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Though I've been interested in writing for a long time, I've never had enough gumption to put my work out for public consumption until recently. Maybe it was just the need to have something to do besides my academic work for intellectual stimulation, or maybe it was the storyteller in me having germinated one too many stories in my mental faculties to keep them contained, but there are certain stories I feel must be told now.

I'm staying within the Star Wars universe for now, as I've gotten rather interested in it since the release of Revenge of the Sith (at one point, I had a whole screenplay for it in my head but never got around to putting it down). Whereas I used to be a tremendous Star Trek geek who dabbled in Star Wars, I've now become quite the reverse. Mostly because Star Wars has the cooler toys - especially Attacktix! But that's another story altogether...

Because I'm so new at this, I've the feeling that I could use a good deal of constructive criticism. I'm doing my best not to contradict canon of which I'm aware, but as I said, I've just started getting into the Star Wars universe beyond the movies over the past year or so. I would especially welcome comments about the technical details of my writings, particularly the Unifying vs. Living Force concepts. They will likely factor heavily into stories that I write now and in the future.

Reviews, even the briefest ones, are manna to this poor writer's soul. I entreat you, gentle reader, please review if you enjoy reading my stories - or if you can suggest ways I can make them better.

My current baby is The Jedi Code Mysteries, an irregularly updated look at our favorite Jedi from the prequel era, with an irreverent tone hopefully reminiscient of The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy, but with constant reference to my version of the Jedi Code. Think of this as a risible mystery story used to provide a platform for some laughter and mirth, poking fun of the most prominent Jedi for sheer enjoyment.

I finally completed my first story: The Fate of Master Sifo Dyas. I'd have included the hyphen in the good Master's name, but fanfiction.net conveniently filters such characters out of titles and summaries. It's a shorter novella that describes what I'd like to think happened to Sifo-Dyas, the Jedi Master mentioned briefly in Attack of the Clones who was responsible for ordering the clone army. In particular, I hope to have made sense of as many oddities in Attack of the Clones as possible with it while still paving the road for additional stories along the same lines.

I completed my short story Memoirs of a Clone shortly after Memorial Day weekend of 2006, and I posted it in serial chapters closely thereafter. It's a somewhat lyrical but dark take on what a clone's life would have been like through the Clone Wars and afterward - from his perspective. In it, I explore the ways in which individuality might be attained, even in a batch of people grown and trained to be essentially identical. I also look at the ways in which war can wear through a psyche.

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