical," you automatically lose what makes a character unique as an individual as opposed to a stereotype. Every character you write should be "non-standard" if you're writing character correctly. While I know that Ghedlyn is autistic-like, remember always that the reasons for her illness are entirely fantastical --I don't know that this can be more clearly spelled out in the story than the number of sections devoted to spelling it out, but there you have it. Somebody somewhere is bound to not get that. There is exactly no reason for this illness to parallel the DSMV and I made no effort trying to be completely real-to-life with it. While the character was inspired by autism and savants, her illness isn't autism.

(4-16-15)- Another writing issue I've been thinking about for quite some while.

The prevalence of Amazon as a literature marketplace is a little disturbing to me. It is big and convenient, but Amazon self-publishing is annihilating quality by permitting creators to self-publish half-complete works. I've downloaded a few self-published works that are fairly well reviewed and been appalled by the lack of quality control: misused words, bad punctuation, poor structure, illogical construction, you name it, but somehow four and five star average review! I think Amazon's reviews depend most on a banal level of audience response, so works loaded with crappy, poor quality writing are being sold right next to good quality where you can't tell from the reviews what's good because the reviewers are incapable of discerning what shouldn't be rewarded and because the self-published authors game the system to cover up reviews that they don't like. This is why there's a job description called 'editor'... so that the audience doesn't have to think about being competent. But, Amazon is making it easy for people to circumvent thorough editing. The result is that all literature is sliding toward fanfic quality because conventional publishers are having to rush to compete with the digital marketplace, and that short-circuits their strength, which is in their ability to tell an author something needs rewriting. I love fanfic writers for their pluckiness, but they mostly aren't virtuoso writers and everything is starting to look like that, especially when fanfic derivative self-published crap like "Fifty Shades of Grey" take off. It's a recipe for long term disaster. When I buy e-books now, I've started screening from third party reviews and ignoring Amazon rankings and recommendations. As far as I can tell, that's about the only way to benefit from the size of the system without giving in to its penchant for inbreeding.

(5-2-15)- Saw Avengers Age of Ultron last night. I was disappointed.

First, the movie was overstuffed. They felt compelled to literally revisit every character in the entire marvel universe for at least two seconds (minus the guardians of the galaxy).

Second, Whedon dialog sounds the same whoever speaks it, 'cause, y'know, Whedon. I was a little baffled by the single solitary attempt to humanize Quicksilver being a non sequitur monolog that did not feel particularly well motivated in the middle of Ultron just kind of asserting his Ultron-ness. What, why is this guy suddenly telling his life's story, huh? That wasn't nearly enough to make me give a damn when Whedon pulled his typical shinanagans of the requisite death to make people think everything is high risk. Do you ever have any other tricks, dude, or are you really just that monotonous? I will admit that the set-up to kill Hawkeye and then to not was decent, except that Quicksilver was kind of a painless loss not only because he had little useful characterization, but because he is also owned by Fox in the X-men franchise, making him completely expendable. I think this movie came off an assembly line centered around fan-service, lacking much humanity or emotional content in its plotting.

Third, Recursively self-improving artificial intelligence was very poorly presented; Ultron needed somebody else's technology to improve himself. A part of what makes recursively self-improving artificial intelligence threatening to humans is the capacity to produce artificial super-intelligence, which, by definition, is the creation of a mind that can have logical and creative thought processes that exceed what humans are capable of... the point of ASI is its ability to create technology that we can't imagine or to think in ways that we can't duplicate, which is a moot point when it needs to steal human technology in order to improve. The point is that humans don't have the capacity to prohibit ASI from doing whatever it decides to do --if the conflict comes down to a fist fight, something's wrong. Never mind that the threat of ASI is sort of lost in a world where one guy can turn around and invent whatever tools he likes just because he feels like it anyway.

Finally, the resolution, where Ultron decides to drop a little island of land in order to wipe out humanity was miserably done... the reason that falling rocks are a threat is because would-be planet-killer asteroids have a large difference in velocity from the planet Earth and no energy needs to be stored in order to release it destructively when an asteroid collides destructively with the planet; the act of making a new planet-killer from part of the earth requires storage of the energy necessary to kill the earth, in which case the energy generation and storage processes are not 100% efficient, meaning that Ultron would be able to do more damage to Earth by simply letting loose the source of energy necessary to levitate the rock instead of levitating the rock. Conservation of energy: to duplicate a planet killer, you need to create the delta V in the asteroid and store up all the gravitational potential energy if you're lifting that rock off of earth, all of which requires an energy source equal to the task (and Loki's staff was already destroyed by then, so where is Ultron getting all this energy?) This is the worst possible example of a James Bond style super-villain creating an unnecessarily contrived machine of destruction when he could've just done it and been done with it. It's like saying "Please, stop me, I'll give you time to stop me!" How can an ASI be that stupid???

viggen's work

A Layer of Dust: Written circa 1995 just after I first discovered Gunnm. Not quite my oldest fanfic.

The Hunter Warrior Killer: Written 1996-1997 in several large pushes. Started as a textural experiment, but mutated when I discovered that I really loved the villain. An inverse marysue?

Hidden Virtues: My first uber Marysue, written during the height of my Evangelion obsession in about 1998. Subsequently rewritten about four times and coming to include some of my thoughts about martial arts at that time. The formatting of this story has suffered through the upgrades and alterations to this site: it no longer looks quite like I intended. But, that's okay... I detest this story and keep it around more or less as a reminder of what I won't write again.

Serpent at the Window: My last Eva fic. Not a terrific piece of work, but written in the days preceding and following September 11 2001. This story contains my emotional response to the events of that day. I will not write an Eva fic again and almost decided not to write fanfic anymore after a confrontation with a friend based on criticism of this story. Criticism can be hard and is best not leveled by people you care about.

Self Assembler Saga: High concept science fiction that ended up crossed with an impression of "Calvin and Hobbs." This story died in my brain when the original creator of Gunnm began to write "Last Order" and totally trashed my perspective on the main character: she wasn't supposed to be a Playboy Bunny dammit!

Weaving Luck: Written 2005. This work contains the genesis of my current marysue Ghedlyn. There are actually several characters here that I really liked, including the protagonist Aes Sedai, her Warder and the character/s about which the story was originally named. No, the story was not named for Ghedlyn. This story stalled because I realized that it was going to be prohibitively difficult to write it and keep it perfectly true to RJ's original series, which is a fairly large requirement that I impose upon myself when writing fanfic.

Youngest Channeler: 2006 to present. This is my current focus when I have time to devote to fanfic. It was written as a substitute for a blog when I realized I liked the writing experience that blogging provides, but don't like talking about my own life a la journal-open-to-the-world. This story was for fun. I am still working on this, but my time has been divided lately and work is progressing slowly. The writing strategy here was slightly different than I would prefer if I were writing something like a full novel and I think it diminishes the quality of the work: the chapters are written and presented in an episodic fashion, meaning that there is little editorial interaction between the beginning of the story and the current section. This is disadvantageous because it means I can't correct for drift or strengthen/support new ideas had in the process of writing and it means that far reaching plot points are less structured than I would prefer. The block-at-a-time style does have the advantage that it gives immediate feedback, but I think the whole thing is less than it could be.

Desertion of Reason: Written 2009. I stopped "Youngest Channeler" long enough to write this story. It chases a strange psychological idea that I wanted to explore after reading some Philip K. Dick which I decided was uniquely possible within the WOT universe. This story is pretty dark and uninviting, but it is the first fanfic in recent history that I've written to completion prior to beginning to post it. There is an old theme of familial tragedy in here that I've explored in some of my other work and somehow it matched with the feelings of loss and loneliness existent in my life while I was writing it. I have a proclivity for insane characters and this story followed with that. I have no idea whether people will like reading it or not, but I guess that didn't matter while I was working on it.

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